Island's Engraved Promises


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Island's Engraved Promises

  1. 1. “Island’s Engraved Promises” Darwin Trinidad Carlos It is Anne’s birthday and her family decides to celebrate her birthday somewhere in calm place, where they can spend each moment memorable for their beautiful daughter. Anne is the only girl and youngest sibling among the four children. Anne looks so elegant: tall girl, having long hair, almond like eyes, kissable lips, good complexion, intelligent, obedient a loving daughter and a beautiful girl. Anne’s father decides to celebrate her birthday in a beautiful Island nearby province, where only few people know and visit the Island. As they arrive in the Island, everyone is busy preparing the stuffs: the food, tent to be used, fixing the table and everything. Anne decides to explore the beautiful Island with her parents’ consent. In this beautiful Island, you can see the virgin trees out there and the overlooking shore. As she walks in the Island she is amaze by a unique tree, a tree that stand out among the trees, it has good shade, masculine trunk and bloomed leaves from this unique tree you can still hear the waves that brush out the white sands on the shore. She lay down her back at the trunk of the tree and she closes her eyes, when she opens her eyes she is surprise that she’s not alone, she sees a boy standing near her post. “Hi, my name is Jake” said the boy “I live nearby Island, near this Island” he added pointing the west side “I’m Anne” she replied in a timid voice “How often you come in this place?” asked Anne
  2. 2. “How often? Actually this is my first time to visit this beautiful Island. My family came nearby Island and planning to stay for good. The reason why I’m here is that I want to explore this exotic Island because I find this Island interesting. Am I right Anne? said Jake “Yes Jake!” she exclaimed “Why are you here Anne?” asked Jake “Today is my birthday, my 17th birthday” replied Anne “Me too, today is my birthday” exclaimed Jake “Oh, really? We are celebrating our birthday today” said Anne And they laughed and started knowing each other’s company, spilling jokes and singing songs. Anne goes back in her family bringing a sweet smile and looks in love. “Why does your smile look like that?” her mom asked She tells her family that she met a guy named Jake in the Island who looks handsome, kind and fun to be with. In their first meeting they become friends, they meet in the Island every weekend. They made a bench under the tree where they met and they also built a wooden table. They enjoy each other’s company. But as the day goes by Anne and Jake establish special affection to each other but no one notices that feeling. “I engraved our names in this tree” exclaimed Jake pointing out the tree “This is the symbol of our friendship, and when this young tree grows and you still see our names on it, it only means that our friendship won’t fade”
  3. 3. “I am coming in this place every year and this exact day is our birthday” said Jake That day, they made their promises. They don’t know if those promises will stand through the test of time. Jake needs to leave and go far away from Anne for his studies; he keeps his promise to be in the Island every year on their birthday. Their 18th birthday comes and they celebrate their birthdays happy. “Happy 18th birthday best friend Anne” said Jake “Happy birthday too best friend” replied Anne They are singing, playing, eating and most of the time they are laughing in every single joke they shared together. Time goes by, so fast and it’s their 19th birthday. Anne goes to their meeting place under the tree which is now grown tall and more masculine. Their names are still engraved on the tree, she’s surprise that Jake was not there, and she waits until sunset but unfortunately Jake didn’t come. That day she felt a total sadness, she thought that she lost her best friend. But far behind Jake is present and looking at his best friend’s loneliness but he let go. He doesn’t know the reason why he let his best friend alone and sad. The following year, Anne is at their meeting place sitting on the bench under the tree, wishing her best friend will appear to cover her eyes from her back like the way he used to, but Jake didn’t come again. Anne never bothers herself to take a look at their engraved names on the tree. Unknowingly Jake is always behind her, watching his best friend’s grown more beautiful and sexy. Their 20th birthday comes, and Anne really misses her best friend Jake.
  4. 4. “Mom, don’t you remember that today is also Jake’s 20th birthday? exclaimed Anne “Oh, I forgot that you have the same birthday” replied her mom “I made a cake for him” added Anne She turns back, bringing the cake leading the way to the Island. In their meeting place she sits on the bench and placed the cake on the wooden table. She misses her best friend’s handsome face she saw 3 years ago. She closes her eyes for she doesn’t know how long it was, when she opens her eyes she looks at the tree, she sees a new engraved name and it really catches her attention. There is something engraved around it far behind and she comes closer and read her best friend’s name and there is a heart shape around her best friend’s name. But her name wasn’t there, she thinks that Jake went there maybe with his new best friend or worsts his girl friend. She really feels a total sadness. Unknowingly her mom followed her in the Island to observe Anne. “Oh my God! What this means? Does he have another best friend and they always come here?” exclaimed Anne Then Anne begins to cry and asks herself. “Let’s go Anne, it’s getting late!” her mom called her from far behind “He will never come back here again” her mom added She brings out a piece of paper and a pen and begins to write.
  5. 5. Dear Jake, As we have promised, I will always be here every year. Even things are getting worst between the two of us. I still don’t know how to tell you but I know my self more than you do. I’m sorry best friend, but I already fall in love with you Jake and I missed you so much best friend. Love, Anne She puts down the pen and put a stone on top of the paper and kissed it. She stands crying leaving the place. When Anne and her mom leaved, Jake urgently ran toward the bench ad eagerly reads what Anne had written. As he reads the letter, he smiled and promised himself that he will show up next year. For Jake, time passes so slowly from then on. It is a long navigation for him to wait for that very special day. Jake is going to tell Anne what he really feels for Anne since he met Anne. Finally the day he waited for so long has come. The day of telling his feelings for Anne. Jake wakes up early in the morning and he prepares himself to meet his beloved best friend. He wears his newest clothes, he fixes his hair and put fragrant. As he walks he smiles to every people he meets. As he arrives in the Island he hurriedly run to their meeting place. He sits on the bench where exactly Anne sat last year he saw her crying.
  6. 6. “I will never let my best friend cry again” said Jake But Anne didn’t come to view once more. So Jake starts engraving “I Love You” around the heart he engraved last time. “Anne, please help yourself and no one can cure you, except yourself” he mom said “Go out and hang-out with your other friends” her mom added “I don’t want any other friends, all I want is Jake” “Even though I lost my best friend” exclaimed Anne with cruel voice and begins to cry She gives her mom the saddest smile ever and she goes out to their meting place. Anne sits on the bench, where she actually sits in and she closes her eyes and trying to hold her tears from falling. “You are late!” She hears the familiar voice behind, she knows that voice deeply and she strongly believes that voice is her best friend’s. She has never mistaken that voice. The voice she missed so much. But she thinks that it’s just a dream. Jake walks closer to cover his best friend’s eyes with his hands the way he used to and Anne is surprise in that moment. “Jake! Is that you?” asked Anne “Yes best friend, it’s me. I’ve read your letter the last time you came here. I was just behind watching you and I was afraid to show up near by you because I don’t have the courage to say what I feel for you best friend” said Jake Jake spills out joke to make Anne smile and to lessen the burden. And to make Anne happy.
  7. 7. “I feel the same, as what you wrote and even more than you feel. I love you best friend. I love you Anne” exclaimed Jake with strong feeling Anne couldn’t find the right words to say, all she knows her tears are continuously flowing. Anne gives a tight hug to Jake, until Jake asks something. “Now Anne, I want to ask your permission. May I engrave your name inside the heart next to my name?” asked Jake pointing out the masculine tree But Anne didn’t respond and tightly hug Jake with strong affection of love. “I love you Jake!” said Anne “I love you too Anne, more than you’ll ever know!” exclaimed Jake Then Jake starts engraving Anne’s name inside the heart nest to his name. And they kiss each other and made another promise that they will love each other until the end of time. Anne and Jake go back to Anne’s mother bring the good news that they are formally committed and they truly love each other. After five years of being committed and five years of being foolish with each other. They decided to tie the knot on their 26th birthday and they live foolishly with each other. True love conquers everything and true love searches true heart.