Vietnam war pt 1


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Vietnam war pt 1

  1. 1. The Vietnam War 1954 - 1975
  2. 2. About VietnamLocated in southeast Asia in apeninsula known as IndochinaPartly surrounded by the SouthChina SeaAbout twice the size of ArizonaOnly about 30 miles wideSouth of China, East of Laos andCambodia
  3. 3. About VietnamSurrounded by mountains to thewest known as Annam CorilleraHas two long rivers: Mekong andRed that flow into the South ChinaSeaCountry that has a large industryin rice, tobacco, coffee, tea, andsea foodMain religion: BuddhismMain Language: Vietnamese
  4. 4. History of VietnamFounded by Hung Vuong in 2879 B.C.First occupied by China from 111 B.C. to theA.D. 939Was known as “Nam Viet”A revolt organized by Ngo Quyen drove theChinese outLarge native dynasties ruled afterwards andthe country was renamed “Dai Viet”As time went on, the nation expanded theirterritory south
  5. 5. History of VietnamBy the mid-1500s, Dai Viet wasdivided into two rival kingdoms:Trinh in the north and Nguyen inthe southBy 1802, 300 years later, the Trinhkingdom was defeated by Nguyenlords lead by Nguyen Anh aka GiaLong and the FrenchThe Nguyen Dynasty wasestablished and the country wasreunited and renamed “Vietnam”
  6. 6. History of VietnamAround 1858, Napoleon III was sendingFrenchmen to the Indochina region toestablish military basesFor nearly 100 years, France would thenhave a strong influence in VietnamFrench missionaries occupied prime areassuch as Saigon and MekongVietnam was slowly becoming moreWesternized: French language, Frenchbuildings, Roman Catholicism, railroads,schools, hospitals (Church in Saigon [left])Many of these new structures called for heavytaxes on the Vietnamese people which led topoor economic and living conditions
  7. 7. History of VietnamBy 1930, Vietnamesenatives had enoughand wanted self-ruleHo Chi Minhorganized theCommunist party andplanned forindependence
  8. 8. Japanese OccupationFrom 1940 - 1945, during WWII,Japan seized Vietnam from FranceHo Chi Minh became the leaderFrance tried to regain Vietnamduring the French-Indochina Warwhich lasted 8 yearsFrance was defeated by the VietMinh in the Battle of Dien BienPhu in 1954 and Vietnamofficially claimed independence
  9. 9. The Geneva ConferenceGeneva Accords – May 8, 1954: UnitedStates, Britain, China, Soviet Union, France,Viet Nam (Viet Minh representatives),Cambodia and Laos meet to discuss asolution for Southeast Asia.An agreement is reached dividing the Northand South of Vietnam along the 17th parallel,or at 17 degrees latitude. The Accords also provide for elections to beheld in all of Vietnam within two years toreunify the country.The United States opposes the unifyingelections, fearing a likely victory by Ho ChihMinh, leader of the Indochinese CommunistParty and causing a domino effect theory
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Review QuestionsWhat country colonized Vietnam before WWII?Who was the leader of the communist government ofNorth Vietnam?What defined the border between North Vietnam andSouth Vietnam?What country had control of Vietnam during WWII?What is the “Domino Effect” theory?