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Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
Hult venture group launch
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Hult venture group launch


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Introduction to the venture group and its committees

Introduction to the venture group and its committees

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • Intro
    Who we are
    Our Goal
    Is to host Hult Venture Group Venture Capital Competition
    This will pit teams of students against one another to assess “real life” entrepreneurs, their business plans and a 10 minute pitch.
    You will then have a Q&A session where you will delve deep into their ideas and evaluate the business and decide whether or not to invest
    Professional VCs will act as judges and give feedback on your performance, before announcing a winning team.
    Our Competition
    Will be aligned to the format set out by VCIC ( in association with UNC Kenan-Flager Business School
    We anticipate to generate a lot of interest from entrepreneurs, therefore during course of the year, HVG will hold “workshops” to evaluate potential business ideas that will compete in the finals. We will bring VCs to these workshops to help us learn and evaluate business plans
    The whole process will generate an unrivalled opportunity to network with “real” entrepreneurs, with “real” businesses and meet professional and experienced VCs
    We aim to hold the event sometime towards the end of Module B, but dates and details will be finalised over the coming weeks
  • How You Can Help
    We want this to be an impressive event but, the size of the competition really depends on us and how big we can make it. Depending on scale I can see us working to generate sponsorship and raise money for a charity – raising our own profile and that of Hult.
    We need to reach out to students, VCs and entrepreneurs – through the committees that have already been described
    We need to organise and produce preliminary “workshops” and the final competition
    We will need group members to assist in all of these areas, and in return you will garner extensive knowledge and experience of the Venture Capital industry, meet and interact with top professionals in this field, network with brilliant and creative entrepreneurs and above all, have a hell of a great time!!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Launch Event
    • 2. Vision "Hult Venture Group is a non-profit platform for experiential learning of venture capital by creating a bridge between financiers and entrepreneurs."
    • 3. Positioning Students "work with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs and get first hand experience evaluating ventures"
    • 4. External Engagement
    • 5. Activities  Module A – Learn  Club outings  Targeted networking  Collaborative learning  Hosting of 2 quality Venture Capital symposiums/networking/ ”workshop” events  Module B – Experience  Continue and build on Module A activities  Organize and host a venture capital competition involving the Hult student body, Venture Capital professionals and entrepreneurs
    • 6. Levels of Participation
    • 7. How To Get Involved  Joining Hult Venture Group is easy. 'Like' us on our Facebook Page page and you will start receiving event invitations, group happenings, and the latest venture capital news!  Participate in Venture Group Speaker events such as talks, panels, socials, and venture evaluations.  Join a comittee to leverage you special abilities and work in an agile start up environment.  Sign up form located at
    • 8. VC Outreach  The focus of the vc outreach committee is to create relationships with venture capitalists, angel investors, and high networth individuals.  Committee members will be involved in building and maintaining relationships with prospective investors.  They will have direct contacts with venture capitalists through phone calls, meetings and presentations.  Please speak with:  Alex Mason:  Florian Greiner:
    • 9. Corporate Relations  What We Do  Create Contacts  Meet Up Events  Social Network  What We Expect from Committee Members  Frequent Events  Promote Venture Group  Add to Business Contact Database  How Committee Members Benefit  Establish Personal Contacts  Attend Interesting Events  Involved in Securing Funding  Next actions  Contact Randall and Lona for a good time :)
    • 10. Business Development  We are focused on capitalizing connections to maximize our learning experience and the functioning of the Venture Group.  Members are expected to make new connections and work to figure out ways to best utilize all of of our connections old and new.  Extensive networking experience and direct contact with students, VC's, and entrepreneurs. Also a great chance to develop strategic skills.  Hit the ground running. Begin to connect with student bodies, attend events, work with outreach teams, and put in place a strategic plan for greatest use of resources.
    • 11. Communication  Internal-external VC Group Communications through the VC FB Group and  Coordination with other Group members on website content.  Committee members are a hub to all the different departments  Getting information to Group members in a timely manner
    • 12. Production  Our Goal  The Hult Venture Group Venture Capital Competition  The Competition  Will be based on VCIC format (  "Workshop" preliminaries  An unrivalled opportunity to network in this field  Event Date (tbc - but towards end of Module B)
    • 13. Production  How Can You Help  The scale will depend on us - sponsorship / charity  Outreach to students, entrepreneurs and venture capital professionals  Actually organize and produce the "workshops" and final competition  We need your assistance in all these areas  And what do you get in return? Knowledge and experience, interaction, networking and above all,'ll have a great time!!
    • 14. Upcoming Activities  Movember  Movember is the perfect opportunity to practice giving a pitch.  Begin growing your mustache on November 1. We need female support too.  Use your mustache as a talking point to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer.  Increase awareness of the Venture Group and Hult IBS.  Raise a ton of cash by November 30.  Go to a killer wrap up party with your ridiculous mustache and be a star.
    • 15.   Hult Venture Group on Facebook