What‘s new in Office 365


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Speaker: Igor Pavleković;

Products included in Office 365 are due to be released to the market with new version number. In this session participants will be introduced into new features and highlights included in new versions of Exchange, Lync and Sharepoint bundled into Microsoft’s cloud environment named Office 365.

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  • Every mailbox has a unique GUID – no „The Exchange administrator” - . This is assigned to the profile of the user (you will see this when constructing a profile in OLK). You can see this as GUID@domainname.com. The GUID doesn’t change, meaning no matter where the mailbox is replicated, restored, etc… there is no client notification/change. The GUID abstracts the back-end mailbox name/location from the client.Managed Store is the replacement for the monolithic STORE.EXE process. Same store basic process from Exchange 4.0!! Changes over time, and needed to update the model.
  • What‘s new in Office 365

    2. 2. sponsors
    3. 3. Agenda• The new Office• The new Office 365• The new Exchange• The new Lync• The new SharePoint
    4. 4. THE NEW OFFICE
    5. 5. The Office evolution Services as a service Clients & ServersApplications
    6. 6. Office as a Service Deda’s Deda’s TabletSign in to personalize Office SmartphoneDefault save will save yourdocuments to SkyDrive ProUse Office across devices Deda deda@contoso.com Deda’s Sign in to Office Deda’sDocuments stay up to date PC Save to SkyDrive Macacross devices with SkyDrivePro
    7. 7. Office as a Service
    8. 8. THE NEW OFFICE 365
    9. 9. Office Click to Run• New application virtualization technology• Side-by-side Office versions supported• Users can install Office on five different devices9
    10. 10. Flexible deployment options Office 365 Service• Users can self-install, or IT can use traditional software distribution systems End Users’ PCs• Updates can be streamed from Optional add-ins Office 365 or managed Dependent apps Office files, etc. internally
    11. 11. Simplified navigation bar with quick Common tools across Office 365 access to all workloads• Unified admin console to manage users across on- premises and cloud• PowerShell support for each workload greatly Service health summary with quick increased access to detailed dashboard• Reporting helps IT understand performance and how their services Reports on service usage and performance are being used
    12. 12. Idenity• IDs can be managed in the cloud or on-premises• Single Sign On (SSO) enabled via Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and Shibboleth (SAML)• Non–Active Directory Identity Manager integration possible with Forefront Identity Manager
    13. 13. Enterprise-grade reliability and privacyData is replicated in geo-redundant datacenters to protect againstdata center–wide failuresBacked by a 99.9% financially backedService Level AgreementOffice 365 does not build advertising Data Center Data Centerproducts out of customer dataConsumer and corporate data isphysically isolatedCustomers can remove their datawhenever they choose to End user clients and devices
    14. 14. THE OFFICE 365 DEMO
    15. 15. THE NEW EXCHANGE
    16. 16. A new look Touch Mode adds more space and finger-friendly Quick Actions Minimized ribbon is just one touch away Consolidate views from different sources into a single contact card Inline reply lets you compose while staying in context Fast & fluid Quick Peeks that give you access to your calendar, people and tasks without leaving your inbox Improved navigation bar for quick access while taking less space
    17. 17. A new look
    18. 18. Collaboration with your team Single folder to access Documents stored in SharePoint Email & documents
    19. 19. Compliance and DLP A PolicyTip notifies you of a policy violation while composing an email
    20. 20. Compliance and DLP Use proximity searches to understand context Fine tune complex queries Get instant statistics Query results across Exchange, Lync & SharePoint Laser focused refiners to help find the data you need
    21. 21. DEMO EXCHANGE
    22. 22. Changes under the hoodClient Access Server Layer 4 load balancercomprises of client protocolsand SMTP EdgeMailbox Server hosts all CAS MBXcomponents to process, renderand store data Remote clients & devices Local clients PBX Internet Enterprise network
    23. 23. Functional Layering Exchange 2010 Exchange 2013 L4 LB Hardware L7 LB Load Balancer AuthN, Proxy, Re- Client Access direct AuthN, Proxy, Re-direct Client Access Hub Transport, Protocols, API, Biz-logic Protocols, Assistants, Unified Messaging API, Biz-logic Mailbox Mailbox Assistants, Store, CI Store, CI
    24. 24. No time for this, but it’s still new and here• RPC/HTTP is only supported protocol, no more RPC/TCP• Support for single namespace, even for site resilient solutions• DAG members can be in different sites• Managed Store – new store service and every database has it’s own process• IOPS reduction – 2010  2013: 50-70% drop; 20032013: ~99,5%• Public Folder – no more separate database, we use mailboxes• Search – based on the FAST
    25. 25. THE NEW LYNC
    26. 26. A new look Live media conversations are not tabbed Text-based conversation (persistent chat/IM) are in tabs
    27. 27. Group chat and persistent chatPersistent chat for Information Workers Persistent chat for financial service traders
    28. 28. Communication from anywhere Or on a phone Receive calls on a tablet… People first connections
    29. 29. Multiparty Audio/Video communication
    30. 30. Different modesContent + Gallery (80/20 vertical) Content + Active Speaker Content Only View menu
    31. 31. Available across devices
    32. 32. LYNC CLIENT
    33. 33. XMPP FederationXMPP natively integrated into the Lync US East XMPPFront End Server and Edge Server FederationSeparate gateway not needed Fabrikam.com Lync Pool 1Integrated setup, management (Runs XMPP GW) Lync Edge (Runs XMPPScale-out, high availability consistent Proxy) Outbound &with rest of Lync Inbound Lync Pool 2 External (Runs XMPP GW) XMPP FedCisco/Jabber, Google Talk Route Google Talk US Westinteroperability Lync Pool 3 Lync Edge (Runs XMPP GW) (Runs XMPP Proxy) Google Talk Servers External XMPP Fed (Direction shows TLS Contoso.com Connection establishment)
    34. 34. Video• Multi-view video for natural interactions• Standards-based codec – H.264 AVC/SVC• Desktop, mobile, and slate ready • Optimized for mobile networks (3G, 4G, and WiFi networks) • Multiple client platforms (Microsoft Windows®, Windows Phone, MAC, iOS, Android)• High-definition video in meetings • 1080p for conferences; 1080p for Room HD Video Systems; HD in Panorama Video• Third-party telepresence systems HD + CIF Video CIF Video Brian 720p interoperate through gateways Alan AVMCU Heidi (CIF)
    35. 35. Collaboration and MeetingsMicrosoft Office PowerPoint® rendered with animations,transitions, video using Office Web Application Server (WAC)ServerLync Web App with full meeting client capabilities built to webstandards (HTML/JS) Application sharing, audio/video through browser plug-in Windows and MacClick-to-join Audio Conferencing with dial-out CollaborationJoin support for Lync Online and Hybrid deployments and MeetingsLarge-scale meetings (up to 1K users) on dedicated poolConference content archiving for whiteboard and pollingRoom Systems, stereo audio supportAudio quality improvements for large meetings
    36. 36. Voice and Lync OnlineMigrating users online Keeping carrier relationshipsConnect deployment to cloud with hybrid Existing contracts, pricing models,Move users to online w/voice routing on- chargebacks, etc.premises Online carrier availability by geographic region Limited choice in carrier partners, don’t find fitLeveraging infrastructureExtensive investments in Private BranchExchange (PBX), video, Contact CenterMove users to Lync Online where it makessense
    37. 37. Lync Online is Enterprise Ready IM & Presence Lync Meetings Voice and Full IT Control PBX      Lync Hybrid   * Exchange Archiving
    39. 39. Well, what about it?• You’ve got the whole Conference about it! ;)
    40. 40. questions?IGORP.NETIGORPNET
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