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Лекция по брендингу технологических компаний от экспертов международного агентства Base Design Джефа Кука и Мартина Браво

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  • Partner in BaseNY Marketing and strategy for our clients.
  • Designer. Base Chile. ITP intersection art design tech. Digital aspect of projects.
  • emphasize people, stories of how bases evolved ADD pictures of teams.
  • Fashion : Puma, Chanel, Adidas, Loewe
  • Pop culture Kanye
  • Cultural institutions: MoMA, Guggenheim, Haus der Kunst, Grand Palais
  • Civic projects: NYC ... & politics European Socialist Party,
  • GC: Not from tech world. we’ll talk brand. Important: Brand not a magic bullet. Won’t solve everything. It is an asset that will make your company stronger. MB: Brand increasingly important to tech. Increased opportunities: Static (communicate) > Moving (tell story) > Interactive (behave) Tech interacts. Behaves. Therefore it’s emotional.
  • Chase, as pretty much every bank in the world. Cliff’s reaction... indifference. “I don’t care.” How do you feel about your bank? We need them but we don’t care about them. We don’t relate to them.
  • App... interaction with the brand. Solves a problem in a smart way. Makes his life better. Suddenly we love them. in his mind EXPERIENCIAL, in our mind MUCH MORE Complex. M : also the fact that it’s Smart.
  • What’s your purpose? Your reason for being? Look at person behind you? How is he/she dressed? Hair? Makeup? What does this look represent? Where are they from? Their tastes? Now shake hands. Introduce yourselves. Ask What brought you here tonight.
  • What is their personality? Were they Nice? Funny? How was this experience? You’re all different. M: I set this music to entertain the online crowd who like me didn’t get the chance to play this game!
  • Now... wouldn’t it be weird if you all were EXACTLY THE SAME?! Even in this crowd, we see they are all different people even though dressed the same. You’re all grown up. You know who you are. You’re individuals.
  • We have these brands. Excellent, young brands and products. All are successful for different reasons. ELABORATE ON EACH! But in a way they are like teenagers. These brands look very similar. Yet all are extremely different. Strange... Identity is not how you look but who you are. They fill a need. Our experience with them is positive. And yet...
  • So then...It’s weird when they all look basically the same, right? Like teenagers, trying to belong.
  • MARTIN bird. discover. connect. playful. for example the way they use the home button. **MARTIN : DISCOVER, CONNECT ref what Twitter is all about. ALSO: Quill could have been a pen. But it, like birdhouse references Tweet Tweet
  • teenagers. grow up. own style.
  • G: read the text. M: Perhaps going forward, it will be more interesting for tech companies not to look like ‘THE WEB’ But to look like themselves. To reflect who they are. To reflect their purpose. Why they exist. probably many of you have their own startups. ask yourselves. don’t you think your company is unique? Why then not communicate it like so?
  • Let’s take artsy, for example. How many of you know artsy? funded by Dasha Zhukova, founder of Moscow’s Garage Center for Contemporary Culture. artsy, ny based. catalogue of the arts. marketplace. disrupt the arts world, the way the information is shared, the gallery model. M: grown up approach by a startup. all digital.
  • visual language > unique, contemporary art lang. one of the largest catalogues of contemporary art. the genome. tool for discovery, study. buyers > galleries. open catalogue knowledge
  • specially in this market. had very clear that presenting themselves properly was crucial to their success. since day one: clean, professional, sleek, consistent, unique to who they are. belonging to tech and also to the arts language.
  • G: going back to our experience of getting to know each other. we talked about the look, the identity. now we’ll talk about personality.
  • G
  • Take Google for example...
  • M: Describe. not as lucky as geoff. but still from brooklyn still can go and search stuff in Moscow with google maps, and it know what I want. I can put pretty much anything and it will respond to what I’m thinking about. Big apple fail > we’re spoiled by google.
  • M: tverskaya. being chilean no idea how to spell russian. spelling correction.
  • M: I must say that has been put in question lately. You might be familiar with the case of google reader, who had a small buy very loyal and intensive user base. That put in question google’s generosity, reminding us they’re a business.
  • GC: Yes, last 10 years, core functionality hasn’t changed.
  • MB And even more so now. notice the microphone. they reached the point where the complexity actually simplifies the experience. the more advanced they get, the simpler they make it to the user.
  • GC: Google going into new areas.
  • A local experience in Paris
  • ML takes over. Really good website and iPhone apps to standardize the process w/efficient tools. You, the provider, can focus on inquiries and the renter and... as the renter...
  • With trust, you can focus on having a very local experience. Even have the opportunity of making new friends.
  • So Airbnb allows for an experience that’s even BETTER than a hotel experience.
  • Describe both Gilt Founded Nov 2007. Doing between $600 million- $1 billion Fab Founded June 2011 $100 million
  • Talking IDENTITY
  • Before Warby: What you do when you need lenses
  • ML: Many online brands have felt the need to bridge the gap between digital stores and physical environments. Each time fun & engaging. Escaping from setting up a physical store.
  • GC
  • GC
  • GC
  • GC
  • M: Acquisition by Facebook made people specially sensitive.
  • GC
  • GC
  • GC
  • GC
  • GC
  • M: As the case studies of Warby Parker, Virgin and Fab show, the more a brand can satisfy each of these areas, the greater chance for success they will have. Especially tech brands, which have the ability to react/behave and respond to different user inputs, the way that the brand acts is as important as the way the brand communicates.
  • GC
  • Geoff Cook & Martin Bravo for Knowledge Stream

    1. 1. And togetherwith 45 people in 5 cities...
    2. 2. BaseBCNBaseNYCBaseSCLBaseGVAU
    3. 3. we are Base
    4. 4. BrandingXTechnology
    5. 5. The Story ofCliff &Chase Bank
    6. 6. Cliff Kuang, Editor-in-ChiefFast Co.Design
    7. 7.
    9. 9. Hello!Privet!
    10. 10. Brands are like people!
    11. 11. For people, we ask things like:How do you dress?Where are you from?What are you like?How do you behave?What do you enjoy?
    12. 12. ...and for brands wecan ask the same things.
    13. 13. Identity PersonalityExperience
    14. 14. Identity#1
    15. 15. Brands are like people!
    16. 16. Identity is unique.It’s who you are, after all.No matter how young.
    17. 17. Personality#2
    18. 18. How would you describea person?a person?
    19. 19. How would you describethis man?
    20. 20. or this man?
    21. 21. Brands are like people!
    22. 22. What is Google’s personality?
    23. 23. What is Google’s personality?Intuitive?
    24. 24. What is Google’s personality?IntuitiveGenerous?
    25. 25. Google cemetery
    26. 26. What is Google’s personality?IntuitiveGenerousFunctional and Clear?
    27. 27. What is Google’s personality?IntuitiveGenerousFunctional and ClearInnovative?
    28. 28. Google’s personality:IntuitiveGenerousFunctional and ClearInnovative
    29. 29. Experience#3
    30. 30. Question!
    31. 31. What was your best vacation?
    32. 32. at the beach
    33. 33. Brands are like people!
    34. 34. You generally can’t afford something like this.when traveling...
    35. 35. something like you end up getting...
    36. 36. NOT exciting.
    37. 37. alternative:Rent somebody else’s sparerooms.Cheap but also NOT exciting.
    38. 38. “Airbnb connects people tounique travel experiences.”
    39. 39. Now THAT is EXCITING!
    40. 40. They take care of all the lousy parts...Search, booking, cancellations, cleaning fees,communication, payment, scheduling, securitydeposits, fraud, etc.
    41. 41. your experience can focuson the exciting.
    42. 42. What happens when we put it altogether?Identity PersonalityExperience
    43. 43. Case Studies
    44. 44. Case study 1:Strong brandvsChallenged brand
    45. 45. VS
    46. 46.
    47. 47.
    48. 48. What’s the difference?
    49. 49. Fully developed &consistent sinceday oneday oneday oneRevisedseveral times#1. IDENTITY#1. IDENTITY
    50. 50. - Optimistic- Colorful- Design-y- Friendly- Fun- Inspiring- Commercial- Transactional- Uninspiring#2. PERSONALITY#2. PERSONALITY
    51. 51. - Fun to browse- About recognizinggreat design- Displaying yourgood taste- About sharing- Transactional- About how muchmoney you spend- Displaying yourwealth- About buying#3. EXPERIENCE#3. EXPERIENCE
    52. 52. RESULTSRESULTS- Identity strong!- Identity: change
    53. 53. RESULTSRESULTS- Identity strong!- Salesgrowing- Identity: change- Sales have peaked
    54. 54. RESULTSRESULTS- Identity strong!- Salesgrowing - Personality:Optimism! “Becomenext IKEA!”- Identity: change- Sales have peaked- Personality:“bitchy supermodelvs girl next door”
    55. 55. - Identity strong!- Sales growing- Personality:Optimism!“Become next IKEA!”- No real competition- No real competition- No real competition- Identity: change- Sales have peaked- Personality:“bitchy supermodelvs girl next door” -Increased competitionRESULTSRESULTS
    56. 56. RESULTSRESULTSFAB moving into... fashion!and creating their OWN product lines.
    57. 57. EngagementCase study 2:
    58. 58. Think of the moments youhave spent with your bestfriend.
    59. 59. photo of 2 friends?
    60. 60. Brands are like people!
    61. 61. Warby
    62. 62. Engaging bothonline and offline.
    63. 63. #1 Home try-on gallery
    64. 64. QuickTime™ Ë a‰ÂÍÓÏÔÂÒÒÓÚ·ÛÂÚÒfl, ˜ÚÓ·˚ ‚ˉÂÚ¸ ˝ÚÛ Í‡ÚËÌÍÛ.
    65. 65. #2 Holiday market
    66. 66. #3 Tour bus
    67. 67. Results :- Total disruption of theeyewear market
    68. 68. TrustCase study 3:
    69. 69. Brands are like people!
    70. 70. From 2009 to early 2012,J&J recalled:
    71. 71. It’s as personal to putsomething into one’s body as itis to share one’s intimate life
    72. 72. Brand extensionCase study 4:
    73. 73. dad’sfavoritecrazyunclesexycousinfunnydadstrictmummessybabysmartbrother
    74. 74. Brands are like people!
    75. 75. So what does it all mean?
    76. 76. Identity PersonalityExperienceSuccessful companies of thefuture
    77. 77. brand product+ distribu-tion+lucktiming team ...+ + +Successful companies of thefuture
    78. 78. Brands arelike people!like people!
    79. 79. @geoffreycook@brvmrtn@base_design