Webinar - An Open Source Platform for Business Process Mining
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Webinar - An Open Source Platform for Business Process Mining



The presentation supported the webinar, delivered by Alessandra Toninelli, SpagoBI Consultant, on 26th July 2011.

The presentation supported the webinar, delivered by Alessandra Toninelli, SpagoBI Consultant, on 26th July 2011.



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Webinar - An Open Source Platform for Business Process Mining Webinar - An Open Source Platform for Business Process Mining Presentation Transcript

  • SpagoBI Webinar July 26, 2011 SpagoBI An Open Source Platform for Business Process Mining Alessandra Toninelli SpagoBI Consultant – Research & Innovation Division Engineering Group alessandra.toninelli@eng.itwww.spagobi.org
  • Agenda SpagoBI The eBAM Project Process Analysis in a Real Business Use Case Questions & Answerswww.spagobi.org
  • SpagoBI Open Source Business Intelligencewww.spagobi.org
  • SpagoBI Conceptual Modelwww.spagobi.org
  • SpagoBI – Open Source BI Suite • SpagoBI supports advanced BI functionalities – Reporting, charts, interactive dashboards – OLAP, Data mining – Ad-hoc reporting, query by example – Real time • Entirely open source • Multiple deployment solutions – Server, as-a-Service, cloud • Business approach – BI projects, data mining projects – Vertical applications (by product, market, area)www.spagobi.org
  • The eBAM Project Open Source Business Activity Monitoringwww.spagobi.org
  • Business Activity Monitoring • Aggregation, analysis, and presentation of real-time information about activities inside organizations and involving customers and partners. [Gartner, Inc.] • What for ? – Provide real-time information on service state – Identify issues and new business opportunities – Support decision making and (re)action to eventswww.spagobi.org
  • The eBAM Project • eBAM is an open source platform for Business Activity Monitoring – Within the SOA Eclipse Project • Implemented using standard technology – OSGi • Monitoring – Services, Processes – Applications – Infrastructureswww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM Logical Work Cyclewww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM Components 1. Meta Model 2. Design Environment 3. Run Time Environmentwww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM Meta Model • Model relevant business information – Services ( = process sub-units) – Messages • Header • Body • Associated adaptorwww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM Design Environment • Define services and messages of interest • Define message adapters • XML specifications – Graphical designer within Eclipse IDEwww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM Run Time Environment • Detect events based on messages – Adaptors to intercept messages • Raise alerts & events – Rules, Complex Event Processing • Visualize alerts & events – RT console & dashboardswww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM Run Time Environment (2) Process Control Presentation Console Dashboard Services Alert Services Meta model Rules Services - CEP Cache area SLA Event Manager Adapter DataFlow Services Log, JMS, SOAP, XML, JDBC ali External Event External Event External Event provider provider providerwww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM Features Summary Event-based real-time process data management Gather data from heterogeneous sources Rules and/or CEP engine Definition of alarms, notifications & SLAs Monitoring console and control on processes & services Analytical meta-model with historical data analysiswww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM & SpagoBI Business Process Analysis in a Real Business Use Casewww.spagobi.org
  • Real Business Scenario • On-line reservations of healthcare services via single point of contact in one of the largest regions in Italy – SOA infrastructure – Services as business process sub-units • Project goals 1. Real Time monitoring of citizens’ and organizations’ operations • Alarms & notifications (to detect critical situations) 2. Process data mining • To understand and re-organize the reservation network structurewww.spagobi.org
  • Business Use Case Logical Interactions • Integrated with BPM – Start/stop of processes • Interacting with monitored objects – Bidirectionalwww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM & SpagoBI At Work Data Source Adaptor Events REAL TIME Real Time Console Other SpagoBI Engines Event Manager HISTORICAL ANALYSIS Database DASHBOARDS KPI REPORTSwww.spagobi.org
  • SpagoBI Real Time Consolewww.spagobi.org
  • SpagoBI Real Time Console (2)www.spagobi.org
  • Process Mining • SpagoBI integrates the Weka open source data mining engine • Mining on data related to reservation – Clustering to identify which treatments collect most request wrt. to territorial dimensions • citizens’ attributes • social indicatorswww.spagobi.org
  • eBAM + SpagoBI - Conclusions • Features – Real Time BI – Process mining – Entirely open source – Deployed in a real business scenario • Useful Links – The eBAM Project www.eclipse.org/ebam/ – SpagoBI www.spagobi.orgwww.spagobi.org
  • Questions & Answers SpagoBI Webinar July 26, 2011 THANK YOU FOR ATTENDINGwww.spagobi.org