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Sparkybag, the workflow manager

Sparkybag is a system that makes managing and sharing documents safe, easy and efficient. Documents such as stationary, logo’s, brochures, ads, posters, web templates, reports etc. are placed online for review and approval by clients and is accessible 24/7.

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  • 1. Sparkybag – Workflow manager www.sparkybag.com
  • 2. What is regular workflow management? • Regular workflow management • Share documents with clients and within the agency • Unstructured feedback (verbal) • Time consuming approval (visit, mail) • Communication based on meetings, telephone, email Overall: time consuming = cost ineffcient
  • 3. What is Sparkybag? • Online workflow management Sparkybag is online version of workflow management Clients and agency use one system Online feedback and approval Auto email notification Upload, feedback and approve any where, 24/7 Overall: less time consuming = cost effcient
  • 4. Regular workflow vs Sparkybag
  • 5. Authorization • Login No access without username and password At least one administrator Personal password not traceable by administrator Auto retrieval in case of forgotten password (email)
  • 6. Authorization
  • 7. Project overview • Phases for each client and project(item) Start: After approval of estimate (pre Sparkybag), a project and project item is created and linked with a client Concept Pdf version of artwork, ready for feedback (multiple feedback rounds (=pdf’s) is possible) Final Final pdf, ready for online client approval Production Post Sparkybag (e.g. printing of ads or internetsite going live)
  • 8. Project overview
  • 9. Project • Multiple users and roles Sparkbag has multiple users All users have access to relevant documents based on their rights within Sparkybag A project is linked with a client (and then with project leader and project members)
  • 10. Project
  • 11. Project structure • Project structure Sparkybag is based on clients Each client has multiple projects Each project has at least one project item Multiple project items per project is possible A project item (e.g. a corporate ad) can contain multiple versions
  • 12. Project publication • Project publication Publication per phase (start, concept, final, production) Auto email notification (client vs project leader, project leader vs project member) Client feed back checked by project leader, internal approval and adjustment by project member Original artwork (Photoshop, Illustrator etc) never runs through Sparkybag (pdf’s of jpeg of the artwork)
  • 13. Project structure
  • 14. Project publication
  • 15. Sparkybag – Workflow manager www.sparkybag.com