Analysis of a music video
Christina Aguilera: Beautiful
Times: 1:00-2:46
to happiness, as the characters manage to evolve from their situations into something
One of the best examples of ...
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Analysis of a music video


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Analysis of a music video

  1. 1. Analysis of a music video Christina Aguilera: Beautiful Times: 1:00-2:46 Christina Aguilera is known to be a strong female musical artist, whom expresses her emotions and ideology through her music. The video that I will be analysing will be from her collection called ‘Beautiful’. There are many areas in which I will be analysing such as lighting, camera angles, meaning, editing etc. Firstly, camera angles were used effectively throughout this 2 minute sequence, to emphasise the locations, body language and feeling within the song, which was an important element for this song to be successful. Close up shots of Christina were used to emphasise expression and meaning in the words Christina was singing. The expressions of her face were shown in detail through these shots, to portray sympathy and passion in the lyrics she was singing. This shot of her face was an important statement throughout the song, as it re-enforced her beliefs in the morals of the song. Long shots were used on the characters in which the song was mainly aimed at, the long shots used, gave an insight in the troubles that the characters were facing. It also helped the audience to view the scene from a different perspective as an outsider; therefore they would be able to empathise with the storyline better. The shots were used to establish the locations of the incidents to be typical local places, which faced the audience with the reality of situations of today. An important medium shot used in 1:11, was a direct mode of address, the character was looking straight into the camera, this emotion in the expression is a ‘cry for help’ from the audience. Once again the camera shot is able to manipulate the audience into feeling sympathetic and apart of the scene. Lighting is used to connote the emotions running through the scenes and to link in each shot with another. Mainly low key lighting is used in the backgrounds of the scene to represent loneliness, depression, dullness and sadness, which are all themes which are given away within the lyrics. However, high key lighting is used on the actual object of the scene (the characters), which details their body language, expressions and movement in the shot compared to their surroundings which are left in the dark. On the other hand, in comparison to the low key lighting in the scenes, all scenes with Christina in are all high key lighting, expressing the change within happiness and unhappiness. The change symbolises the transformation within the songs from sadness
  2. 2. to happiness, as the characters manage to evolve from their situations into something better. One of the best examples of lighting within the sequence is during 1:22; the lighting in this extreme long shot is very effective. As it portrays the darkness of the storyline and song to be pushed away by the happiness that concludes the song. The lighting here focuses the audience up on the comparison between the two, and lays our eyes on Christina. In addition, the lighting focuses on the emptiness of the room, which could represent the emptiness of the characters throughout the song. Editing is essential in any film or music video to make the video to its best. During the sequence, transition was the key to the editing in this particular music video. The transition between each cut and each scene, gave an impression of a story being told, with different storylines. The transitions between each cut were fast in pace to be continuous with the lyrics, and the re-enforcement of the lyrics ‘I am beautiful... So don’t you bring me down today’, gave hope to the storyline. As the music increased in pace and tempo, the transitions between cuts gained speed to create a feeling of time passing by, this was effective as it was drawing a close to the climax of the song. The main purpose of the music video was to send out a message of ‘It doesn’t matter what you are (e.g. homosexual, emo, anorexic, etc.), we are ALL beautiful’. Personally, I think this music video successfully portrays this message effectively, drawing the audience into real life situations. The relationship between the music and visuals manipulates the audience into feeling sympathetic for all the right reasons, therefore feeling each and every lyric which was intent of the song. The main style of the video was to show the side of many different situations in different prospective for the audience, such as the point of view as the victim and everything their going through and as an outsider. The type of music video this was was established by the pace of the music and the artist herself. The genre characteristics were found to have been illustrative by the visuals of the different storylines and the pace of the music to be steadily slow until the climax, portrayed this song to be a ballad. In conclusion, by analysing different aspects of the music video, I found that the lyrics were re-enforced to be the major element of the music video. The lyrics cut to the beat of the music and the visuals that were going on, whilst interacting with the audience to draw some emotions out of the crowd. Personally, I think all the elements used to make the music video, helped to put across a positive message to all.