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Jamie green australalian food Jamie green australalian food Presentation Transcript

  • By Jamie , Ryan, Melanie & Taylor
  • Vegemite was invented in 1922 by Cyril P Callister.Vegemite is a spread that you can put on toast, biscuits and sandwiches.
  •  "The Happy Little Vegemite Song" We are happy little Vegemites as bright as bright can be, We all enjoy our Vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea, Our mummy says were growing stronger every single week, Because we love our Vegemite, We all adore our Vegemite, It puts a rose in every cheek!
  •  Tim Tam’s where introduced in 1964. Tim Tam’s are chocolate biscuits, Tim Tam’s are two layers of chocolate cream filling. It was named after a winning Australian race horse called Tim Tam.
  •  No-one knows who invented the sausage sizzle. A sausage is made from meat and a thin kind of skin. You can eat sausage sizzle for lunch and dinner.
  •  The lamington was invented by Charles Wallace Alexander Napier Cochrane-Baillie but the day he invented it is unknown. Lamingtons also come in different colors. Lamingtons are sometimes served as two halves with a layer of cream or strawberry jam.
  •  It was named after a dancer called Anna Pavlova. Pavlova is a dessert manly served for celebrations and parties. Palova is made out of meringue. A meringue is made out of egg whites and sugar. It has a hard crust on the out side and gooey in the middle.
  •  They were original called soldier biscuits. Instead of sending the troops food that wouldn’t last the trip, they sent them ANZAC biscuits.
  •  It was originally made with flour and water and a pinch of salt then shaped into a round shape, and baked in the ashes of the campfire or open fireplace. You can put vegemite on Damper.