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Academic Staff Perceptions of the Value of the Elements of an Online Learning Environment

Academic Staff Perceptions of the Value of the Elements of an Online Learning Environment

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  • 1. Academic Staff Perceptions of the Value of the Elements of an Online Learning Environment
    Dr Stuart Palmer and Dr Dale Holt
    Institute of Teaching and Learning
    Deakin University
  • 2. Introduction
    Academic staff play a fundamental role in the use of online learning by students
    Yet, compared to the number of studies reporting investigations of student perspectives on online learning, studies investigating the perspectives of academic staff are much more limited in number, and those that exist are often limited in sample size, and quantitative investigations are the least common of all
  • 3. Context – OLEs at Deakin University
    Eventually settled on WebCT LMS
    Branded as DSO – ‘Deakin Studies Online’
    2003 – trialled
    2004 – all online activity moved to LMS
    2004 – all taught units to have a basic online presence
    2004 – all programs to contain one wholly online unit
  • 4. Methodology
    The DSO evaluation survey sought responses from staff relating to:
    demographic and background information
    perception of importance and satisfaction with a range of OLE elements
    a number of overall OLE satisfaction measures
    open-ended written comments about the OLE.
  • 5. Response rate and demographic information
  • 6. Mean importance and satisfaction ratings from session 1 and session 2
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9. Using chat and/or whiteboard
    Using calendar
  • 10. Accessing lecture/tutorial/lab notes
    Reading online discussions
    Accessing unit information
  • 11. Managing assessment items
    Submitting assignments
    Receiving feedback on assignments
  • 12. Mean responses for the satisfaction measures from the two academic teaching sessions
  • 13. DSO evaluation survey
    Item 31 – DSO enhances learning by my students
    Item 30 – DSO enhances my teaching
    ρ30,31 = 0.902 – session 1
    ρ30,31 = 0.804 – session 2
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. Observations – academic staff perceptions
    The most used and valued OLE elements were core functions, including accessing unit information, accessing lecture/tutorial/lab notes, and reading online discussions
    The OLE elements identified as most needing attention related to online assessment: submitting assignments, managing assessment items, and receiving feedback on assignments
  • 17. Observations – academic staff perceptions
    Staff felt that using the OLE enhanced their teaching (and improved student learning) when:
    they were satisfied that their students were able to access and use their learning materials, and
    they were satisfied with the professional development they received and were confident with their ability to teach with the OLE
  • 18. Thank you for your time