Turning Paid Impressions into Social Media Endorsements


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This campaign was all about turning paid media impressions into social media endorsements. The campaign was very successful in extending the reach and most importantly, engagement.

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  • Basic IP falls into 3 categories Copyright  Covers original code that we write.  (open source aspect of what code we are using and borrowing) If we use open source code, we sometime can protect our own code.  The more open source code we rely on the less likely that we are able to copyright.  Depending on the modules and code, we may be able to copyright some of it.  Whole lot of factors based on terms of open source license and how intertwined the code is. Patents Protect the method of what we developed.  At high level - a method of aggregating content on the web, etc.  The ability to get this protection will depend on - Has to be novel and original (have to be solving a problem in a unique way) - Timing: If launched, you have a year to file for a patent - If unique thing is obvious - if the invention will become obvious.   - IP protection - trade secret area.  How we put it all together to make this work.  If it's secret, then we don't want to file a patent.  You have to take steps to get secret sauce private.  Protection is against people mis-approrpriated.  Trade secret protation is not helpful to us.     If functions replicate the elements of the open source - if we are just assembling the pieces then we may not be able to patent.   NEXT STEP 1. Review open source code that we used to see if we can patent based on the open source licenses. 2. File a questionnaire for the patentability of the invention to get a sense of how original it might be.  3. Share with a patent attny.  Registered copyright - we need to do this in order to enforce it.  Can do this later.  An importatnt thing to do is to review the various licenses of the open source software as it relates to copyright.  Open source - believe in the free flow of information (share it but share code too - that's what a lot of these licenses say.) Still can be commercially successfully even if not protected.
  • Turning Paid Impressions into Social Media Endorsements

    1. 1. Turning Paid Media Placements Into Social Media Endorsements An integrated campaign for the  Sony theatrical release "Zombieland"
    2. 2. Paid media has expansive reach.   Social media has impacting relevance.    How can we blend the chocolate and the peanut butter?
    3. 3. Attract, Engage, Convert Banner makes a strong CTA tied to movie's theme. On rollover, viewer is engaged and kills zombie. Attract Bragging rights for their zombie kill goes onto Facebook, where they promote the movie in their newsfeed. Engage Fun zombie kill animation keeps their attention and interest. Convert
    4. 4. Banner interaction leads directly to social media endorsement Banners become a way to identify brand advocates, and immediately move them to take action to promote brand
    5. 5. Multiple ways to keep Fans involved Daily free zombie kill promotes return visits Media placement notifications support the media buy, and improve overall campaign response rates Global and Friends leaderboard App was international; Translated to 11 languages
    6. 6. Paid media is integrated part of much larger experience Media Placement Banner Media Notifications Facebook App Fan's Newsfeed Facebook Fan page
    7. 7. Turning paid media impressions into social media endorsements Instead of banners just producing impressions and clicks, we now have banners generating social media endorsements
    8. 8. Produced by Basement, Inc. Contact: Jennifer Sparks [email_address] 310-928-3154 Basement, Inc. www.basement-inc.com 1610 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404