Drop Out Now: The Economics of Unschooling - (8 Exponential Trends That Will Shape Humanity Part 2)
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Drop Out Now: The Economics of Unschooling - (8 Exponential Trends That Will Shape Humanity Part 2)



We live in a time of great abundance and unparalleled possibilities fueled by exponential growth from the impact of technology. Our job at sparks & honey is to understand the accelerators, balancers ...

We live in a time of great abundance and unparalleled possibilities fueled by exponential growth from the impact of technology. Our job at sparks & honey is to understand the accelerators, balancers and patterns that are driving exponential cultural change in the near term and foreseeable future.  Our team of cultural strategists and curators works with leading brands and thought leaders to apply these trends and use them as a catalyst for disruptive innovation.

We eat culture for breakfast in order to understand the value of emerging fringe signals, cultural shifts and explosive doubling patterns. While monitoring thousands of inputs and mapping and scoring them, we have identified 8 rapidly accelerating trends that will shape institutions, governments, businesses and everyday consumers.

We have consolidated these trends into short vignettes in order to share a curated snapshot of what will create either great opportunities or unexpected challenges. We will cover these trends over the next two months. This report covers The Future of Education. We hope you engage us in the debate and exploration on how these exponential trends will shape your business and the World. 

The discussion will also continue in our core social channels - https://twitter.com/sparksandhoney , http://bigthink.com/blogs/amped and https://www.facebook.com/sparksandhoney.



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  • @robpatrob - thanks Robert. We appreciate the comment. Here is the link to the Citizen Doctor report - http://www.slideshare.net/sparksandhoney/8-exponential-trends-citizen-doctor-final.
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  • Brilliant context - thank you - looking forward to the citizen doctor - I think that we are experiencing also a shift in values from authority being sen as OUT there - to IN here - from Institution to Self - from a machine world that is limited by engineering to an energetic world that has no limits - hence exponential
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  • SingularityU is an educational institution that teaches exponentials. They certainly believe that change to the institution of education is exponential. - http://singularityu.org/overview/#WhatEducators
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  • If so, with many 'points of discontinuity', many lacunae, in the learning process.
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  • What makes learning exponential? I mean, the education model/system is ever-changing, but these changes are quite logical and 'normal'. So isn't non-linear a better word? Wouldn't exponential rather mean that young people are learning much more than that their learning is much more specified according to their talents and aims?
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    Drop Out Now: The Economics of Unschooling - (8 Exponential Trends That Will Shape Humanity Part 2) Drop Out Now: The Economics of Unschooling - (8 Exponential Trends That Will Shape Humanity Part 2) Presentation Transcript

    • 8 Exponential Trends That Will Shape Humanity Drop Out Now: The Economics of Unschooling Spring 2013
    • ssibilities fueled by dance and unparalleled po un We live in a time of great ab job at sparks & honey is to e impact of technology. Our g exponential cultural exponential growth from th s and patterns that are drivin , balancer understand the accelerators ltural strategists and eable future.  Our team of cu forese s and use them change in the near term and t leaders to apply these trend brands and though curators works with leading novation. as a catalyst for disruptive in emerging fringe signals, r to understand the value of in orde nds of inputs We eat culture for breakfast rns. While monitoring thousa e doubling patte ting trends that will cultural shifts and explosiv identified 8 rapidly accelera em, we have and mapping and scoring th ay consumers. ments, businesses and everyd shape institutions, govern curated snapshot vignettes in order to share a trends into short es. We will cover We have consolidated these ities or unexpected challeng t opportun re of Education. We of what will create either grea This report covers The Futu o months. these trends over the next tw e exponential trends will and exploration on how thes bate hope you engage us in the de World.  shape your business and the sion will also continue in eight free reports. The discus cond of Please enjoy and share this se gs/amped and andhoney, www.bigthink/blo sparks our core social channels - @ ndhoney. www.facebook.com/sparksa info@sparksandhoney.com
    • Our blind spot comes from the fact that, historically, we have lived in a linear world. But today’s changes are exponential. Exponential Linear
    • 1. Century of City States 2. Economics of Unschooling 3. Citizen Doctor 4. 3D Printing Part 2 in the series: 8 Exponential Trends that will Shape Humanity Economics of Unschooling 5. Quantified Everywhere 6. Conscious Brands 7. Ancient Wisdom 8. Cyborg Marketing
    • 2.Future of Unschooling 1. Conscious Brands Economics of Education Welcome to the new learning model, a move from institutional learning to the school of Life. Learning is no longer linear, it is perpetual and lifelong. We’ve reached a tipping point this year, as the number of online learners has reached an all-time high. Learning is becoming more about self-actualization and less about receiving a particular grade.  Education is being custom-tailored to fit the individual. It enables people to pursue multiple avenues of interest leading to the ability to live a portfolio life. This means that careers now become unstructured and less singular, and people are equipped with a wider range of skills. image source
    • “60% of the best jobs in the next ten years haven’t been invented yet.” -Thomas Frey
    • economics of unschooling Mainstream education practices are not sufficient to prepare students for a future filled with constant change.
    • economics of unschooling 20 points IQs of Americans today are 20 points higher than their grandparents, which is known as the Flynn effect Source: The Week Magazine The educational model is out of synch with our exponential world: “We teach and test things most students have no interest in and will never need, and facts that they can Google and will forget as soon as the test is over.”
    • economics of unschooling $30k Is the average student debt at the time of college graduation Source: Reuters Applying the ROI Approach to Education: U.S. and state officials are intensifying efforts to hold colleges accountable for what happens after graduation, a sign of frustration with sky-high tuition costs and student loan debt. ROI figures could help prospective students compare salaries by college and major to assess their best investment.
    • economics of unschooling 450% Percent change in online public school enrollment from 2006 to 2012 Source: US Dept of Education Online Learning Hits a Tipping Point: Computer based education is becoming a practical option for many students. From free “massive open online courses” to accredited online universities, it provides a cheaper, more flexible alternative to traditional college.
    • economics of unschooling Education Might Get Too Personal: The education system is already sourcing Big Data about students, amassing huge intel, which is worrying parent groups. While data enables courses to be tailored to individual learning styles, biology and even neurology, the worry is that third parties can access student data, making marketing to IQ a possibility.
    • economics of unschooling Education Alternatives are Proliferating: With student debt at an all-time high and scarce jobs, traditional college may no longer be a sound idea. Blended offline-online learning systems and DIY education centers provide ways to embed lifelong learning into busy lifestyles.
    • economics of unschooling The Not-Back-to-School Movement: Designed to encourage lifelong learning and independent thought, the Thiel Fellowship program provides funding for world-changing projects as an alternative to college.
    • economics of unschooling 21% Of Americans say the best thing for a young person is to skip college and instead learn a skill Source: The Futures Company The Birth of Hackschooling: Rather than pursuing a straight-through run of high school and college, innovators in the education space are piecing together their own custom learning experiences based on a mix of real world experience and personalized modular classes.
    • economics of unschooling implications Anticipate Brands As Professors: Brands will seize white-space opportunities in education, from funding teaching materials to product placements in schools. In addition, expect brands to adopt experiential storytelling to educate consumers about themselves, especially as consumers seek back-story and provenance. Consumers’ thirst for information will enable brands to take on the role of being the authority on a topic. Serve Up Education in Personal and Packeted Ways: Big data will enable coursework to be highly tailored to individual needs and learning styles (even personality types, attitudes, lifestyles... and DNA). In addition, curricula designed for busy consumers will be offered in snack-sized modules with more emphasis on project-based and opportunistic “teachable moments.” Play to the New Realities of Long-Tail Learning: The Internet galvanizes people with niche interests. The flexibility of tech-enabled education will fuel interest in fringe topics and skills, which will drive a surge in acute specialization (as opposed to education striving for generalists). Concurrently, as people “hack school” and learn from life experiences, they will develop unprecedented breadth of knowledge. Facilitate Lifelong Learning: As 60% of the good jobs currently do not exist, and skills learned in school today will be outdated by the time students graduate, it will be imperative that anyone looking to get ahead will constantly update and upgrade their skill sets. Recruiters will put a higher premium on “what you did recently to expand your horizons” than an Ivy League education. Job of the Future? Curiosity Counselor Advances in neuroscience are revealing the untapped power of the brain, and how “curiosity” is more of an indicator of success than IQ. Competitive parents will seek out experts to nurture their child’s curiosity to increase their CQ (curiosity quotient), while schools will initiate CQ testing.
    • Vine Tops List of Free iPhone Apps in App Store 80% of Mobile Time Spent in Apps The 529 College Savings Plan Needs an Update Fewer Foreigners Eye U.S. Graduate Science Programs Bite Sized Information Essay-Grading Software Offers Professors a Break Instant Gratification The Digital Public Library of America Return on Investment What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland's School Success Knowledge Everywhere SNACK MEDIA School of Life DATA DIVINITY DIY EDUCATION Big Data Planting Seeds: The Power of Mindfulness ECONOMICS OF UNSCHOOLING DIY Need a Job? Invent it Hacking Your Education HACK DESIGN MOBILE NATIVES My Kid Wants to be Liked on Facebook This Database Could Save Education In America UnCollege CROWD IQ Always Connected Masters in Coding How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged Open Enrollment Opening a Gateway for Girls to Enter the Computer Field Constant Feedback Why Your 8-year-old Should be Coding Economics of Unschooling Topic Clusters Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud The Loopers California's Move to Break the Higher Education Cartel Content Network Topic Cluster Manifestation p.
    • Methodology At sparks & honey we track and analyze thousands of cultural data sources in real time, incorporating live data feeds from numerous APIs as well as hundreds of offline sources. Using a proprietary Culture Mapping Platform, we monitor cultural bursts, identify clusters of activity and trends, score their energy levels, project their lifespans and analyze their cultural resonance. This intelligence helps brands understand and connect with popular culture in order to make more strategically informed business decisions. Our platform incorporates three different frameworks to structure and contextualize raw data: CONTENT NETWORKS A mapping system used to model dynamic, interconnected webs of cultural activity. TOPIC CLUSTERS Significant groupings of manifestations which signify cultural waves and trends. MANIFESTATIONS Urban Farming Discrete data points that indicate change. ENERGY SCORE & PREDICTION SCORE DNA Digital Cities Share Everything The Energy Score is rated on a scale of 1-5. It reflects the speed of reach and volume of buzz, and incorporates a ranking of influencer activity that includes reach, resonance and relevance. The Prediction Score is rated on a scale of 1-40. It reflects anticipated duration of a trend. A unique set of attributes that describes the core concepts of each trend. ENERGY PREDICTION compact shareable cradle to cradle frictionless innovative 17
    • 1. Century of City States 2. Economics of Unschooling 3. Citizen Doctor 4. 3D Printing Stay tuned for “Citizen Doctor,” the next installment in our “8 Exponential Trends That Will Shape Humanity” series. Follow us @sparksandhoney to keep up to date with our latest free reports. 5. Quantified Everywhere 6. Conscious Brands 7. Ancient Wisdom 8. Cyborg Marketing image source
    • SPARKS & HONEY NAMED AS 1 OF 10 TOP AGENCIES TO WATCH IN 2014 BY ADAGE “This Omnicom-backed "newsroom"-oriented agency starts each morning with a cultural briefing for clients such as Hyatt, Jarden and Life is Good, for whom it developed six "culture-to-commerce" T-shirts. In 2013 it grew from two to 17 clients and quadrupled its staff to 20.”
    • S&H CORE OFFERINGS CULTURAL STRATEGY CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE • Dd 1 Social & Cultural Listening Competitive Intelligence & War Gaming 4 Sn • Segment Analysis & Tracking • Topic Deep Dives • Issue Monitoring Fl Event Tracking • Sensor Network 7 Real-time Burst identification • Channel Analysis • Content & Influencer Strategy • Editorial & Cultural Calendars Sf Mi Micro Manufacturing Mg Mood Geisting Qe Second Skin H 2 8 Mg Mind Gaming 10 We Ne 17 Fq 2 Rs 9 Icognito 8 Focus Quotient • • Se Sharing Economy Hy 6 Ra Lm Na Living Matter Raw Ma 18 19 Hd Ie Hand Drawn Mashup Ru In 3 Ss 10 4 Mi 11 Rurban Us Immersive 360° Made in the USA R Rb Ecoboostering 13 St Moral Imperative Rise of the Believer Life Logic Crowd IQ Io Influencer Outreach Strangify 11 Insumer/Outsumer • Channel Optimization & Fan Base Development • Analytics & Measurement • 4 Provenance 6 • 8 Sm En • Nh • Rt • Pr Premiumization • Cx Product, Service & Packaging Development Codex Ax 10 Business Model Design & Reimagination Armchair Explorer 12 Bi Business Context Analysis Binge 14 Radical Transparency 15 Projecting Segments into the Future (Consumers of the Future) Memory Management New New Hollywood 13 Mm Enchanted Rc Snack Media Living Without Community Management 17 Lw 14 Oneness Ll 12 7 Macro Trend Identification & Quantification Shock & Transgress Refreshed Classics 1972 On Cq 6 9 Decay Flat Design Ec 5 • Ab St 2 Absurdism 7 72 22 Pl Play Dc 15 Fl 21 Social Media Content (short and long form) posts, tweets, vines, videos, blog, etc. 5 Tangible Intangible Gl Glitch Warm Technology 20 Ti Real Thing 14 • Space in the Air 3 8 Slow Perception Wt 13 Sa 1 Rt 1 Sp 7 Small-scaling Kidult Cc Convergence Culture Flattening Sm 6 INNOVATION 7 Ft 13 Exponentials Ki 12 Hyper Culture Real-Time Commerce Startup Society 16 Ex 12 Squealing 5 Ephemeral Inwards Restoration 15 Fh 11 Nano World Ic 1 Sq 11 Real-time Content Production Te 4 First Hand Look • Rr 5 Redefined Retirement Third Genger Modern Family Gc 10 De/re-materialization Cyborg Singularity 14 • Mf 10 Singletons 3 Neo-psychedelic Cs Power Woman Geek Chic D De 16 Wearables 12 Si 9 • Tg 4 Pre-Planned (70/30) Content Production Online and Off Line Hack Design 9 Pw 3 New Masculinity Ss 8 Quantified Everywhere Social Flares 11 13 • 6 Frictionless Life 9 • Nm 2 Unfat Generation Quantified Self Super Human 5 Qs Uf 1 Screen Culture Sh 3 Sc 2 Data Divinity • CONTENT & AMPLIFICATION Ob Futurism Open Brand 16 Le Whitespace Identification Life as Entertainment Real-Time Media Amplification • Brand/Partner & Acquisition Recommendations 47
    • SYNCING BRANDS WITH CULTURE SIGN UP ON OUR WEBSITE TO RECEIVE UPDATES AND FUTURE REPORTS: sparksandhoney.com FOR MORE INFORMATION: 212.894.5100 info@sparksandhoney.com @sparksandhoney bigthink.com/blogs/amped facebook.com/sparksandhoney sparksandhoney.tumblr.com 48