Debt Consolidation: The World of Bankruptcy


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Debt Consolidation: The World of Bankruptcy

  1. 1. Debt Consolidation: The World of Bankruptcy People say that “Money makes the world go round” and others say that “Money makes people greedy,” do these quotations make sense? Of course yes, money really matters to people and does a lot. Money is one of the basic needs of people, money can buy anything under the sun such as basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing even the luxuries of life can be bought by money; cars, gadgets, sports, and anything that is beyond our needs. People work hard to earn money to buy their basic needs and some luxuries in life, some people establish business, others expand their existing business, while others invest their fruit of labor on house, car, hobby, or sports, but most of labor earners invest their money on banks to have savings, savings that can earn small interest, a little interest that may increase in due time that may be used in the future. Most people are securing their futures by establishing a profitable business such as small food store or a bigger business name like construction products; rest assured that the business that you will establish will always depends on your capital money and the market place. But not all businesses last long it is simply because of the competition that takes place in the business world, economics called it “perfect competition” it was perfectly designed to measure one’s ability, patience and competitiveness in the business ground. Most small business grown into a bigger one, some became respected companies and expanded business. But not all the businesses grow into bigger one; there will always ups and downs in the business world. Having a good profit will not always be the case in the business; some business establishments have their peaks down to the point of bankruptcy because of different reasons like improper circulation of business, misused of profit earned, weak marketing strategies, market demands or inflation rate. Bankruptcy does not always pertain to business alone but it pertains to money in general that can be in the forms of coins and bills. If there’s a word that a person especially business people would not want to hear is the bankruptcy, simply because this word means a lot to people and it may cause everyone: laborers or the employees of one’s business, investors, business and the family of these people who are part of the business world. Every one depends on the companies which provide occupations that generate money that is use by every members of the family, if there is no business there will be no money generates and multiplies that support people’s everyday lives. People can prevent from this bankruptcy through being wise, thrifty and being resourceful in what sense? In being keen into the usage and practicality. Use money to its practical but and wiser way, don’t buy such stuff that is not useful to oneself. Old things can be restored, reuse and recycle all you need is imagination, creativity and resourcefulness to generate a new one. Strive hard, work hard, and save the fruit of your labor for your future. Save, save and save your fruit of labor so that you can have bullets in case of demand in the near future.