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OW2Con 2011: Real Time BI is Open & Anywhere with SpagoBI
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OW2Con 2011: Real Time BI is Open & Anywhere with SpagoBI


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The presentation supported the speech "Real Time BI is Open & Anywhere with SpagoBI" by Alessandra Toninelli, SpagoBI Consultant, given at OW2Con 2011 (Paris, 23rd-24th November 2011).

The presentation supported the speech "Real Time BI is Open & Anywhere with SpagoBI" by Alessandra Toninelli, SpagoBI Consultant, given at OW2Con 2011 (Paris, 23rd-24th November 2011).

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Real Time BI is Open & Anywhere with SpagoBI Alessandra Toninelli SpagoBI Consultant – Research & Innovation Division Engineering Group
  • 2. Agenda What is Real Time BI ? How To Achieve Real Time BI ? Open Source Real Time BI with
  • 3. What is Real Time BI And Why We Need
  • 4. A Crucial Need for Enterprises Access relevant information on time Relevant focus on selected information On time when needed Why ? • Detect inefficiencies, loss of performance • Support prompt reaction & decision making • Identify issues and new business
  • 5. What is Real Time BI ? Analysis and reaction to business events as soon as they occur – Generate events by selecting data on-the-fly • Vs. offline analysis of stored data – Allow users to act in response to events • Vs. mono-directional interaction
  • 6. Application Areas – Monitoring • E.g., telco infrastructures • SLA – Operations • E.g., logistics – Business level • E.g., Monitoring of business
  • 7. Real Time… Fixed Place ? Business events should be delivered on time • Proactive interaction • Events are pushed towards the user This requires to deal with users’ mobility Real Time Anywhere
  • 8. Real Time Anywhere BI Technological
  • 9. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) A BAM system detects events and makes them meaningful to business users Data Source(s) Console & BUSINESS USERS Dashboards Data EVENT VISUALIZATION Alarms & Notifications Complex Event Events EVENT NOTIFICATION Processing (CEP) EVENT DETECTION RT & Historical Analysis DWH
  • 10. Anywhere Access to BI Tools • Requirements – Access to BI documents/tools from different mobile devices • Approaches – Device-specific implementation (native) – Web standard-based implementation (HTML5, CSS3) • Interoperability across time &
  • 11. Solutions for Real Time BI Better a RT BI suite than a single tool • Commercial vendors – IBM, Oracle/SAP, Tibco • Open Source? SpagoBI !
  • 12. Real Time Anywhere BI With
  • 13. SpagoBI – Open Source BI Suite • SpagoBI supports advanced BI functionalities • Reporting, charts, interactive dashboards • OLAP, Data mining • Ad-hoc reporting, query by example • Real time • 100% Free & Open Source • Business approach – BI projects, vertical applications (by product, market, area) • Multiple deployment solutions – Server, as-a-Service,
  • 14. Real Time Anywhere BI with SpagoBI SpagoBI combines: 1. A Business Activity Monitoring platform • Integration with the eBAM tool 2. A BI suite with advanced data analysis & presentation capabilities • Historical/statistical analyses 3. Mobile access to BI
  • 15. The eBAM System Open source tool for Business Activity Monitoring – Implemented within the SOA Eclipse Project – Standard technologies (OSGi) Core components – CEP Engine – Data source adaptors
  • 16. SpagoBI RT BI at a Glance 1. BAM TOOL 3. MOBILE VISUALIZATION Data Source REAL TIME Real Time Console Other SpagoBI Adaptor & Dashboards Engines Selected Data 2. FULL BI SUITE DASHBOARDS, CHARTS, REPORTS, OLAP, Event Manager KPI, DATA MINING, QBE… HISTORICAL (CEP, Alerts) ANALYSIS
  • 17. Mobile SpagoBI Access to SpagoBI documents on mobile devices • SpagoBI server manages authentication & profiling • Device-specific interaction pattern • Multi-device & Multi-platform (web standards) Usage on Development on mobile device SpagoBI Server Web App HTML5 +
  • 18. Summary SpagoBI Real Time Anywhere BI for real business – Business Activity Monitoring platform – Advanced visualization capabilities – Mobile access to BI documents 100% Free & Open
  • 19. Questions & Answers Thanks for your attention