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social innovation, local government
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social innovation, local government

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how to get buy in and support for innovative work in local councils

how to get buy in and support for innovative work in local councils

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  • 1. The Social Innovation Lab for Kent Designing better services together and resources for innovation Tools Starting with people Space to think Designing services for everyday living Insights Ideas Actions Collaborating for better services Supporting innovators and leaders in Kent
  • 2. Where the story began OUR OPERATING ENVIRONMENT IS CHANGING •  Capacity to prepare for the future, as well as past performance •  Area-based not institutionally focused •  Engagement, empowerment, involvement •  Use of data - real-time, experiential, geographic
  • 3. What we do Capacity Building Projects Making Connections
  • 4. Our recent project work Activmobs Digital Inclusion Food for Families The Gateways Financial Inclusion Families in Kent Fathers Care Directory Opportunities
  • 5. But how do we get support for change?
  • 6. Secure senior leadership
  • 7. Plan, plan, plan
  • 8. Know your stakeholders
  • 9. Be ruthless about the team
  • 10. Involve the people that matter
  • 11. Turn research into action
  • 12. Value communication work
  • 13. Make the business your business
  • 14. Be entrepreneurial
  • 15. What we found hard NEW WAYS OF SEEING, THINKING AND WORKING TOGETHER Keeping the faith and making the time Balancing energy with over-claiming Prioritising and focusing Turning little ideas into big innovations
  • 16. What would have helped ENCOURAGEMENT, EMPOWERMENT… AND LESS PROCUREMENT… More eyes for spotting opportunities Platforms for us to tell our story Greater political will Easier routes to engaging external support
  • 17. Where next A NEW WAY OF WORKING, NOT AN ADDITIONAL THING TO DO A core team for SILK in the business plan Using and continuing to develop the framework on strategic projects Building capacity to work in a people-centred way through training Turn the framework into a collaborative resource online
  • 18. The Social Innovation Lab for Kent MANAGING INNOVATION IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT Sophia Parker SILK, Kent County Council