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New Social Systems Content Network Deep Dive Report
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New Social Systems Content Network Deep Dive Report


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The New Social Systems Content Network tracks the radical changes happening within our traditional social structures. Although the foundational concepts regarding relationships, family, community and …

The New Social Systems Content Network tracks the radical changes happening within our traditional social structures. Although the foundational concepts regarding relationships, family, community and religion have become far less formal and rigid over the past 50 years, we’ve seen significant departures from the norm during recent times.

Download our report now to learn more about the implications of the New Social Systems Content Network on society and brand communications.

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  • 1. Content Networks: Deep Dive Report New Social Systems: Fall 2012
  • 2. DNANew Social Systems Kidult desire new myths redesigning society new valuesSeismic shift in traditional values to what is now the new normal ENERGY PREDICTION questioning status quo evolving 2
  • 3. About New Social SystemsThe New Social Systems Content Network* tracks the radical changes happening within our traditional social structures. Although the foundational concepts regardingrelationships, family, community and religion have become far less formal and rigid over the past 50 years, we’ve seen significant departures from the norm during recent times.Family and RelationshipsDriven by economic hardship, a growing mistrust of institutions, digital connectivity and the ready availability of information about diverse points of view, people are becoming moreopen-minded than ever to new ways of living and connecting with each other. From pop culture’s embrace of LGBT characters and non-traditional families to the trends of co-parenting, long-term roommates and multi-generational households, we are witnessing a significant shift in both positive perception and acceptance of novel social units.SpiritualityWith the steady rise of atheism and the “spiritual but not religious” movement, society is moving in more open and accepting directions as far as beliefs about where we come fromand how to act in the world. Both science and non-traditional spiritual traditions are also pointing to the idea that all people are connected in a fundamental way. Driven by this newconception of a globally-connected self, altruism, selflessness and a consideration for the greater good are driving new movements.WorkAs the culture of freelance grows, new organizations are rising up around patchwork careerists, such as co-working spaces, freelancer’s unions and services such as TaskRabbit.Look for the New Social Systems Content Network to continue its ascent and pervade culture as a new narrative crystalizes around what is considered normal and accepted withinour social networks and structures.* Content Networks are a mapping system used to model and understand dynamic, interconnected webs of cultural activity. Content Networks help brands understand and connect with popular culture in order to make more strategicallyinformed business decisions. Generation Boomerang Adult Children Live About 25 Percent of & ‘Living Inheritance’ A Modern Answer to the Commune 12-Year-old Steers Car to Safety After Dad at Home with Their Folks Has Seizure on Highway Barack Obama’s Campaign Scoring Barack Obama Supports Points with Video Gamers Same Sex Marriage Why Christianity is Dying While Spirituality is Thriving Street Pong TaskRabbit, Clarity and Others Make Monetizing Idle Capacity Personal Mattel’s All-Pink Cruise Line for Barbie Fans 6 3
  • 4. Adult Children and Parents Move Back Home Google: Supporting Gay Rights Supporting Gender Fluidity Rise of the Nones 4
  • 5. Adult Children and Google: Supporting Gay Parents Move Back Home Rights Google wanted to support gay Tough economic times are acting as rights across the world, so it a consolidating force in regards to launched the “Legalize Love” housing trends. A recent survey has October 16, 2012 July 8, 2012 campaign. The tech giant hopes to indicated that almost a third of advance rights for gay and lesbian homeowners are expecting their people in countries where it has adult children or eldery parents to ENERGY DNA ENERGY DNA offices. eventually move in with them. Pew Boomerang kid Same-sex marriage Multi-generational house research also reports that multi- Equality Recession Corporate support Home owning generational households in America Love Family bonds are at the highest level since the Acceptance +8 more +11 morePREDICTION 1950s. PREDICTION Supporting Gender Rise of the Nones Fluidity A father in Germany recently came A Pew research study finds that a out in support of his son’s desire to third of adults under 30 are dress in girls’ clothes by wearing a religiously unaffiliated today, the October 4, 2012 October 9, 2012 skirt in public. As growing numbers highest percentage ever. This ENERGY DNA of parents accept and encourage ENERGY DNA movement includes more than 13 Gender agnostic Non-believers Acceptance such self expression, a more Supernatural million atheists and agnostics and Bullying Millennial religion nearly 33 million people who say permissive societal view of gender Gender Fluid Nones Self expression fluidity is coming into view. Future of atheism they have no particular religious +7 more +12 morePREDICTION PREDICTION affiliation. 5
  • 6. LGBT TV Characters at All Time High Family By DesignImages are hyperlinked Co-Working Explosion Boomer Communal Living 6
  • 7. LGBT TV Characters at All Family By Design Time High The 2012 "Where We Are on TV" report Family by Design is a new service and October 5, 2012 found that the number of lesbian, gay, October 22, 2012 community that aims to facilitate bisexual or transgender characters on creation of non-romantic couples who television this season is up 2.9 percent want to come together to raise ENERGY DNA from 2011, an all-time high. ENERGY DNA children. Gay-friendly network Co-Parenting Culture change Three Parents Diversity Surrogate GLAAD Partnerships Daily lives Parenthood +9 more +5 morePREDICTION PREDICTION Co-Working Explosion Boomer Communal Living The growth of the "patchwork As an alternative to retirement homes professional" movement is driving the or moving in with family, many Baby demand for shared working spaces and Boomers are looking instead to co- September 22, 2012 similar services. Since the opening of October 10,2012 housing communities. Community San Franciscos Citizen Space in 2005, living provides the privacy of home ENERGY DNA Networking co-working spaces have opened ENERGY DNA with the benefits and support of a Community Sharing throughout the US, Europe and now Boldness Support community. Co-housing members Community Building Asia. Popular co-working spaces Baby Boomer often share meals, gardens and Collaboration Aging include Link in Austin, Texas, WeWork in Sharing common areas while still maintaining ComfortPREDICTION + 5 More New York City and theOffice in Santa PREDICTION Nostalgia a significant personal space. Monica, California. 7
  • 8. New Social Systems Topic Clusters Who’s Moving In? Adult Kids, Aging Parents Date: 10/16/2012 One Baby, Three Parents: How Donated DNA Could Eradicate Inherited Diseases Study Finds Rise in Gay Date: 9/17/2012 Characters On Network TV Date: 10/5/2012 Making Parents Part of the Gay ENERGY Wedding Day Date: 9/18/12 The Moral Casefor Sex Before Marriage Date: 9/24/2012 New Family First Gay Buddhist PREDICTION Wedding in Taiwan Structures Date: 7/09/12 LGBT Energy: 3/5 Normalization Energy: 5/5 Gay Marriage Equality Energy: 5/5 Future of Work Is Virtual, Casual Date: 10/15/12 Redefining Morality Vikram Patel: Mental Health For All By Involving All DNA Date: 9/11/12 Energy: 3/5 desire new myths Creative Community redesigning society NEW SOCIAL Energy: 3/5 new values SYSTEMS questioning status quo Resilient Communities Date:10/1/12 evolving New World +16 more Fluid of Work Gender Roles Energy: 5/5 Energy: 4/5 Gender Freelancer Growth Ambiguity Evolved Giving Rise to Energy: 4/5 Slasher Careers Religion Date: 10/18/2012 Energy: 5/5 CONTENT NETWORK Neither Man Nor Woman: Meet the Agender Date: 8/20/2012 Just Wait Until Your Mother Gets Home Date: 8/10/12 TOPIC CLUSTER EXAMPLE Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Dalai Lama Tells His Facebook Children Friends That Religion “Is No Date: 8/28/12 Longer Adequate” Date: 9/12/12 8
  • 9. Mapping The New Social Systems Content Network TIMELINE OF EVENTS Pew Survey Finds Female Firsts 1/5 Americans Occupy The New at the Without Religious Wall Street Chick-Fil-A Normal Olympics Affiliation Controversy Arab Spring Google First Baby Supports Gay Facebook Boomer turns 65 Anderson Cooper God Particle Marriage Reaches Modern Comes Out 1 Billion Users Presidential Family Election 9/23/09 Spring 9/17/11 7/2/12 7/4/12 7/12/12 7/25/12 7/27/12 9/1/12 9/11/12 10/2/12 10/4/12 11/6/12 2011 INFLUENCERS NATURAL LANGUAGE Ellen DeGeneres Citizen Space Reddit Obama Tumblr Dalai Lama Frank Bill Nye OceanImages are hyperlinked Lorca Richard Dawkins John Robb Sam Harris Cohen 9
  • 10. Implications Relationships and Roles• Marriage and children are increasingly being pushed off or bypassed altogether, creating whole segments of society either staying single, remaining in a state of permanent adolescence, or becoming a family unit later in life.• As growing numbers of people identify as transgender, gender fluid or gender neutral, companies will have to discover new ways to connect and resonate with a population segment that defies easy definition.• With the rise of stay-at-home dads, Power Women and seesaw couples, traditional gender roles will continue to become blurred, providing new opportunities for companies to serve the unique needs of this growing niche. 10
  • 11. Implications The Modern Family• From same-sex parents to unmarried co-parents, the rise of non-traditional social units will offer unique opportunities for businesses looking to capitalize on -- and communicate with -- these new kinds of families.• Out of economic necessity, multi-generational households and communal living situations will continue to grow, creating new markets for shared resource services and third spaces to provide privacy.• The continued growth of communal living and the need for alternative long term care for an aging population will create new markets for providers and support services. 11
  • 12. Implications New Community• Although technology has provided unprecedented ways to communicate and share information, people have become digitally lonely in their screen worlds, prompting a new search for real, physical interaction and community.• As institutions fail or are perceived in negative ways, sustainable communities -- with hyper-local production and flourishing local currencies -- will rise.• Look for “patchwork careers” to move from a necessary evil to a desirable alternative lifestyle choice. There will be a continued demand for services and spaces that will serve this market. 12
  • 13. Implications The New Spirituality• The rise of atheism and non-traditional spirituality is leading large portions of society to search for new ways of connecting with the sacred, a sense of meaning and a new mythology. Many opportunities will arise to serve this rapidly growing but undefined movement.• Expect more people to gravitate towards the “New Age” Oneness/Conscious Media space as they search for answers and meaning outside of traditional religions. 13
  • 14. With knowledge of the paradigm shifting New Social Systems movement, brands andbusinesses can produce culturally relevant strategic thinking and creative output toengage in more relevant conversations with their customers. With the significantcultural shifts taking place, opportunities to create new products, services andconversations will present themselves to those who truly understand this new normal.If the New Social Systems Content Network is critical to your business, then pleasecontact us to explore deeper insights, additional reports and real-time approaches tohelp synchronize your brand with the latest high energy shifts in culture. 14
  • 15. Appendix 15
  • 16. About Sparks & Honey Introduction At sparks & honey, we synchronize brands with culture.Using a proprietary cultural mapping platform, we track and identify cultural bursts and trends in realtime, score their energy level, project their lifespan and analyze their cultural resonance.This data is aggregated into what we call Content Networks. Content Networks are a mapping systemused to model and understand dynamic, interconnected webs of cultural activity. These ContentNetworks help brands understand and connect with popular culture in order to make more strategicallyinformed business decisions.We are monitoring for both signals of longer term change and fast moving cultural buzz. This enables usto identify both cultural waves that are ripe with immediate opportunity (Fast Culture) and longer termshifts that will play out over time (Slow Culture).Examples of Fast Culture include: fads, memes, fashion, viral content, natural language, trending topics,news events and micro trends. Slow Culture includes: macro trends, consumer behaviors andmovements that have cultural impact over a period longer than 3-6 months.sparks & honey makes no claim regarding ownership or trademark of the language used to name or describe the Content Networks herein. Any usage of similar language byother individuals or organizations is purely coincidental. 16
  • 17. About The New Social Systems Content Network Report IntroductionWe invented the concept of Content Networks as part of our Wave Branding offering and have identifieda total of 56 dynamic Networks that are most resonant in popular culture today.We monitor online sharing and conversations, media stories and specialized influencer groups tounderstand the energy levels of each Content Network and discover examples in real-time.This document takes an in-depth look into the New Social Systems Content Network, which has beenbursting with energy over the past 180 days.The trends and insights in this Deep Dive Report are valuable for marketing and media professionals,product strategists and anyone running a business seeking to be culturally relevant. This research canhelp guide your decision making process and strategic tactics over the next six months. 17
  • 18. How To Read This Report Throughout this report you will see icons representing Energy, DNA and Prediction Scores*. These scores can help you contextualize the information and examples in this document. ENERGY SCORE The energy score is rated on a scale of 1-5. It is represented by these icons: DNA Same-sex marriage low high Equality The Energy Score is the speed Corporate Support and volume of buzz and reach Love of the example. Acceptance +11 more PREDICTION SCORE The prediction score is rated on a scale of 1-40. It is represented by these icons: A unique set of attributes that describes each example. short long The Prediction Score reflects potential duration or life of the example.*The scores contained in this report are reflective of energy levels as of October 23, 2012. All scores are dynamic and change over time. 18
  • 19. Sign up on our website to receive updates and future reports: For more information: 212.894.5100 Stay connected @sparksandhoney Tuned For Our Next Deep Dive Report!