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The DIY ethos traditionally associated with niche groups such as computer hackers, punk rock enthusiasts and car modders is evolving and spreading throughout popular culture. The Hackdesign Content …

The DIY ethos traditionally associated with niche groups such as computer hackers, punk rock enthusiasts and car modders is evolving and spreading throughout popular culture. The Hackdesign Content Network tracks a technology-focused movement whose members aim to create and design new inventions and innovations on their own.

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  • 1. Content Networks: Deep Dive Report Hackdesign: Fall 2012 1
  • 2. Introduction Introduction At sparks & honey, we synchronize brands with culture.Using a proprietary cultural mapping platform, we track and identify cultural bursts and trends in realtime, score their energy level, project their lifespan and analyze their cultural resonance.This data is aggregated into what we call Content Networks. Content Networks are a mapping systemused to model and understand dynamic, interconnected webs of cultural activity. These ContentNetworks help brands understand and connect with popular culture in order to make more strategicallyinformed business decisions.We are monitoring for both signals of longer term change and fast moving cultural buzz. This enables usto identify both cultural waves that are ripe with immediate opportunity (Fast Culture) and longer termshifts that will play out over time (Slow Culture).Examples of Fast Culture include: fads, memes, fashion, viral content, natural language, trending topics,news events and micro trends. Slow Culture includes: macro trends, consumer behaviors andmovements that have cultural impact over a period longer than 3-6 months.sparks & honey makes no claim regarding ownership or trademark of the language used to name or describe the Content Networks herein. Any usage of similar language byother individuals or organizations is purely coincidental. 2
  • 3. About The Hackdesign Content Network Report IntroductionWe invented the concept of Content Networks as part of our Wave Branding offering and have identifieda total of 56 dynamic Networks that are most resonant in popular culture today.We monitor online sharing and conversations, media stories and specialized influencer groups tounderstand the energy levels of each Content Network and discover examples in real-time.This document takes an in-depth look into the Hackdesign Content Network, which has been burstingwith energy over the past 180 days.The trends and insights in this Deep Dive Report are valuable for marketing professionals, innovationspecialists and for anyone tracking the future of design, technology, manufacturing and retail. Thisresearch can help guide you your decision making process and strategic thinking over the next sixmonths. 3
  • 4. How To Read This Report Throughout this report you will see icons representing Energy, DNA and Prediction Scores*. These scores can help you contextualize the information and examples in this document. ENERGY SCORE The energy score is rated on a scale of 1-5. It is represented by these icons: DNA low high customization The Energy Score is the speed DIY and volume of buzz and reach improvisation of the example. creativity self-reliance +9 more PREDICTION SCORE The prediction score is rated on a scale of 1-40. It is represented by these icons: A unique set of attributes that describes each example. short long The Prediction Score reflects potential duration or life of the example.*The scores contained in this report are reflective of energy levels as of September 17, 2012. All scores are dynamic and change over time. 4
  • 5. Hackdesign DNA customization DIY improvisationDesign principle of the new “makers movement” that updates creativitytraditional DIY ideas of repair, often through open source technology ENERGY PREDICTION hackingand craftiness. self-reliance CC Image Courtesy of Rain Rabbit on Flickr 5
  • 6. About HackdesignThe DIY ethos traditionally associated with niche groups such as computer hackers, punk rock enthusiasts and car modders is evolving andspreading throughout popular culture. The Hackdesign Content Network tracks a technology-focused movement whose members aim tocreate and design new inventions and innovations on their own.Accelerated by the rapid sharing of ideas, plans and tips via the Internet and easy access to tools, the Hackdesign movement is gainingstrength amongst enthusiasts who want to remix, modify and upgrade their world. Though some examples from this Network are merely one-off experiments, this is the space being watched by designers and product development specialists for signals of what is possible.Communal workshops (aka "hackerspaces") which offer tools and advice are growing in number as well, providing shared resources that arehelping bring ideas, which often seem like something straight out of science fiction, into reality.Hackdesign is being manifested in a growing number of areas throughout culture. We expect to see sustained energy and momentum withinthis Content Network over the next year. World Maker Faire Defcon Star Wars Speeder Bike 3D Printed Liver Umbrella Windmills 6
  • 7. Exploding a Watermelon With Your Mind Kinect-powered EmailImages are hyperlinked Makedo: Transforming Trash Into Toys TechShop 7
  • 8. Exploding a Watermelon With Kinect-powered Email Your Mind Attempting to bridge the "keyboard Louisville-based hackerspace LVL1 gap" for sufferers of aphasia, has created a device which allows blogger Dadhoc created a visual September 8, 2012 May 13, 2012 users to blow up a watermelon with dashboard to help his mother the power of their minds. A modified compose simple email messages. ENERGY Star Wars Force Trainer toy ENERGY Using a Microsoft Kinect, Dadhoc hacking kinect EEG measures electrical activity along gesture combined gesture recognition code mind control processing the scalp and translates it to a signal and the Processing programming remote control graphic interface hackerspace which triggers a cannon. If a user translating language to create a simple, communication PREDICTION relaxes and focuses his mind in the PREDICTION graphical interface that makes right way, the fruit will explode. communication easier. Makedo: Transforming TechShop Trash Into Toys Described as a "Kinkos for makers," TechShop is a workshop An Australian company has that offers members access to hi- created a simple yet versatile play tech tools, equipment, instruction and a supportive community. A May 13, 2012 September 11, 2012 kit which enables kids to create wide variety of systems, from 3D toys out of trash and scrap printing to woodworking tools to ENERGY ENERGY material. The set of plastic electronics design supplies, makes toys makerspaceImages are hyperlinked kids hacking it the ultimate accessible upcycling connectors is designed to inspire tools playground for those looking to creativity community play imagination and take playing with DIY create and hack. PREDICTION PREDICTION used boxes to the next level. 8
  • 9. Evan’s Lightning McQueen 3D Gun Printing RoboDoc iTypewriter 9
  • 10. Evan’s Lightning McQueen 3D Gun Printing A Lightning McQueen Powerwheel A new project called Wiki Weapon is was tricked out with real tires and looking to prototype the worlds first metal rims, a 500 watt .66 fully printable gun. Initial experiments August 5, 2012 August 29, 2012 horsepower electric motor, disk have demonstrated that it could be brakes and more. Over the course of possible, but regulating the process ENERGY ENERGY cars a few weeks, the toy was transformed gun control may prove challenging. toy 3D printing motor into a speedy mini race car. homemade awesome construction modification terrifying PREDICTION PREDICTION RoboDoc iTypewriter A designer has created a better way Designer Austin Yang has mixed for doctors to measure the pulse of archaic and cutting edge children. Using a technologies with the iTypewriter. photoplethysmography sensor, August 30, 2012 Aiming to create an object imbued August 28, 2012 which reflects light off a finger bone with memory that offers a more ENERGY and records the number of ENERGY physical experience, the hybrid kid-friendly nostalgiaImages are hyperlinked heartbeats per minute, the RoboDoc device could be useful to users DIY mechanical useful typing offers an engaging, more enjoyable unfamiliar with touchscreens. robot creativity doctor hacking PREDICTION experience for kids. PREDICTION 10
  • 11. Hackdesign Topic Clusters Teen Takes Pictures Of Earth From Space Article date: 9/12/12 Umbrella Windmills Article date: 8/29/12 Cool Master Beer Delivery System Article date: 7/9/12 ENERGY Scientists Bring Maker DIY Culture into the Lab Basement Science Article date: 9/13/12 Energy: 5/5 PREDICTION Archaic Revival Energy: 5/5 3D Print Show Event date: 10/21/12 DNA Create on Demand customization Energy: 5/5 Super Angry Birds Slingshot Controller DIY Article date: 8/5/12 improvisation HACKDESIGN creativity The Printed Bikini Article date: 8/21/12 self-reliance Innovative Interfaces Energy: 4/5 Recycle & Reuse KEY Energy: 4/5 Piano Playing Scarf CONTENT NETWORK Extreme Upgrade Article date:7/4/12 Energy: 4/5 TOPIC CLUSTERImages are hyperlinked EXAMPLE MetroDeck - Up-cycled MTA Subway Cards Article date: 8/24/12 Power Racing Series Coming to Maker Faire NYC Article date: 8/29/12 11
  • 12. Content Network: Hackdesign TIMELINE OF RECENT KEY EVENTS HOPE RadioShack Number Nine Hackerspace Challenge PhreakNIC 16 toorcamp Disrupt Brain Tank Maker Faire Hackathon Red Bull Conference NYC Open Hardware Creation Summit DEFCON Burning Amp July November Current 2012 2012 NATURAL LANGUAGE INFLUENCERS SXSW Make Magazine Arduino David Pogue I3 Detroit Chris Anderson Bre Pettis Catarina MotaImages are hyperlinked Mason Peck Hack A Day Stephen Wolfram Zach Lieberman 12
  • 13. Takeaways Mainstreaming of Hackdesign • Increasing mainstream access to information shared by other hack-designers will inspire more people to upgrade and enhance their possessions, pushing the limit of whats possible. The growth of both commercial and community-based workshops will also encourage people to join the movement. • Through the growth of the “hacker” meme in pop culture and inspired by toys such as KNex and Makedo, more children and teens will try their hand at hack-designing.09/17/12 13
  • 14. Takeaways Recycle & Remix • Watch for older technologies being repurposed and combined to create novel gadgets and systems. Inspired by a sense of nostalgia, these hybrid devices could point to future technological advances. • Out of a sense of thrift and conservation, waste material reuse practices will become more sophisticated and pervasive.09/17/12 14
  • 15. Takeaways New Economies & Social Implications • 3D printing and other such create-on-demand systems will disrupt traditional manufacturing models and offer new ways to create and distribute products. Additionally, the ease of creating objects with 3D printers will bring about new challenges around issues of of intellectual property, pirating and printing of regulated items such as guns and drugs. • The rise of Hackdesign will lead to a growing number of shops and marketplaces (similar to Quirky or Esty) that offer highly original and custom products.09/17/12 15
  • 16. Takeaways Play to Purpose • The inherent sense of fun found in the experimental projects of the Hackdesign movement will make its way into the mainstream, inspiring and informing products that provide unexpected or more enjoyable experiences. • Fun, extreme or unusual science-themed content will continue to fuel interest and participation in serious scientific endeavors. • Following in the footsteps of organizations like Facebook and Google, watch for the hacker ethos to be adopted by more companies looking to pursue rapid (and inexpensive) research and development.09/17/12 16
  • 17. If the Hackdesign Content Network is critical to your business, then pleasecontact us to explore deeper insights, additional reports and real-timeapproaches to help synchronize your brand with the latest high energy shifts inculture. 17
  • 18. Sign up on our website to receive updates and future reports: sparksandhoney.com For more information: 212.894.5100 info@sparksandhoney.com Stay connected @sparksandhoney facebook.com/sparksandhoney sparksandhoney.tumblr.com/Stay Tuned For Our Next Deep Dive Report!