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Seniors for seniors presentation
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Seniors for seniors presentation


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Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. SpayMart INC. has been awarded this time to talk to our seniors about the health benefits of owning a cat.How many people here have ever lived with a dog, cat, bird, ferret, orother pets? How many have been owned by a cat? Yes they do tend toown their humans. Cats make great pets for seniors as they requirevery little work on our part, but give us complete or guaranteedlove, with no conditions, limitations, or pre-requisites attached.
  • 2. Pets and the elderly have a lot to give to each other.Research and experience has shown that animals andolder people can share their time and affection, andultimately, full and happy lives. Though pets can’treplace human relationships for seniors, they cancertainly augment them, and they can fill an olderperson’s life with years of constant, unconditionallove. SpayMart would like to reduce the numberadoptable senior cats being euthanized. Seniorsadopting senior cats, can help save hundreds ofmature cats, while bringing happiness to seniorcitizens.Ask yourself, how do you feel when you are petting apurring cat?
  • 3. When you think of items thatcan help you increase yourhealth, you do not often thinkabout pets. Especially, catownership may not come tomind. However, healthprofessionals and researchersare finding that owning a catcan actually benefit your health.You can enjoy a number ofbenefits from cat ownership.
  • 4. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease: Apparently, if you own a cat, you are less likelyto die of cardiovascular disease. Indeed, a study from the University of Minnesotafound that those without cats were between 30 and 40 percent more likely to die ofcardiovascular disease than cat owners. Does it work for owning dogs as well?According to the study, dog owners didn’t reap the same benefits as cat owners.Reduce risk of heart attack: You can reduce the chances that you will end up with aheart attack when you own a cat. Not only will your entire cardiovascular system thankyou, but you can reduce the chance that you die suddenly due to heart attack if youown a cat.Improve your immune function: Owning a cat can help your immune functionimprove. The feelings you get related to the cat can help you give your immune systema boost. Cats often know when you are ill, and can come and provide you withcomfort, helping you get better while boosting your immune system.Reduce blood pressure: You can help reduce your blood pressure by enjoying thecompany of a cat. Indeed, having a cat can lead to lower blood pressure. Just stroking acat is calming and lowers blood pressure. Those who own pets, according to a StateUniversity of New York at Buffalo study, are more likely to have lower blood pressurethan those who do not have pets.
  • 5. • Lower triglycerides: You can lower your triglycerides by exercising and eating fewer carbohydrates (especially from processed foods). But that’s not the only thing you can do. Some studies indicate that if you have a cat, you can lower your triglycerides and boost your health by owning a cat. While you should probably still exercise and eat better, owning a cat can help the process along.• Lower cholesterol: Are you trying to lower your cholesterol? If so, consider getting a cat. Interestingly, cat owners have lower cholesterol than those who do not own cats. A 2006 study in Canada showed that owning a cat was actually more effective at lowering cholesterol than the medications designed to do that same thing. Indeed, you could save money on meds and improve your health, possibly, by becoming a cat owner.• Reduced risk of stroke: The prospect of having a stroke is scary. If you are concerned about having a stroke, you might consider cat ownership. Owning a cat can cut the risk of stroke. A study at Minnesota University found that cat owners could cut their risk of stroke by 1/3. The idea that you can help reduce the changes of getting a stroke, thanks to a cat, is one reason to consider cat ownership.• Reduce stress: Having a cat can help reduce the stress in your life. Having a cat has many psychological benefits, and one of those is relieving stress. Being able to care for an animal, or having a cat snuggle with you, can help you feel better, and reduce your level of stress.
  • 6. • Reduce anxiety: Not only can owning a cat help reduce the stress that you feel; it can also reduce your anxiety. Petting a cat is calming, as are other aspects of caring for cats. When you are concerned with caring for another creature, it can help you take your mind off your worries. Additionally, the presence of a cat that will snuggle with you can help you calm yourself as your enjoy the unconditional love of a cat.• Improve your mood: In many cases, interacting with a pet can help improve your mood. This includes cats. Owning a cat can help you feel better in general, boosting your mood. If you are looking to see mood improvement, a cat can help with that.• Help with depression: Owning a cat can also help relieve depression. While a cat may not actually “cure” depression, it can help take your mind off your problems, and focus on something else. The love a cat offers can also be soothing to the mind. If you are depressed, cat companionship can help you in your battle.• Reduced loneliness: Many who have feelings of loneliness can find relief with a pet. Cat companionship can help those who are lonely feel a connection with another life. Just having a cat to come home to and spend time with can help those who are single, or widowed.
  • 7. • Fewer health care visits: Those with cats make fewer visits to health care professionals. This includes visits to the doctor, and hospital visits. Studies have also shown that nursing homes that allow cats as part of the therapy for patients have lower medication costs than facilities that do not make use of cats as part of therapy.• Longer life: Along with being married and avoiding main roads, you can enjoy a longer life with a cat. Cats provide a number of benefits that can lead to a longer life, including a form of social interaction. So, if you want to be healthy and live a little bit longer, consider owning a cat.
  • 8. • A wonderful, healthy, mature cat, aged 6 and up• Spayed or Neutered• Viral Tested (tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia)• Up to Date on vaccines• De-wormed• Treated for fleas• Implanted with a lifesaving microchip• The cat’s known medical history• A free annual health exam for your cat• Information on available resources to help you care for your new pet
  • 9. Stable Developed Less Personalities Destructiveness Fewer Lots of love to Housekeeping give IssuesIt is said that shelter animals know they’re being given a second chancewhen they get adopted and are incredibly grateful, showing theirgratitude with love and loyalty. We believe this is especially the casewith mature cats who are looking for a loving human companion.