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This is my deck from International PHP in Berlin, 2014. This was just the deck, you cannot see all the demos that I ran while I was talking, no video (sorry).

NOTE: This is not nearly as technical as I like my talks, and all the console stuff was obviously not in the deck. This talk ended up targeting folks who had no cloud deployment experience, and needed a much higher-level overview than the title would suggest.

For the really heavy, in-depth technical stuff I'm going to be starting a webcast, after my return home.

Taking requests over twitter, here and facebook. If you want me to cover something in depth let me know!

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PHP Cloud Deployment Toolkits

  1. 1. Cloud Deployment Toolkits Mitch Pirtle
 International PHP Conference, Berlin 2014
  2. 2. –Some Poor Sucker, circa 2000-2010 “I’m off to the cloud.”
  3. 3. What this talk is about Cloud deployment scenarios Overview of tools available 52 slides, 45 minutes Sorry, no time for many demos!
  4. 4. What about you? I’m here to learn about specific tools I’d like to actually see this whole cloud thing Free coffee!
  5. 5. Did you miss these talks? “From SQL to NoSQL” by Derick Rethans “Build Smart. Scalable Infrastructure with AWS and Puppet” by Ben Waine
  6. 6. In the beginning…
  7. 7. Life in the datacenter Safe job Everything takes forever All is done by hand Pretty drafty, but ok
  8. 8. Then the web happened.
  9. 9. Web-sized problems Where did all these people come from? Why is everyone using a different device? Nobody has any patience! IE7? OMGWTFROFLBBQ!!1!
  10. 10. Web-sized consequences No longer “one app, one machine” Relational databases primary source of pain Architecture needs scalable design …which increases complexity …which adds to deployment requirements …and your budget, well that was the mushroom cloud
  11. 11. Speaking of deployment… Not enough time to cover composer, phing, and all the other awesome deployment tools available But there’s enough time to complain about how manual it STILL IS to set all this up
  12. 12. And not all is bad news Hello, AngularJS! Suddenly PHP is no longer used for formatting markup, serving javascript and a bunch of non-PHP stuff
 (hint hint Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla!) PHP developers are freed to build simple, smart, fast RESTful backend services
  13. 13. Cloud approaches Self-hosted machines and appliances Virtualized machines and appliances Virtualized services
  14. 14. Do It Yourself.
  15. 15. Text Metal As A Service (MAAS)
  16. 16. Do It Somewhere Else.
  17. 17. Text Amazon Web Services AdBlock+ FTW!
  18. 18. Text Digital Ocean
  19. 19. This is still complicated. Is there an easier way to do this?
  20. 20. Text Ubuntu Juju
  21. 21. Text OpenShift
  22. 22. Text PHP Cloud
  23. 23. Text Jelastic
  24. 24. Let Someone Else Do It.
  25. 25. Text dotCloud
  26. 26. Text PagodaBox
  27. 27. Text MongoHQ
  28. 28. Text MongoLab
  29. 29. Hang on, how do we deploy?
  30. 30. First, there’s dependency management.
  31. 31. Text Composer
  32. 32. How about build tools?
  33. 33. Text Phing
  34. 34. Text Phing, Composer and namespaced Task classes 2014_02_15_tip_of_the_day_phing_composer_and_namespaced _task_classes
  35. 35. Text Grunt
  36. 36. Text Using Grunt for PHP
  37. 37. What about the front end?
  38. 38. Text Bower
  39. 39. Text Bower in PHP
  40. 40. Text Yeoman
  41. 41. Text Yeoman Generator for PHP
  42. 42. Continuous Integration?
  43. 43. Text Travis
  44. 44. Text Travis and PHP Projects
  45. 45. Text Jenkins
  46. 46. Text Jenkins for PHP Projects
  47. 47. So Where Are We In 2014?
  48. 48. Text Current State of PHP Cloud php-cloud-overview/
  49. 49. Q & A
  50. 50. Thanks! AboutMe @mitchitized - Twitter spacemonkey - GitHub LinkedIn - I’M AVAILABLE!