Open World Forum 2013 - What’s next for Open Source Communities?


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The presentation supported the speech "What's next for Open Source Communities?" given by Gabriele Ruffatti - founder of the SpagoWorld initiative and President of OW2 - during the Community Summit track at Open World Forum 2013.

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Open World Forum 2013 - What’s next for Open Source Communities?

  1. 1. What’s next for Open Source Communities? Community Summit October 4th, 2013 Gabriele Ruffatti Technical, Innovation & Research Division of Engineering Group President, OW2 THINK Paris - October 3-5, 2013
  2. 2. 2OW2 Consortium 2013 (CC BY 3.0) Economically efficientTechnically efficient Strategically efficient Socially efficient We all agree: OSS has disrupted the SW industry Credits: Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO
  3. 3. 3OW2 Consortium 2013 (CC BY 3.0) Source: The 2013 Future of Open Source Survey, Black Duck Software Decision factors: #1 QualityWhere it’s leading: #1 Innovation Now we know: OSS is an innovation driver where quality gains momentum
  4. 4. 4OW2 Consortium 2013 (CC BY 3.0) Open Source refers to collaboration, sharing and diversity that are powerful tools to support innovation Innovation is: giving shape to ideas (OSS helps … a lot, here)
  5. 5. 5OW2 Consortium 2013 (CC BY 3.0) From a short-term monetary return, to a long lasting performance evaluation of 3 dimensions of analysis Economical SocialTechnical Quality is: measuring Value of Production
  6. 6. 6OW2 Consortium 2013 (CC BY 3.0) We have momentum now Nexus of Forces Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts A new Society Delivering value at lower cost, with faster development times, with greater impact on user experience than any-thing that came before Digital Disruption
  7. 7. 7OW2 Consortium 2013 (CC BY 3.0) The new challenge for Oper Source communities Back to basics  technology and ethical values Joining research & industry activities  collaborative innovation Going beyond community boundaries  bringing perceived value to people Credits to:
  8. 8. 8OW2 Consortium 2013 (CC BY 3.0) Technical Infrastructure Services Governance and Community Services Global Communication Services The Open Source Software CommunityThe Open Source Software Community for Collaborative R&D projectsfor Collaborative R&D projects The community platform providing long-term sustainability to technology innovation through technical support, governance of initiatives and global communications The OW2 direction Measurement of the code quality & community performances OW2OW2 SQuATSQuAT
  9. 9. 9OW2 Consortium 2013 (CC BY 3.0) Credits to: Let’s make it happen! A new ethical revival adding freedom to collaborative innovation and value to its results
  10. 10. For more, please contact: Cedric Thomas (CEO) cedric thomas @ ow2 org Gabriele Ruffatti (President) gabriele ruffatti @ ow2 org