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This is my presentation from the Chicago CMSExpo 2009 session titled 'KickApps Social Media'.

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  • Kickapps Social Media

    1. 1. KickApps Social Media Mitch Pirtle, CMSExpo May 1, 2009 Chicago
    2. 2. Who am I? Joomla founder Former VP at KickApps NYCJUG founder Hardcore bassist Skate punk Soccer coach
    3. 3. In the beginning... There was Joomla! And life was good.
    4. 4. Joomla! is great for nerds Provides framework and CMS MVC framework Objects! Easy to extend Easy to skin Legendary administrative interface
    5. 5. Then the trouble starts “Hey, can we add social media to our website?”
    6. 6. Good start, but you need: Comments Widgets Profiles Syndicated feeds CDN support Groups Blogs Privacy settings Points & Levels Rich media Video Players
    7. 7. Decisions, decisions.
    8. 8. JomSocial Joomla! native, commercial extension
    9. 9. Community Builder Joomla! native, open source
    10. 10. Constraints of this approach No CDN No clustering SPF (Single Point of Failure) Not all social features to support UGC, syndication and rich media
    11. 11. You can roll your own, too.
    12. 12. MTV’s Quizilla World’s highest-traffic Joomla! site?
    13. 13. Constraints of this approach Expensive Long development timeline Developer resources needed Hosting is still a complex challenge to overcome
    14. 14. There is an easier way.
    15. 15. About KickApps Whitelabel Social Media On Demand
    16. 16. Big communities One example is U2 Zootopia
    17. 17. Extensible National Geographic, custom PHP platform
    18. 18. KickApps Features User Generated Content: Videos, Photos, Audio, Blogs, Discussion Boards Social Features: Comments, Ratings, Points & Levels Media Features: Widgets, Players Syndication: RSS feeds Active development, new features added frequently
    19. 19. Affiliate Center Powerful tools to manage your community
    20. 20. API options SSO (Single Sign On) API interface using SOAP RSS API Javascript API REST API
    21. 21. Developer resources KickDeveloper, for developers using KickApps and all kinds of external platforms
    22. 22. API Reference Wiki Current, searchable documentation for developers
    23. 23. And it integrates with Joomla!
    24. 24. Joomla SSO Plugin Hosted at
    25. 25. Introducing: THE KickApps Joomla!
    26. 26. KickDeveloper Stock Joomla!, with minimal modifications
    27. 27. Campuran KickDeveloper community member, active site
    28. 28. Food Network’s Food2 Fresh out of the oven!
    29. 29. THE KickApps Joomla! Stock Joomla! 1.5 series SSO plugins Stable, extensible platform for development
    30. 30. What can you do with it? Push all media to a CDN Points & Levels Comments Widgets Ratings Video players Profiles Discussion Boards Blogs
    31. 31. But wait, there’s more.
    32. 32. Not into Joomla!?
    33. 33. SSO Plugins for All Boldly attempting to please anyone & everyone.
    34. 34. Drupal? You’re covered.
    35. 35. For Scotch Lovers Drupal site, uses SSO plugins
    36. 36. WordPress? Yup, got that too.
    37. 37. Dub & Reggae WordPress, uses SSO plugins
    38. 38. Not into packaged solutions? Ok, suit yourself, and your inner alpha geek.
    39. 39. Everyday Explorers Custom PHP platform uses REST, SSO and RSS API interfaces for complete customization
    40. 40. Useful Social Resources
    41. 41. Jeremy Owyang Forrester analyst, social media researcher extraordinaire
    42. 42. Connie Bensen Community Manager supreme
    43. 43. Chris Kenton Marketing, technology and society
    44. 44. KickApps Linkage - main website - developer community - API reference - KA gallery of sites
    45. 45. Time for my favorite game Stump the Geek™
    46. 46. So what are you going to do?
    47. 47. Thanks!
    48. 48. Additional Credits “Squinting Eye”, via stock.xchg: by gabetarian: