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Blog%20 guide

  1. 1. Step 1: Create A Blog. 1. Go to 2. Click the “Create Your Blog Now” orange arrow button 3. Fill out information fields: User name, Password, Display name and email address 4. Tick the box saying “I Accept the Terms Of Service” 5. Click Continue Arrow
  2. 2. 6. Fill out information fields: a Blog Title, Blog Address (URL), and Word Verification. To fill out the Word Verification type in the letters you see in the picture above it. 7. IGNORE “Advanced Settings” 8. Click Continue Arrow 9. Choose which template you would like. This defines what your Blog will look like. 10. Click Continue Arrow
  3. 3. 11. Your Blog has now been created. Now click the Start Posting Arrow
  4. 4. Step 2: Creating a post including a link, a picture, and a video. 1. Type in any text you would like in your post. Creating a link 2. Type in what you would like the link to read; “Google” for example 3. Highlight the text you wish to have a link. In this case, the word “Google” 4. Click the “Hyperlink Button” 5. In The Dialogue Box, type in the Web Address (the URL) of the site you wish to link to. For example: Then click OK. 6. Your link has now been created. The text will turn blue and will be underlined.
  5. 5. Adding a picture 6. Click the “Add Image” Button. 7. In a separate window find the image you wish to have in your post. 8. Highlight the image’s address. 9. Right click on the address and copy it.
  6. 6. 10. Paste the address into the URL textbox. 11. Choose the layout (choose “none” if you wish to place it yourself) 12. Choose the image size 13. Click the “Upload Image” Blue Button 14. The image should now appear in the text box. You can resize it using the squares, and move it (if you selected the “none” layout in the dialogue box before)
  7. 7. 15. in a separate window, find a video on 16. Highlight the “Embed Code” that is to the right of the video. 17. Right click and copy this code. 18. Back in the blog window Click the Edit HTML tab. This shows the post’s coding for all that is in it. It will have the code for your link, and the code for your image. 19. Right click and paste the embed code below everything else. 20. Click “preview” to see if the code has worked.
  8. 8. 20. Check that the video works in the preview. 21. Click the “Publish Post” orange button Your blog should now have a post on it that includes some text, a link, a picture, and a video. To check this click the “View Blog” tab on the dashboard.