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Oracle Configurator integration with oracle process manufacturing (OPM)
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Oracle Configurator integration with oracle process manufacturing (OPM)


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Configurator Integration with Oracle Process ManufacturingStuart Patsos, Vice President of IT, Macsteel Service Centers USASri Ayyeppen, Vice President and CTO, Keste
  • 2. About MacSteel 32 locations throughout North America, One of the largest inventories of metals in the service center industry. Processes and distributes – carbon, – stainless, – aluminum and – specialty metals customers throughout North America and Puerto Rico. Products include a full range of flat rolled, plate, tubing, pipe, bar and structural supplies a full range of steel building products, coated and pre-painted metals. Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 3. Project Background Macsteel was in a middle of an Oracle Implementation (EBS R12.1) Primary model was to have Order Processing and Management integrated to Oracle Process Manufacturing through complex extensions Oracle Configurator based process was not considered as part of the solution Oracle proposed Oracle Configurator as an option that could offer well defined process around – Configuring Metal products based on customer specified dimensions (Slitting coils, cutting beams etc.) – Each metal product has a different dimension set (Coils are measured by Length X Width X Thickness, Beams are measured in Length X Height X Width etc) – Other customer specific preferences – Integration with Process Manufacturing Keste was engaged as a Partner Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 4. Challenges No out of box functionality to match existing configurations that is required to be based on advanced product catalog attributes No seamless integration between Oracle Configurator and Oracle Process Manufacturing Out of the Box Inability to invoke Oracle Configurator during order intake without an existing BOM being pre-created Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 5. Project Approach Simple Prototype solution to prove the concept first before going too deep Site Visit to a Aluminum Manufacturing plant in TN Mapping the Configuration process very flexible to enable new product offering in the future as product specifications change frequently Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 6. Business Requirements Capture the customer specified product dimensions Create inventory items dynamically based on the product dimensions if an inventory item does not exist with the specified dimensions If an inventory item exists with the specified dimensions, reuse the same inventory item Invoke this functionality to create or reuse inventory items from various hosting forms (Sales Order Form, Purchase Order Form, Batch Form, Planning Workbench Form, Quick Quote Form, Sales Order Agreement Form) If the invoking form is Sales Order, add the newly created/reused inventory item to the next available Sales Order Line. Create OPM (Oracle Process Manufacturing) formula and recipe for the newly created inventory item Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 7. Order Entry Process Flow Key Aspect of the integration where the formula is created Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 8. CZ Invocation from Form Created a menu option with a JSP function call. The JSP contained the necessary CZ initialization parameters. Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 9. Configuration Flow – Step 1 Step 1 – Search a Base Item to fetch the correct dimension set Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 10. Configuration Flow – Step 2 Step 2 – Select a Base Item Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 11. Configuration Flow – Step 3/4Step 3 – Enter the dimensionsStep 4 – Create Item and OPM formula/recipe Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 12. Inventory Item Creation OPM Item created in Oracle Inventory Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 13. Project Timeline Oracle Configurator implemented in roughly 6-8 weeks 5-6 key product lines Phase 1 live in 4 weeks after CRP2, UAT processes Jan 2010 Live! Keste Resources – 1 Configurator Process Architect – Part Time as needed – 1 Configurator Functional Consultant – 1 Configurator Integration Technical System in Production for more than 8 months! Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 14. Keste Value Add Organic project phasing from initial prototype to final implementation Creative design to invoke Oracle Configurator from multiple domains without an existing BOM Effective project management – Timely delivery against an aggressive schedule – Proactive communication with Macsteel management and business users Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 15. Business Benefits Unified and agile User Experience – Product agnostic – Standard/Non standard Item Type agnostic – Quick orders with accuracy – Domain agnostic Leveraged Configurator efficiently from multiple domains – Better User experience – Efficient Search Process Demarcation of Order Entry/Manufacturing – Provided flexibility within its own domain area Ease in Inventory Management – Dynamic creation of inventory item based on business rules – Quick item /OPM formula creation within 140+ organizations Efficient touch points between – Order Entry <-> Inventory Management – Manufacturing(OPM) <-> Inventory Management Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 16. Future Plans Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC
  • 17. Stuart Patsos Vice President of IT Macsteel Sri Ayyeppen Vice President and CTO KesteQuestions? Confidential and Proprietary © 2010 Keste, LLC