Smartphone Apps Pleasant Diversions to Go Beyond Microsoft Excel


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Convert Excel Spreadsheet into Application : An application that can turn an excel spreadsheet into a standalone application itself and these applications are based upon the basic functionality of Excel.

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Smartphone Apps Pleasant Diversions to Go Beyond Microsoft Excel

  1. 1. Mobile Application Development Company Smartphone Apps Pleasant Diversions to Go beyond Microsoft Excel
  2. 2. Mobile Application Development Company Going beyond essentially involves deep knowledge of existing entities and an acute need to innovate in a way that causes paradigm shift in the present equations. The case of Josh Leong and his application Grid is one such example of going beyond Microsoft Excel and creating history in the world of Smartphone applications. Space-O brings you the story of Grid and how it reflects the spirit that we believe in. Josh Leong and Grid The application that is calling the shot in application stores has been dubbed as "a universal app for organizing, planning, thinking, and solving everyday problems," by its creator Josh Leong. The application is based upon the basic functionality of Excel. However, it has an intuitive, touch-based interface for mobile OS X devices. You can do following things with the help of Grid: Collaborative editing. This means if the same Grid is open on more than one iOS devices, the edits would reflect on the devices due to absence of iCloud. The application makes the entire experience of this collaborative editing as a game connoting playfulness rather than hardcore production Simpler to handle than Excel It can input places from Google Maps, import people from contact list and felicitate texting spreadsheet collaborators By giving the users freedom to insert what they feel like, it creates a culture of information which is cloud-synced Puts more power in users' hands in comparison to traditional excel sheet. How Grid came into being Having worked for a quite long on Excel 2013, Leong realized that target users of Excel were "power users" who use the tool for various reasons including invoicing and planning important occasions. It therefore does not target majority average users. Hence, Grid came into being with this realization and targets those average users who can exploit its universal content management system and access it anywhere on any Apple device.
  3. 3. Mobile Application Development Company Space-O and Innovation Space-O too believes in going beyond usual tools of yesteryears. Microsoft Excel is one of them with great possibilities. One of the major things that you can feel at Space-O is patient and sensible listening to your business needs and quick grasping of the same. The moment you call us we are ready to serve you with the best possible communication methods. Our clients who have already worked with us have the same thing to say about our methodology and expertise. Click here and see for yourself, how Space-O executes this concept of converting excel spreadsheet into mobile application. Benefits of Choosing Space-O for customized applications Why you should choose Space-O for developing your customized applications is because we have started on the premise that in the midst of all technology clutter, we would create applications that would make sense of technology. You can read our "why" of our being here. Following are some of the reasons you should consider for choosing Space-O as your technology partner: Clear and focused approach towards technology and its execution Expert and experienced developers to create innovative, customized applications Clear understanding of why excel sheet needs to be converted into Smartphone application An ability to create applications that are user-friendly and impressive