Film Production Audit - An Intro


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Spatial Access' approach to Film Production Audit

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Film Production Audit - An Intro

  1. 1. Film Production Audit An Introduction By Spatial Access © Spatial Access | 2013
  2. 2. © Spatial Access | 2013 Film production is the process of making a film or a television commercial (TVC). It involves a number of stages, a stipulated time period, an ensemble of technicians and a budget which at times can be enormous! Films are scripted by the creative agency but produced by an independent production house Film Production
  3. 3. © Spatial Access | 2013 This presentation focuses on film production costs for television and the need to audit the same.
  4. 4. © Spatial Access | 2013 A commercial advertisement on television produced and paid for by an organization is typically to convey a message to market a product, service, idea or company. In simple terms, a TVC is a form of mass communication via the medium of a television. Before that, the role of a TVC
  5. 5. © Spatial Access | 2013 A TVC duration generally ranges between: It could be an original production of 60 seconds which is then edited down to shorter durations or maybe a short film to start with Duration 60 secs 45 secs 30 secs 20 secs 10 secs
  6. 6. © Spatial Access | 2013 A TVC production goes through the following stages: Stages Development Pre-Production Production Post-Production Based on a brief, the creative agency comes up with a script, storyboard & treatment. Also shortlists prospective production houses After selection of idea and production partner, detailed discussions take place on the execution of the script The film is created on the shooting floor – actors, look, feel, style, direction, lighting, sets, locations are all aspects that dominate this phase The images, sound and visual effects of the recorded film are edited, modified, enhanced, pieced together and a final film is ready for approval
  7. 7. © Spatial Access | 2013 Expenditure on films is a large component of a brands production costs. TVC production costs come under various heads such as raw stock, location, staff and directorial talent, models, camera, lighting, sets, editing, special effects, sound recording, royalties and rights etc. TVC production is a complex affair! Budget
  8. 8. © Spatial Access | 2013 Today, thanks to media clutter, brands make anywhere between three to thirty films a year, thereby increasing the production budget substantially. A TVC production can cost anywhere between `5 lakh to ` 2 Cr. plus! Current Scenario
  9. 9. © Spatial Access | 2013 Also due to rising costs of talent, studios and art/input, overall production bills have shot up by at least 20% over the past few years and is on the rise ever since © Spatial Access | 2013
  10. 10. © Spatial Access | 2013 With these factors in mind, advertisers increasingly feel the need to rationalize costs and eliminate wastage. Belts have to be tightened at all ends. Margins have to be managed and transparency is critical That’s why more and more marketers bring in Film production audit specialists to keep a tab on the costs! Need to manage costs
  11. 11. © Spatial Access | 2013 A film production audit at SA is a unique service that equips marketers with an in-house Film Expert to scrutinize, negotiate and finalize costs and contract terms before the costs are incurred. The SA Auditor steps in to audit everything from cost of film production, royalties, airing rights in India and abroad, film buyouts to cost of talent and technicians both in India and across south east Asia. Film Production Audit at Spatial Access
  12. 12. © Spatial Access | 2013 A film production audit not only helps to rationalize costs, but also helps in understanding baffling technical terms of the contract, film scripts and other terms.
  13. 13. © Spatial Access | 2013 Expertise & Approach The Spatial Access Film Production Audit approach involves technical cost discussions by a film expert with experience spanning over 400 films in the last 15 years Armed with domain expertise & an understanding of market realities, we deliver value to advertisers engaged with varied creative agencies and production houses
  14. 14. © Spatial Access | 2013 A Film Production Audit at Spatial Access ensures that advertisers pay the right price for their TVC with no compromise on quality! © Spatial Access | 2013
  15. 15. © Spatial Access | 2013 Paints Category “The film audit by your team not only provided us cost optimization but various aspects of usage rights which were missing earlier . With the money saved, we were able to raise up the level of production . We appreciate the efforts of Team Spatial Access on the film-audit”. Here’s what some clients have to say FMCG Category “The deep knowledge and understanding in the film production space that is brought on board by Spatial Access has helped us tremendously in controlling cost while maintaining high quality standards of our films”. FMCG Category “The team at Spatial Access provided stellar value in negotiating ad film costs for us recently. This was critical since film production costs can be a black box for clients, and significant savings can be made without compromising on the quality of the final TVC. I would recommend Spatial Access to any client for negotiating ad film costs without hesitation”.
  16. 16. © Spatial Access | 2013 Spatial Access Private Limited (e): (w): To know more, contact: © Spatial Access | 2013