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Checklist of things to do when moving to a new house
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Checklist of things to do when moving to a new house


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  • 1. 1 Checklist of Things to Do When Moving To a New House & Essential Contacts List Moving House is a stressful event in anyone’s life. There is so much to do and usually a pretty short period to do it in so making a checklist of things to do when moving to a new house can be invaluable. However, lists take time and when we move house time is something we just don’t have. That is why we have put together a comprehensive UK house move checklist for you to print out, tick things off, scribble in the notes section, add your phone numbers to our essential contacts list but whatever you do, keep it close to hand! Things To Do Six Weeks Before You Move House Task Done? Notes and Numbers! Get a date in the diary for your move! Declutter - Take your time over this and it will seem less of a chore. Make a list of large and bulky items and decide if they are coming with you. If not, where will they be going? Renting? Notify your landlord and check your contract though to find out your notice period. Call your home insurance and: 1) Find out whether your current policy will cover your house move? 2) Ensure insurance is in place for the new property from the day you complete. You may want to get some comparison quotes to ensure you are getting good cover at a good price. Get quotes from removal companies. Compare quotes and services offered and get references. If you are not using a removals service give your friends a call and enlist their help. Book extra storage space. Space Station Self Storage offer storage in and around west London and we can usually accommodate a storage request with just a couple of days’ notice but for peace of mind it’s easier to get it booked sooner.
  • 2. 2 If you need to purchase new carpets, furniture or white goods for when you arrive get them ordered now. Notes and Numbers! Research schools in your new area. Visit them and find one that you and your child are happy with. Research the application process. If you are moving for new employment see what, if any costs of moving your new employer will meet. Notify the water, gas, and electricity companies of the impending move. Things To Do 4 Weeks Before You Move House Finalise your moving date so you can begin getting this booked. Appoint a removals firm. There’s nothing like getting personal recommendations so ask people you trust, get a few quotes. If you are moving belongings into self storage they may be able to move you for free. Arrange cleaners if you are planning to have your house cleaned after you leave or before you arrive. Arrange carpet fitting for any carpets that will need replacing before you move in. Work out a route to your new property including booking any overnight accommodation if necessary. Arrange child care and pet care for moving day. Send out change of address cards. Clear out the loft making sure you don’t miss anything.
  • 3. 3 Start packing up anything you don’t use regularly. Make sure you don’t pack the tools – you’ll be needing those! Notes and Numbers! Arrange a locksmith if you wish to change your locks on arrival at your new property. Complete phone number at the back of this checklist list for the house move. Things To Do 2 Weeks Before You Move House Safely dispose of any paints or hazardous chemicals that you won’t be taking with you. De-register from your doctor, optician and dentist if you are moving away. Notify your bank of any changes to standing orders or direct debits. Set up your mail redirection with the post office. Finalise times with whoever is doing you removals. Arrange times to collect the keys to the new property. Arrange an online grocery shop to deliver to your new property the day after you move in. This will give time to get your fridge freezer chilled and ready.
  • 4. 4 Things To Do 1 Week Before You Move House Create a file of all your essential documents and keep it safe. Ideally keep it somewhere that it will not get lost. A self storage locker 1m³ would be perfect for this but keep the documents essential to your house move with you. Notes and Numbers! Complete your packing. Make sure you have a moving day box and an overnight bag to hand. Colour code and label your boxes according to room to be unloaded for easy unpacking. Prepare pets for the journey including getting sedatives for the journey if they are nervous travellers. Pack up your garden toys, clean them off and drain fuel from lawnmowers etc. Organise your finances so that all monies are where they need to be for completion and any deposits are paid for the move itself. Ensure any debts from where you are leaving are paid up. Defrost fridge and freezer and drain washing machine. Ensure all white goods are thoroughly dry to avoid mildew or damage. Create directions for your removals company of where you are moving to and include all essential phone numbers (especially yours). Dispose of any unwanted medicines through your local pharmacy. Plan your food and drink for the first 24 hours. A meal when you arrive –whether that is a takeaway or a meal you have prepared and taken in a cool box. Ensure you have everything you need for breakfast and that everything is easily accessible.
  • 5. 5 Things To Do The Day Before You Move House As you finish packing move boxes into a single room so you can easily see if you have missed anything. Notes and Numbers! Strip the beds but keep the bedding in an easily accessible holdall so you can quickly and easily make up beds on your arrival. Things To Do The Day You Move House Take electricity, gas and water meter readings if on a meter and call your supplier with the readings. Make sure you take meter readings as soon as you arrive at your new home. Ensure someone stays behind after the removals company have left to check for anything you might have missed. Check all doors and windows are secure before you leave. Ensure you have tea and coffee facilities to offer those helping you with the move. Turn off all gas and water mains and heating. Ensure you or someone you trust arrive before the removals company and to ensure they know where to park and where things should go. Check unloaded items against the inventory and ensure that nothing has been damaged in the move. Ensure you have a full set of keys and that they all work.
  • 6. 6 Get the boiler and heating on and ensure that everything is working and that you have hot water for bathing and cleaning. Notes and Numbers! Get the fridge and freezer in situ and check out the instructions to see how long they should stand for the coolant to settle before they are switched on. Switch them on when safe to do so. Get the telephones plugged in so that you are contactable. Enter useful phone numbers and names here Solicitor/ Conveyancer Estate Agent for sale Estate Agent for purchase Removals Company Hone Insurance for new property Departing Gas Supplier Phone Number :
  • 7. 7 Meter reading on departure: Date: Time: New Gas Supplier Phone number : Meter reading on departure: Date: Time: Departing Water Supplier Phone number: Meter reading on departure: Date: Time: New Water Supplier Phone number : Meter reading on departure: Date: Time: Departing Electricity Company Phone number : Meter reading on departure: Date: Time: New Electricity Company Phone number : Meter reading on departure: Date:
  • 8. 8 Time: Grocery Delivery Company Time: Date: Order reference: Self Storage Company Space Station Brentford: 020 3642 8935 Space Station Isleworth: 020 8226 4175 Space Station Uxbridge: 01895 659 089 Space Station Slough: 01753 439 243 Cleaning Company Take Away Delivery Other…………………………………………… ©Effective SEO copywriting services by Go Niche