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284 carawan lane
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284 carawan lane


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Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. 284 Carawan Lane <3 Chesapeake VA 23322 <3
  • 2. Front of the house (carport will have to go)
  • 3. Standing to the left of the house looking into the backyard (standing on the driveway to the detached garage)
  • 4. Front door looking to the right.
    Bedroom #1
    Hallway to the bedroom wing. 
    Bathroom #2
  • 5. To the left of the front door.
  • 6. Standing Beside the fireplace looking towards the kitchen end of the house.
    Kitchen wing 
  • 7. Bedroom #1
  • 8. Standing in Bedroom #1 looking into living room.
  • 9. Step down from the living room into the kitchen hallway (the one Nick tripped on) 
  • 10. Bathroom #1 (in the hallway between the living room and kitchen)
  • 11. Kitchen (to the right is the living room and the left is the sunroom)
  • 12. Standing in front of the pantry. (Island is to the left)
  • 13. The sunroom (Last room on the kitchen wing) aka the TANNING BED ROOM 
  • 14. Another picture of the sunroom.
  • 15. The laundry closet (in the sun room)
  • 16. Standing in Bedroom #2 looking down the hall.
    Doorway to living room.
    Hall closet.
    Bathroom #2
    Hallway to the back of house.
  • 17. Bedroom #2
  • 18. Bathroom #2
  • 19. Standing in Long hall looking towards master bedroom and the bar room upstairs! 
  • 20. Standing in the doorway to the master
  • 21. Master Bedroom
    Door to backyard
  • 22. Standing in the doorway of the master bathroom. The closet is to the right and the shower and toilet to the left!
  • 23. Master bathroom
    Toilet area
  • 24. Closet in the master bedroom. (steps down)
  • 25. Master Bathroom
    Master closet
    Doorway to master bedroom
  • 26. Stairs to Bedroom #4. aka the Bar 
  • 27. Bedroom #4 (the bar)
  • 28. Bathroom in bedroom #4. Sink is already in place for the bar sink! 
  • 29. View from the bar into the back yard (yes the yard goes to the line of trees in the back) 
  • 30. Another view of the backyard
    Detached garage
    Pool house
  • 31. The back of the house (pool is directly behind us)
    Master bedroom
    Concrete around pool
  • 32. Pool house. (guest house)
    Pool house includes full bath with kitchen counter and kitchen sink. Sorry about not talking pictures inside, he locked the door before we got to take them! 
    Tiki bar (power and water already connected!)
  • 33. Some of the backyard.
  • 34. Detached garage.
  • 35. Inside garage.
  • 36. Another wall inside the garage.
  • 37. On the back side of the garage (separate room for the pool accessories)
  • 38. The End!
    Hope you’re as in love as we are 