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  1. 1. Glossary Spandane
  2. 2. Preface Since childhood I have always looked at the world with caution and hence unknowingly developed strange attitude of finding out real meaning behind every word spoken or written. This slide show is the out-come of above. This slide show should be taken in true sprit and is not intended to hurt any one’s feelings.
  3. 3. Words Word spoken or written is the strongest weapon in the hands of mankind. Many times we learn few words without really understanding its meaning. Many times, each alphabet in the word contributes to the overall meaning of the word. Many words have two meanings.
  4. 4. Deposit = Customer * D --- dependence E --- existence P --- part O ---opportunity S --- service I ---- income T --- better * --- Defined by Mahatma Gandhi.
  5. 5. Loan L ---Loss O – of A – assets N – due to Non recovery
  6. 6. NPA N --- Non P --- Performing A--- Accountant or Auditor
  7. 7. NPA N ---- No P -----Paisa A ----- Ayega
  8. 8. PA P ---- Performing A ----Accountant or Auditor
  9. 9. Inspection I: Identify N: New / Old S: security (Safety) P: Permissions E: Embossing of bank’s name C: Condition T: Installation I: Insurance O: Operation N: Location
  10. 10. Cash Credit C ---- Credit Summations A ----- Adequacy of Credit summations S ----- Stock statement H ----- HO approval / ratification C ----- Cash / cheque operations R ---- Return of cheques E ----- Expiry of limit D ----- Drawing Power I ------ Insurance T ----- Better / tension of recovery
  11. 11. ATM A: Astil T: Tar M: Miltil
  12. 12. Life L ---- Loss of I ----- individual F ---- Faith & E ---- Enmity arising out of ego.
  13. 13. Stress S stands for sorrow. T stands for tension. R stands for rivalry. E stands for emotional outburst. S stands for success phobia. S stands for exit suspense.
  14. 14. Failure 7 letter word, everyone is afraid of because: F means frustration. A means agony. I means insults. L means loss of initiative. U means more inputs.
  15. 15. Failure… R means restless feeling. E means energy loss. Success and failure are two sides of same coin.
  16. 16. GOD G --- Gives O --- On D --- Demand Almighty super power who gives on demand of the devotees.
  17. 17. Family F---Father A---& M– Mother I----I L---Love Y---You
  18. 18. Hello H---How are you? E---Everything all right. L---Like to hear from you. L---Love to see you soon. O---Obviously I miss you.
  19. 19. Love L ---- loss O ---- of V ----valuable E ---- energy
  20. 20. Why does a woman want husband? H----Housing U----Understanding S----Sharing B----Buying A----& N----Never D----Demanding
  21. 21. Wife This word is nothing but combination of 2 words namely- Wild + Life = Wife
  22. 22. Why does a man wants wife? W---Washing I-----Ironing F--- Food E--- Entertainment
  23. 23. Police P means Polite. O means Obedient. L means Loyal. I means Intelligent. C means Courageous. E means Efficient. Defined by Mr. Butlar, Ex commissioner of Police, Bombay prior to Independence.
  24. 24. New Year N: New Horizon. E: Energy to perform. W: Wealth. Y: Youthfulness of Mind & Body. E: Eagerness to help others. A: Attitude +tive. R: Relaxed Mind.
  25. 25. CricketC means ConcentrationR means ResponsibilityI means Involvement / IntelligenceC means CourageK means knowledgeE means EnergyT means Technique / Tension
  26. 26. Thanks Spandane