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State of the Travel and Tourism Industry: Social Media 2011
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State of the Travel and Tourism Industry: Social Media 2011

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Sparkloft Media surveyed DMOs across the country to measure their level of social media engagement and to understand their perceptions of social media in the travel and tourism industry overall.......

Sparkloft Media surveyed DMOs across the country to measure their level of social media engagement and to understand their perceptions of social media in the travel and tourism industry overall. These were our findings.

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  • 1. State of the Travel and Tourism Industry: Social Media 2011 Survey Results Social Media Services 2011 Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 2. Survey Highlights• The most active and effective social media sitesused are Facebook and Twitter.• 83% of DMOs surveyed measure their socialmedia efforts.• Most DMOs find it difficult to measure the directimpact of social media on sales.• Most DMOs spend between 1-5 hours/week onsocial media Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 3. BloggingDoes your destination have or plan to If your destination is currently have an official blog? blogging, who creates content? Yes,  it  launched  over  a  year   Interns 14.8% ago   3% Yes,  it  launched  within  the   4% 42.9% last  6  months   4% Paid community 16.5% partners Not  yet,  plan  to  start  within   the  next  6  months   8% 3rd party agency Not  yet,  hope  to  launch   13.7% within  the  next  year   9% Dedicated staff 12.1% No  plans  to  blog   (paid only to blog) 56% Unpaid community 16% partners Other Staff blogging as part of their job Most destinations have a blog that launched over a year ago. Content is created mostly by staff blogging as part of their job. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 4. Social Networking Sites When did your organization start using the following sites?160   More than 12 months140   ago More than 6 months120   ago Just started100   Start within next 6 80   months 60   Start within 6-12 months 40   No plans/not relevant for travel 20   0   Facebook  page   Facebook  group   Facebook  tab   Facebook  app   TwiFer   Linkedin   Other   (custom  /   landing  page)   Most DMOs have used Twitter and Facebook for over a year. Facebook groups, apps, and Linkedin profiles are the least used platforms. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 5. Photo and Video Sharing When did your organization start using the following sites?120   More than 12 months100   ago More than 6 months ago 80   Just started 60   Start within 6 months 40   20   Start within 6-12 months 0   No plans / Not relevant Flickr   Flickr  group   Panoramio   YouTube   YouTube   Tubemogul   Vimeo   for travel account   account   channel   Most destinations started using Flickr, Youtube (account and channel) for over a year. Panoramio, Tubermogul and Vimeo are among the least-used platforms. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 6. Other Social Media Tools What tools are you using to promote your social media activites? Facebook ads 14% 20% Facebook contests Twitter promoted products 15% Twitter contests 22% 5% Feed on website Links from website 12% 12% Social content in email newsletter Other answers included QR codes, “Like” buttons integrated into other sites, and printed materials. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 7. Measuring Social Media Currently, what is the objective of your social media efforts? Increase awareness for the destination 140   Do you measure results Build engagement with consumers 132   of your social media Provide consumers with a platform to activities? 103   share their experiences Target specific niches or markets 77   17% No Generate revenue (room nights) 67  Experiment to better understand value of 56   social media Yes Other (please specify) 12   0   20   40   60   80   100   120   140   160   83%The two most common objectives for social media efforts are to increaseawareness for the destination and build engagement with consumers. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 8. Do you have evidence that social media activitieshave led to more bookings for your organization? “We have anecdotal evidence,“We track the numberof referrals from our but no hard numbers”.Facebook page toour website, but are “We track lead generation fromunable to measure Facebook comments and Twitter posts. Theseactual conversions”. inquiries sometimes result in sales”.“We run Facebook and Twitter promotions, which are easyto track conversions to sales”.“Walk-ins to our visitor center say they found us on Facebook”. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 9. The Value of Social Media What’s made it so valuable? Which social media tool has provided the most success for • It’s a large active your organization? audience 1% 1% 3% 4% • Tweets led to PR/stories Flickr • Very measurable YouTube • Exposure to media None of the above 26% • The power to engage 64% TripAdvisor • The ability to get feedback Twitter quickly Facebook • Its ease of use • Drives viewers to our website Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 10. Value of Social Media To what extent do you believe social media engagement can benefit DMOs in acheiving their objectives with the following markets? 140   120   100   80   Significant benefit 60   Somewhat beneficial No benefit 40   20   0   Leisure  visitors   Business   ConvenPon   MeePng   Members  /   travelers   aFendees   planners   Industry   According to the survey results, social media is the most beneficial when engaging with leisure visitors and members/industry. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 11. In your opinion.. Industry leaders in social media: Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 12. In your opinion.. The  most  influen-al  tools   for  travel/tourism  in  2011:     1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. TripAdvisor 4. YouTube 5. Foursquare Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 13. Best Examples of Social Media “Portland Online Visitors Center”.“Jet Blue and KLM have some amazing campaigns”. “Baton Rouge and the #GOBR campaign”. “Look no further “The Pepsi Challenge”. than Disney”. “National Geographic’s“Visit Britain and their use of Intelligent Travel Blog”. Facebook Places”. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 14. !" #!" $!" %!" &!" !" (!" )!" *!" +!" ,-./010.203"4.5" 6-1738-93" :-2;4<"=05;4"><-?3" 4.5"60>"103-@1203" A0>;.413" B4170C.?"D" 45E01C3;.?"4?0.2F" Help and Support G4=;<F"4.5"/1;0.53" :HI"D":HB"4?0.2F" J05;24K05"3-2;4<" =05;4"4?0.2F"D" 2-.3@<K4.K"L2-.K142K" >43;3M" N.K01.3"©2011 GoSeeTell Network J05;24K05"3-2;4<" your social media activities? =05;4"4?0.2F"D workshops or social media blogs/web resources. 2-.3@<K4.K"L-." 10K4;.01M" IK801"L9<0430" Are you getting input from 3rd parties for 3902;/FM" Most destinations are getting input from conferences and O-K"499<;24><0" ConfidentialConfidential
  • 15. Social Media Maintenance Who is responsible for your How many hours/week are social media activities? devoted to your destinations social media efforts? Marketing 9% 24 department 0 5 7% 34% 1-5 PR / communications 6-10 76 department 18% Sales department 11-20 46 21-39 Other (please 32% specify) 40+ 66% of destinations put in between 1-10 hours/week on social media. Most of this is done by the marketing department. Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential
  • 16. Thank you! * Martin Stoll CEO, Sparkloft Media sparkloftmedia.com martin@sparkloftmedia.com (516)476-9238 Confidential ©2011 GoSeeTell Network Confidential