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Power Woman Content Network Deep Dive



The archetype of the strong woman is experiencing a cultural renaissance and an entirely new image of womanhood is emerging in the media. She is characterized by being strong minded, balancing both ...

The archetype of the strong woman is experiencing a cultural renaissance and an entirely new image of womanhood is emerging in the media. She is characterized by being strong minded, balancing both female and more typically male qualities. Women are proving that they don’t just gain strength through their sexual power, but also through their gutsy behaviors. These strong women speak up and stick together as the enclosed trending examples will show you.



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Power Woman Content Network Deep Dive Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Content Networks: Deep Dive Report Power Woman: Fall 2012 1
  • 2. Introduction Introduction At sparks & honey, we synchronize brands with culture.Using a proprietary cultural mapping platform, we track and identify cultural bursts and trends in realtime, score their energy level, project their lifespan and analyze their cultural resonance.This data is aggregated into what we call Content Networks. Content Networks are a mapping systemused to model and understand dynamic, interconnected webs of cultural activity. These ContentNetworks help brands understand and connect with popular culture in order to make more strategicallyinformed business decisions.We are monitoring for both signals of longer term change and fast moving cultural buzz. This enables usto identify both cultural waves that are ripe with immediate opportunity (Fast Culture) and longer termshifts that will play out over time (Slow Culture).Examples of Fast Culture include: fads, memes, fashion, viral content, natural language, trending topics,news events and micro trends. Slow Culture includes: macro trends, consumer behaviors andmovements that have cultural impact over a period longer than 3-6 months.sparks & honey makes no claim regarding ownership or trademark of the language used to name or describe the Content Networks herein. Any usage of similar language byother individuals or organizations is purely coincidental. 2
  • 3. About The Power Woman Content Network Report IntroductionWe invented the concept of Content Networks as part of our Wave Branding offering and have identifieda total of 56 dynamic Networks that are most resonant in popular culture today.We monitor online sharing and conversations, media stories and specialized influencer groups tounderstand the energy levels of each Content Network and discover examples in real-time.This document takes an in-depth look into the Power Woman Content Network, one Content Networkthat has been bursting with energy over the past 180 days.This Deep Dive Report is for marketing professionals, researchers, innovation specialists, andtrendsetters, and should be used to guide marketing teams and inform strategic thinking over the nextsix months. 3
  • 4. How To Read This Report Throughout this report you will see icons representing Energy, DNA and Prediction Scores*. These scores can help you contextualize the information and examples in this document. ENERGY SCORE The energy score is rated on a scale of 1-5. It is represented by these icons: DNA low high women’s firsts female warriors The Energy Score is the speed strong women and volume of buzz and reach of the example. gender stereotypes femininity PREDICTION SCORE +9 more The prediction score is rated on a scale of 1-40. It is represented by these icons: A unique set of attributes that describes each example. short long The Prediction Score reflects potential duration or life of the example.*The scores contained in this report are reflective of energy levels as of August 21, 2012. All scores are dynamic and change over time. 4
  • 5. Power WomanWoman DNA Power fearless evolved thinking achievementThe archetype of the strong woman is experiencing a cultural renaissance toughand an entirely new, positive image of womanhood is emerging in the media ENERGY PREDICTION intelligent +9 more
  • 6. About Power WomanThe Power Woman is strong-minded and balances traditionally feminine qualities with traditionally masculine qualities. More and morefrequently in popular culture, we are seeing examples of women who embody life-balance, confidence and dominance. The Power Womandisplays strength through her trailblazing behavior and speaks up against oppression. Power Women stick together as a necessity in a world where women are often objectified, put down, left behind or doubted. They understandthat in order for women to move forward in society, they cannot afford to compete with each other but instead need to work together on behalfof one another. This understanding has helped establish a sisterhood with the capacity to speak up on behalf of women everywhere.In both fictional and real world examples, the positive archetype of the Power Woman is being manifested in a growing number of areasthroughout culture. We expect to see sustained energy and momentum within this Content Network over the next year. Seventeen Magazine Photoshop Petition Gabby Douglas Texts from Hillary Beyoncé Ashley Judd #puffyface 6
  • 7. Examples Marissa Mayer: Yahoo’s New CEO Olympic Women’s BoxingImages are hyperlinked Augusta National Golf Club Adds First Female Members Brave’s Princess Merida 7
  • 8. Marissa Mayer: Olympic Yahoo’s New CEO Women’s Boxing After achieving success in the male- dominated field of technology, For the first time in Olympics history, July 16, 2012 Marissa Mayer is now Yahoos CEO.   August 5, 2012 the ten men’s boxing events were Hours after the appointment, Mayer joined by three women’s events: Fly, ENERGY announced that she is pregnant with ENERGY woman in power women’s firsts Middle and Light. female pioneer female warriors her first child, presenting a new pregnant CEO strong women trailblazer gender stereotypes paradigm for working motherhood. evolved thinking femininity +6 more +9 more PREDICTION PREDICTION Augusta National Golf Brave’s Club Adds First Female Princess Merida Members For the first time in its 80-year The heroine of Disneys Brave is history, Augusta National Golf Club determined to chart her own path. has extended invitations to women. August 20, 2012 June 22, 2012 Through her bravery - and archery The club invited former Secretary of skills - she leads her kingdom in ENERGY State Condoleezza Rice and South ENERGY fiery red hair breaking a beastly curse. equal opportunity Carolina financier Darla Moore to tougher heroineImages are hyperlinked heritage defiant evolved thinking become the first women in green independent gender stereotype takes after father +7 more jackets when the club opens for a +15 more PREDICTION PREDICTION new season in October. 8
  • 9. Examples Women to Moderate Half of Debates Pussy Riot: The Future of Civil DisobedienceImages are hyperlinked Tech Moms: “We Can Have It All” Dominique Moceanu Speaks Up: Olympic Gymnastics 9
  • 10. Women to Moderate Pussy Riot: Half of Debates The Future of Civil Disobedience For the first time in history, half of the A Russian court recently sentenced moderators chosen for the upcoming the feminist punk band to two years in Presidential and Vice Presidential August 13, 2012 August 18, 2012 prison in response to the band’s debates are women. CNN’s Candy public performance of a song Crowley will become the first woman ENERGY ENERGY targeting President Vladimir Putin’s vocal opinion in 20 years to moderate a Presidential feminism women’s firsts punk regime. On the day of the sentencing, gender equality debate. ABC’s Martha Raddatz will be 99% women in politics fearless Pussy Riot responded with the release new tradition moderating after her. women unite +12 more +7 more of a new song called “Putin Lights Up PREDICTION PREDICTION the Fires.” Tech Moms: Dominique Moceanu “We Can Have It All” Speaks Up: Olympic Gymnastics Tech moms say theyre balancing work Olympic gold medalist Dominique and kids through efficiency in time Moceanu displays strength and July 25, 2012 August 4, 2012 management. Technology, long hours fortitude in speaking out about the ENERGY and a network of helpers make it ENERGY dark side of Olympic gymnastics.  motherhood achievements career possible for these women to take on legacyImages are hyperlinked success raw reflection support work and family commitments.  lost youth gender-less careers revealed truth +9 more +8 more PREDICTION PREDICTION 10
  • 11. Power Woman Topic Clusters “Brave”, “Prometheus,” and the Rise of Female Action Modern Feminism From a Heroes Teenager’s Perspective Article date: 7/2/12 Article date: 7/27/12 More Women Deciding They Can’t Have It All ENERGY Article date: 8/7/12 Gabby’s Ponytail Poem Article date: 8/19/12 New Feminism The Energy: 2/5 Protector PREDICTION Energy: 3/5 Can Women Speaking Up Have it All? Energy: 5/5 Energy: 5/5 DNA #WarOnWomen Article date: 8/15/12 fearless So A Girl Walks Into A Comedy Club... evolved thinking Article date: 7/10/12 achievement tough Doing Good War On Women Energy: 4/5 POWER WOMAN Energy: 4/5 intelligent +9 more Great-Grandmas Jump Out of Plane for Charity Article date: 6/25/12 Women in KEY Male Fields Shannon Eastin: First Sisterhood Energy: 4/5 Female NFL Referee Energy: 4/5 Article date: 8/10/12 CONTENT NETWORK Men Defend Women Energy: 3/5 Model Indrani Changes the Fate of Forgotten Girls Article date: 7/10/12 TOPIC CLUSTERImages are hyperlinked Moms at Tech Start-Ups Article date: 8/16/12 EXAMPLE Dominique Dawes Gets President Obama: Emotional About Gabby “We’ve Come Too Far to Turn Back Now” Douglas’ Win Article date: 8/18/12 Article date: 8/3/12 11
  • 12. Mapping The Anatomy Of A Content Network: Power Woman TIMELINE OF KEY EVENTS The Atlantic’s London “Women Can’t Olympics Have It All” Newsweek: Presidential Ashley Judd: “Women’s Debates #PuffyFace Female Speakers Progress at GOP National Report” How to Convention The Peace, Love & Be a Woman Title IX Bringing in Finn: Misunderstanding Anniversary Mindy Project An Extraordinary Surrogacy Story Push and Shove 1.1.12 Current 1.1.13 NATURAL LANGUAGE INFLUENCERS E.L. James DVF Lady Gaga Robin Roberts Jane Fonda Michelle Obama Sonya Sotomeyer Sheryl SandbergImages are hyperlinked Oprah Lena Dunham Sandra Fluke Katie Couric 12
  • 13. SummaryThe Power Woman Content Networks energy level will continue to intensify over the next 12 months. Hereis what we are watching: • We are entering an intensified 3-month period of women speaking up for themselves and each other - amplified by the upcoming Presidential debates, conventions and election. • Women in entertainment and new Internet celebrities will continue to push the boundaries of innovation through shock, surprise and taboo-breaking. • The rise of new feminist role models will shape the next generation and will challenge many of the traditional beliefs of the Steinem-era feminist movement. • Men will continue to embrace traditionally female roles, leading to new social systems and standards. • The Fortune 1000 will aggressively seek out more women in prominent roles in the C-suite and on corporate boards in response to the intensified conversation. • An explosion of pop culture content will speak less to traditional female roles and more to the broader concept of what it means to be a woman that can have it all. 13
  • 14. 14
  • 15. Sign up on our website to receive updates and future reports: sparksandhoney.com For more information: 212.894.5100 info@sparksandhoney.com Stay connected @sparksandhoney facebook.com/sparksandhoney sparksandhoney.tumblr.com/Stay Tuned For Our Next Deep Dive Report!