Trade Show Etiquette 101


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Mike Davitt runs through the best ways to prepare for a trade show where you will be using Leading Reach for Events

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Trade Show Etiquette 101

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SUCCESS WEBINAR NOVEMBER 1, 2013 TRADE SHOW ETIQUETTE 101 With Mike Davitt, Customer Success Specialist
  2. 2. BEFORE THE SHOW 60 Days Before 4 Weeks Before 4 Weeks Before 3 Weeks Before 2 Weeks Before • Order hardware if renting. • Verify Internet connection. • Create a Leading Reach campaign. • Request badge scanning. • Test Applications that you will be using.
  3. 3. BEFORE THE SHOW TRAIN YOUR BOOTH STAFF •  •  •  •  •  •  Familiarize staff with available Content. Demonstrate how to enter a Participant. Run through the Participant lifecycle. Describe different Applications and their locations. Enforce the use of Leading Reach. Give specific goals for Participants entered.
  4. 4. CONTENT BEST PRACTICES CONTENT TYPES CONTENT FORMATS ¨  Product Overviews ¨  PDFs ¨  Datasheets ¨  Videos ¨  Website links ¨  Content related to current events (Meaningful Use, New trends, etc.) ¨  ¨  Infographics (or other images) Social Media links OTHER CONTENT TIPS: ¨  ¨  Use descriptive thumbnails to make Content easily identifiable. Create captivating and descriptive titles.
  5. 5. EMAIL TEMPLATES BEST PRACTICE EXAMPLE PATIENT ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM REFERRAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Hello Jessica, Thanks for stopping by our booth at mHealth Summit! Please let me know if you have any questions about the content you requested. My best, Erin Newman PATIENT ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM OVERVIEW HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PATIENT ENGAGEMENT SCORE WHAT IS A REFERRAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? Leading Reach is a product of Sparksight, Inc. 7719 Wood Hollow Dr. Suite 100 Austin, TX 78731 PATIENT SATISFACTION SURVEYS PLAIN EMAIL EXAMPLE
  6. 6. DURING THE SHOW Guide participants through an experience • Have sales teams and other booth staff talking and interacting with Participants. • This helps create a more memorable and personal experience for Participants. Pull in a crowd to play your Leading Reach Games • Even if someone is just playing the game to get free stuff, you can figure this out with preliminary questions. • This is a great way to attract a high volume of leads which you can then filter using Leading Reach reports. Use unique URL or QR codes • Direct Participants to your Applications using mobile devices. • This allows leads to look at your apps easily while on the go or after the show. • Try our recommended QR code generator.
  7. 7. AFTER THE SHOW CONTENT REPORT • Track Requests, Views, and Downloads. • See which pieces of Content are active. PARTICIPANT REPORT • Track all Participants entered. • Measure a Participant’s total activity. ACTIVITY REPORT • Track total Application use. • See total Content performance. Another Tip: Make sure notifications have been set up to the appropriate team members after the show