OW2Con 2013 - GeoBI.info: when open data meets cartography


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The presentation supported the speech by Andrea Gioia, SpagoBI Architect, at OW2Con 2013 - the annual community event of OW2 Consortium (www.ow2.org). It focuses on the GeoBI.info project as a use case of SpagoBI suite (www.spagobi.org), allowing local public administrations to perform statistical and spatial analysis on open data. www.spagoworld.org

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OW2Con 2013 - GeoBI.info: when open data meets cartography

  1. 1. GeoBI.info : when opendata meets cartography ...and people Andrea Gioia - SpagoBI Architect SpagoBI Competency Center - Engineering Group www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  2. 2. THE IDEA The goal of the GeoBI.info project is to help local public administration in the exploitation and diffusion of opendata allowing simultaneous execution of statistical and spatial analysis with immediate presentation of the results over a thematic map www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  3. 3. THE CONTEXT GeoBI.info project is... ...a joint initiative by Techno Innovation South Tyrol and the Province of Bolzano, ...funded by European Regional Development Fund ...technically supported by SpagoBI Competency Center www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  4. 4. THE REALIZATION 1-year project ● 7 months of development ● agile project management ● 3 intermediate releases ● 1st public release on 1/11/2013 ● www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGIES 100% based on SpagoBI ● More then 50 user stories implemented ● 0% custom code (= 100% of new functionalities included in SpagoBI official release) ● Used technologies : Openlayers, GeoExt, OGC Standards (WFS, WMS, geojson), geoserver. ● www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  6. 6. HOW IT WORKS users can visualize or create interactive thematic maps, starting from public and private catalogs of data through intuitive and easyto-use Self Service BI tools provided by SpagoBI Suite www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  7. 7. Visualize Maps Interactive map • thematizations • indicators • filters www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  8. 8. Create map Taking data from : ● dataset ● measure catalogue www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  9. 9. Create dataset Following these setps... ● Upload file (xls or csv) ● set up metadata ● Validate data ● share dataset www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  10. 10. BENEFITS Fast to build and intuitive visualization ● Exploit private and public data ● Grow with community ● Open and free ● Usable in different setup ● www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  11. 11. USAGE SCENARIOS in Services... ...to help companies perform market researches in Trade... ...to analyse demands and emerging trends in Turism... ...to compare existing range with available official statistics www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  12. 12. DEMO If you want to know more you can come to our booth or check out the following web pages: geobi.info maps.geobi.info spagobi.org www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  13. 13. THANKS Andrea Gioia Mail> andrea.gioia@eng.it Web> http://about.me/andrea_gioia www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi
  14. 14. CREDITS Thanks for the beatiful images to ... ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/jungledog/116640775 ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/davegray/8194170066/ ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/cicciopizzettaro/4606613983 ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/thinmints137/374643953 ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/neuro/3611060717 ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/buck82/238749925/ ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/ejorpin/2890942589 ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/horiavarlan/4304581412/ ● http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationallibrarynz_commons/3 326203787 www.ow2.org www.spagobi.org #ow2con @spagobi