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Joomla For Entrepreneurs
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Joomla For Entrepreneurs


Published on

This is my "Joomla for Entrepreneurs" deck from the NYC Joomla Day, October 2009.

This is my "Joomla for Entrepreneurs" deck from the NYC Joomla Day, October 2009.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Joomla! for Entrepreneurs Mitch Pirtle Joomla!Day New York City 2009
    • 2. So what’s this all about? DEVELOPERS ENTREPRENEURS Different business Joomla! approaches models Common strategies Managing clients Use cases Business development Smart resources Smart resources
    • 3. Who am I? Joomla founder Former VP at KickApps NYCJUG founder Bassist Skate punk Soccer coach
    • 4. Ok entrepreneurs, take a nap, we’ll wake you when we’re done.
    • 5. Nerds! Dealing with evolving code Dealing with clients Dealing with projects Dealing with deadlines Dealing with business development
    • 6. What Joomla can do for you Instant website Massive ecosystem of extensions Massive ecosystem of developers (partners) Solid platform for rapid, scalable development
    • 7. Business Models
    • 8. Business models: Product/retail Plays Templates Extensions
    • 9. Business models: Service Plays Support memberships Maintenance agreements Custom development Hosting Template clubs Extension clubs
    • 10. Client Management
    • 11. Reality check Your projects are on time Your estimates are correct Your costs are competitive Your quality is good-to-excellent
    • 12. Qualify Customers Background checks are simple - do they stiff their business partners, etc.? If the budget is not there, the discussion is over Can they commit to a review (PAID) and milestones? Payment terms are acceptable to you, right? You’re using proper agreements and docs, right?
    • 13. Managing Projects Agile Scrum Extreme Project Management on Wikipedia Project Management Institute
    • 14. My Favorite PM Platform Redmine - (demo)
    • 15. Somebody please wake up the entrepreneurs.
    • 16. Entrepreneurs! What can Joomla! do for you? What can you do for Joomla!?
    • 17. What Joomla Offers
    • 18. What does Joomla get you? Instant website Access to huge ecosystem of extensions Access to a huge ecosystem of developers Additional marketing opportunities YES, YOU CAN HELP TOO
    • 19. Business and Open Source
    • 20. Business and Open Source Learn what the license means Understand license is not the same as copyright Distribution, redistribution Open Source Software on Wikipedia
    • 21. Some Use Cases
    • 22. Use case: Joomla as a consumer Power your website, get to market FIRST, and look good while you are doing it
    • 23. Use case: Joomla as a platform Same as before, but providing additional capabilities
    • 24. Use case: Joomla as an offering Many people make a living delivering Joomla websites, without writing a single line of PHP code
    • 25. Use case: Joomla as expertise If you are good with Joomla, there are plenty of folks out there that need to talk to you
    • 26. How ‘bout that Social Media thing everyone is talking about?
    • 27. Social Media and Business “Ignore social media at your own peril.” -- Mitch Pirtle, CMSExpo Denver 2008
    • 28. Social Media and Business “If you’re still asking what social media can do for you, please come out from under that rock so we can talk.” -- Mitch Pirtle, Joomla!Day NYC 2009
    • 29. Some light reading To help you get your groove on
    • 30. The Art of the Start Guy Kawasaki “The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything”
    • 31. Designing with Web Standards Jeff Zeldman If you write any HTML or CSS, then this book is a must read.
    • 32. Eric Meyer on CSS Eric Meyer If you write any HTML or CSS, then this book is a must read.
    • 33. Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Andy Hunt Self assessment Debug your brain
    • 34. Practices of an Agile Developer Venkat Subramaniam & Andy Hunt “Working in the real world”
    • 35. Learning Joomla! 1.5 Extension Development Joe LeBlanc Excellent overview Smart look at application architecture
    • 36. Joomla! 1.5: A User’s Guide Barrie North Good overall coverage SEO Organizing content
    • 37. Brand Autopsy Collective blog Brand strategy Group studies
    • 38. How to Change the World more Guy Kawasaki goodness
    • 39. A List Apart Collective blog Design Markup Semantic web SEO ....and more....
    • 40. Community Strategist Connie Bensen Social media Community management
    • 41. Web Strategy Jeremiah Owyang Social media Marketing
    • 42. Thanks!
    • 43. Image credits Nerdy Bush: George-Bush-Pictures-38786.asp Homeless “entrepreneur”: 691662 Reading glasses: