Issue : April 2012      Price : `. (FREE)Vol : XXII SPIRITUAL LOUNGE                     E-MAGAZINE      Spiritual Lounge ...
EDITORIAL                                                                April 2012Dear Readers,Spiritual Stories are grea...
CONTENT                                                              April 2012                             CONTENTPet Bat...
Pet Bach - By Linzi Martin                                                                         April 2012             ...
Pet Bach - By Linzi Martin                                                                      April 2012I have observed ...
Pet Bach - By Linzi Martin                                                                        April 2012in the normal ...
Meditation and the Sub-Conscious Mind - By Dr. Amit Nagpal                                     April 2012              Med...
Cinema Hall                                                                                                    April 2012 ...
Curses Spells and More - By Sheila Kennedy                                                          April 2012            ...
Curses Spells and More - By Sheila Kennedy                                   April 2012Some well-known curses include the ...
The Nature of Desire - By Myra Godfrey                                                     April 2012                     ...
The Nature of Desire - By Myra Godfrey                                                       April 2012thing. How could we...
We are what we think we are - By Mohit Soni                                                   April 2012               We ...
Understanding Profound Surrender - By Master Chrism                                         April 2012      Understanding ...
Kaleidoscope of Life - By Sushmita                                                         April 2012                     ...
Kaleidoscope of Life - By Sushmita                                                              April 2012which is mine th...
Kaleidoscope of Life - By Sushmita                                                April 2012experience, as co-creation, of...
Essentiality of Equanimity in Life - Rahul Zota                                            April 2012                     ...
Essentiality of Equanimity in Life - Rahul Zota                                        April 2012offering food to this mon...
Book Corner                                                                                   April 2012Remembering to Cal...
Book Corner                                                                        April 2012computers, and the thoughts o...
PORTUGAL - Compiled by Dhara Kothari                                                      April 2012                      ...
PORTUGAL - Compiled by Dhara Kothari                                                         April 2012                   ...
Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012
Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012
Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012
Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012
Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012
Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012
Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012
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Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012


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Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012

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Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine April 2012

  1. 1. Issue : April 2012 Price : `. (FREE)Vol : XXII SPIRITUAL LOUNGE E-MAGAZINE Spiritual Lounge Year of the ‘Consciousness in Motion’ 2012
  2. 2. EDITORIAL April 2012Dear Readers,Spiritual Stories are great way to explain a point or revel in its wisdom. It helps aperson to understand and grasp the meanings or the message better. Stories couldbe of any kind, funny, spiritual, fable, mythology and so on.Here is a short story for you to understand how stories can make an impact.There was once a man, who desperately wanted to learn the art of walking on thesurface of water. He spent years in penance and struggled great deal to obtain theknowledge required to walk on water. Finally, he achieved what he desired; he wasable to walk on the surface of water as easily as he would do on land. He felt soelevated that he rushed to the Buddha who happen to be passing through and toldhim proudly of his achievements and how long it took him. Buddha smiled at himand said, “Is that all?” The man wondered why such an enlightened soul would saythis. The Buddha explained, “Had you spent all that time and effort in trying to gainthe ultimate knowledge, you would have been enlightened by now and all you didwas waste it on gaining one piece of useless knowledge?” The man was obviously leftdumbstruck.Ancient Indian beliefs and spiritualism is replete with such stories. In fact almostevery point is explained with a story or a comparison for better perception of itswords. It is like explaining A for Apple to generate its truepronunciation/meaning.I am a storyteller, are you one? If so, come share your stories here so others too maylearn and grasp things better. This is also called Consciousness in Motion thespiritual year of 2012. Come join in to spread awareness amongst all.Join our Facebook group and like our page as well: with us anytime at: or +91-9619629092Thank you,Editor Cover page Photo: Wind Rose-Lisboa - PORTUGAL Copyrights: All rights reserved SPIRITUAL LOUNGE EMAGAZINE © 2010-2012 2
  3. 3. CONTENT April 2012 CONTENTPet Batch - By Linzi Martin Page 4 - 6Meditation and the Sub-Conscious Mind - By Dr. Amit Nagpal Page 7CinemaHall - Remarkable-Women review- Corina Bardasuc Page 8Curses Spells and More- Sheila Kennedy Page 9 - 10Teleport me - Batty Alark Page 10The Nature of Desire - By Myra Godfrey Page 11 - 12Unlock Power Within Me - Betty Alark Page 12We are what we think we are - By Mohit Soni Page 13Understanding Profound Surrender - By Master Chrism Page 14Kaleidoscope of Life - By Sushmita Page 15 - 17My Path - By Dr. Abhijit Das Page 17Essentiality of Equanimity in Life - By Rahul Zota Page 18 - 19Book Corner - Remembering to Call forth Source Energy - Page 20 -21Jiten Soni Thoughts Page 21PORTUGAL - Compiled by Dhara Kothari Page 22 - 30Edited by Dhara Kothari. Published by Moksa Publishers for Spiritual Lounge. Designed by Biren Shah. Email: Cell: +91-9619629092 / +91-9757274289 3
  4. 4. Pet Bach - By Linzi Martin April 2012 Introducing Bach Flower Remedies, the all-natural stress relief, as part of your Pets First Aid repertoryAs humans we share this wonderful planet with so regain a positive emotional balance I use andmany other sentient being that I think its important recommend a range of natural, pure flower, plant andto also respect their holistic well-being. Animals have tree essences called the Bach Flower Remedies. Im afeelings, as anyone who serves as a pet companion or qualified Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, trainedguardian knows only too well. We notice the in the UK, now living in Canada. In my experience Idifferences in our friends demeanor, their behavior, have found that just using a few drops of the selectedeven their preferences for food/cuddles/walks etc. remedies, orally and/or topically, will often bringThey learn, feel and respond in individual ways to the soothing and calm to dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, birds,world in which they live, like us. It is well known that horses, cows and all conscious creatures, withouthappy and contented animals enjoy life and have harmful side effects.fewer health problems, much the same as us humans.Our companions have diverse personalities and so “Bach remedies help us to rediscover the positive sidesometimes they may suffer emotionally from of ourselves, help us to live an emotionally healthynegative feelings such as fear, loneliness, life.”bereavement, over enthusiasm etc. Thus impactingon their behavior and physical-mental well-being. As I am not a professionalThey also share stresses in Veterinary I am not legallylife, perhaps there has been a allowed to diagnose or treatnew one join the any animal. However I canflock/herd/household, or a guide folk to what the positivebirth has been painful and potential for each remedy is,long, or they are hungry and helping them to helptheres no food around. themselves. The Bach (pronounced either as bacchOur beloved companions or like the composer) system ofclearly show us how they are natural health was devised byfeeling in both verbal and Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930snon-verbal communication; in England. Bach was a veryits up to us to become intuitive man, trained as afamiliar with their traits, body language and bacteriologist, a medical doctor and in homeopathy.reactions to understand their needs. Communication He treated many people and noticed that those withis 20% expressed emotions and 80% need so what is the same dis-ease often responded in different ways.their need behind the expressed feelings? His enquiring mind and sensitivity led him to discover that various plants, flowers and trees had aSome examples when a pet is out of sorts: positive/calming/soothing effect on the emotions· does not like to be left alone when you go out; and thus often an improvement in the health. The· continual barking/meowing or other noises end result is a range of 38 essences that covers thefor no apparent reason (not health related); whole range of emotions.· looking sad and dejected, staying away ontheir own in corners; “So long as our soul and personality is in harmony all· over enthusiastic, like they have been is joy and peace, happiness and health” Dr. Edwarddrinking excess caffeine stimulated; Bach (1886 – 1936)· wide eyed, in shock;· lethargic, lacking normal energy You may have come across Rescue Remedy, often cited as that amazing small bottle used as a first aidWhat can we give our companions to help regain their measure at times of emergency and stress. Thatpositive balance? calmed me when I was in labor, when I was anxious before my medical test/dentist, after the accident II prefer to use natural, healthful products as far as was in such a panic, my mind in a whirl until I tookpossible, for myself and my companions. To help those few miracle drops and I felt myself again. 4
  5. 5. Pet Bach - By Linzi Martin April 2012I have observed how well our pets respond to the Two days later an exuberant Christine reported aBach remedies, so Im enthusiastic for people to be remarkable change in Ambers well-being and also inintroduced to and use these inexpensive and safe first her own feelings about the situation. Amber was nowaids for themselves. Each remedy aids a specific asking to go out regularly and she had beenemotional state. You can take them individually or completely clean indoors. She also seemed to havemix them together to match the way you feel. And you regained much of her zest for life. Christine felt muchmay even find that your companion asks for their more optimistic about Ambers condition andbottle of remedies when they need them, reflecting confident that she had not yet reached the situationthe miracle of their sensitivity. where euthanasia needed to be considered. Many months later Amber was still enjoying life to the fullHere is a story that brings a tear to the eyes when you and giving pleasure to her owners.consider what might have been the outcome. How different this story might have been if AmberA story about how the Bach flower remedies help had not been given flower remedies. At worst sherestore Ambers zest for life might have been put to sleep prematurely, if only to prevent further distress and inconvenience to herChristine was very concerned about Amber, her 13 owner. She might have been given various drugs in anyear old Labrador, a much loved family pet, who until attempt to control her incontinence; drugs withrecently had seemed well in herself and still able to potentially undesirable side effects. In either event,enjoy life, despite a degree of deafness and loss of the financial and emotional cost to her owner wouldsight. Having always been have been considerable.very clean indoors, she nowseemed reluctant to leave Source: Taken from Bachthe house to relieve herself Flower Remedies forbut became so excited when Animals by Helen Graham &family members or visitors Gregory Vlamisentered the house that shelost control of her bladder A happy ending for this cowand became distressed story! Cow Calving and anafterwards. Christine was orphan by using the magicanxious in case these might dropsbe indications that Ambershealth was beginning to fail, A farmer had a cow that hadbut more worried that if she lost her calf and also a calfconsulted her vet he would that had lost its mother. Therecommend that Amber be put to sleep simply farmer tried all the usual farming tricks to put thebecause of her age and disabilities. cow and orphaned calf together but the cow kept kicking the calf away and the calf was becomingChristine found herself facing the same dilemma as frightened.many caring animal owners. How could she strike theproper balance between giving her pet every Bach remedies for the cows water: Beech, Redopportunity to enjoy life to the full and prevent its Chestnut, Walnut, Gentian and Star of Bethlehemsuffering unnecessarily? Christine decided to try [General key words for these remedies: intolerance,flower remedies and asked Helen Grahams advice. over protectiveness of others, adjustment to changed circumstances, shock].Helen recommended a combination of flower For the calves water: Larch, Star of Bethlehem,remedies for Amber: Gentian, Aspen and Walnut [general key words forAspen for her reluctance to go out of the house, a fear these remedies: confidence, shock, easilyof unknown being. despondent, worries, unknown fears, adjustment toLarch to promote her confidence. changed circumstances].Crab Apple to restore her dignity.Christine was also advised to take Elm herself to help Within three hours the pair was together and the calfher deal with the situation and Cerato to help her was happily suckling. The village now talks about thetrust her own judgment regarding Ambers magic drops and the farmer is going to use thecondition. remedies again when cows and calves are separated 5
  6. 6. Pet Bach - By Linzi Martin April 2012in the normal way. application: put 2 drops of each stock remedy into aSource: Sheila Elmer, Bach Foundation practitioner, 30ml glass bottle with pipette. Top up with pureUK spring water. Use 4 drops from this diluted mixed bottle into the drinking bowl.Some examples to illustrate when a specific remedymight be considered: The above dosage can either be put into a drinking bowl administered minimum 4 x daily, or givenFireworks or fear of loud noises: Suggested remedies: directly above the tongue or on a small snack. It is notMimulus – for fear of know things or situations. harmful if another animal drinks the water, theRock Rose – feelings of terror. remedies will not affect those that do not requireStar of Bethlehem – for really loud bangs, trauma, them. Nor can you overdose on the remedies.shock.Rescue Remedy – general help-all in stressful Note (disclaimer): This is not an exhaustive list andmoments (note: RR this is the only combination very much depends on the individual animalsremedy that Dr. Bach originally devised). behavior, situation and health. I would also advise toLarch - to restore confidence so can deal with the seek the advice of a qualified veterinary practitionerchange in circumstances. and not take the Bach remedies in lieu of other medicines.Other situations where Bach remedies may behelpful: I hope that this article will inspire you to seek out the Bach flower remedies and use them to restore theirYour dog/cat suffers from travel sickness – emotional-mental balance. These essences will notScleranthus. change the inherent temperament of a particularYour bird becomes withdrawn or shy whenever a new breed or animal.person enters your home – Mimulus.Suffered shock, distress, perhaps at the hands of a Linzi Martin is a Bach Foundation Registeredprevious owner - Star of Bethlehem. Practitioner, a writer, educator, presenter andLacks self-confidence, would rather avoid holistic therapist. Linzi is available for paidchallenging situations such as competitions, or a commissions for articles and contributions topuppy is submissive to an excessive degree – Larch. publications as well as Bach remedy consultations viaA remedy that will help feelings of contamination Skype and email (Skype: Sedona89,associated with parasites or infected wounds – Crab She regularly writesApple. for Spiritual Lounge E-MagazineCat has become very aloof and will not mix with the http://spirituallounge.whitedrums.comfamily - Water Violet.Your old dog has not enjoyed moving house or has Resources:trouble adjusting to new changes within its life that The Bach Centre, in the UK was the actual home ofis, pregnancy, and another animal into the property – Dr. Edward Bach, is now the administrative centerWalnut. NelsonsYour pet follows you about all the time and gets under worldwide manufactureryour feet – Chicory. North America companion is too full of energy, over excited and us/us/highly strung – Vervain. Linzi Martin, Writer, Presenter, EducatorA pet dies and the owner continues to constantly How to live a simpler life www.feelgoodzone.comrecall how it used to be, only living in the past of Business and Personal clientsmemories and not allowing to grieve now – Facebook group: Clutter Clear n OrganizeHoneysuckle, allows the owner to grieve but also to onward. Both owner and family and other pets Twitter be a follower also benefit from Star of Bethlehem to help the Feelgoodzonegrieving process. LinkedIn connect Linzi MartinDosage: YouTube channel:2 drops from each stock remedy bottle (4 drops for Remedy) into the drinking bowl.Alternatively make up a spray bottle with thisdilution. Or, for longer term treatment and practical 6
  7. 7. Meditation and the Sub-Conscious Mind - By Dr. Amit Nagpal April 2012 Meditation and the Sub-Conscious MindWhy do most of the people start meditating to reduce Branding by Dr. Hubert Rampersad which talked ofstress rather than find joy? Does meditation have any Theta waves and creative inspiration duringbenefits except stress management? Should we not meditation. It made me even more inquisitive. Thenmeditate as a proactive measure to find joy and I came across several articles and images via Googleconnect with our inner selves? Is there a scientific which explained the types of brain waves and howreason why people get inspirations and creative ideas Theta waves impacted the mind during meditation.during deep meditation? Has meditation got some Though there were slight differences here and there,relationship with the sub-conscious mind? These but there was a broad agreement.were some of the questions troubling me few yearsback and I began to search for answers.The answers came from inside and outside. Insidemeans the inner voice which told me how I wasgetting transformed through meditation aided byshift in mindset. Outside means the scientificresearch which was validating my conclusions andexperiences.I started with the crudest form of meditation which ischanting. For two years the benefits were soinconspicuous and invisible that I hardly noticed thetransformations. It was only after regular practice ofchanting for one hour every day (along with clearingof negative energy and thoughts) for six months thatmy life was turned downside up and I became anadvocate of meditation. Meditation had changed mylife in every way possible.Why was my lost creativity suddenly coming back or (Image Source: overflowing? Why were suddenly all the rightpeople and circumstances coming in my life? I had Andrew Newberg, Director of the University oftoo scientific a bent of mind and was now becoming Pennsylvanias Center for Spirituality and the Mind,balanced with faith in a higher power (or a supreme also talks of the mind-body connection in the movieconsciousness which was manifesting itself through What the Bleep Do We Know. Studies at the centerall living beings). I began researching on the sub- also looked at the brains of Tibetan Buddhists inconscious mind. I read The Secret and found meditation and Franciscan nuns in prayer. Bothamazing similarities in it with Swami Sivanandas groups showed decreased activity in the parts of theliterature on the mind. Why did Buddha say, “The brain (which deals with sense of self and spatialmind which sees the limitation is the limitation”? orientation, which also suggests the description ofThere was something beyond the ordinary mind; call oneness with Supreme Consciousness sometimesit sub-conscious, unconscious or the soul. experienced in meditation or prayer.Spirituality and mind which seemed to be unrelated Prayer and meditation also increase levels oftopics suddenly seemed to have a close connection. dopamine, often referred to as the brains pleasureWhen I came to know of Centre for Spirituality and hormone. During meditation the conscious mindMind at University of Pennsylvania School of gets silent. As a result, we are able to hear the sub-Medicine, it jolted me further. How could I ignore conscious mind or we can say that the sub-conscioussuch a simple thing that meditation calmed the mind gets activated.and since meditation is a spiritual tool, spirituality Then begins the sweet journey of creativity, joy,had a close connection with the mind. I met diverse wisdom, intuition, awareness and in fact a point ofpeople from spiritual scientists to believers and many ecstasy and oneness, where none of these matter.of them pointed out to interesting facts. Why didancient church fund all the scientific research and Dr. Amit Nagpaldiscoveries? When did science and amitknagpal@gmail.comspirituality/religion diverge and became symbols oflogic and faith or two opposing forces?I was reading a book called Authentic Personal 7
  8. 8. Cinema Hall April 2012 A journey into womens spirituality- review of documentary Meetings with Remarkable WomenThe documentary Meetings with Remarkable Women is spiritual path, whether male or female. Women viewersan inspiring film by up and coming director/producer will find inspiration and strength they never encounteredShawn Nevins, who previously directed the spiritually- before, and energy to continue on a path that other womenthemed documentary Closer than Close. treaded before them. The men who watch this film willFilmed in 2010 and 2011, Meetings with Remarkable find an emotional honesty and gentleness of spirit thatWomen explores the spiritual paths of five women from may be sorely needed on their own spiritual path.varied backgrounds: Meetings with Remarkable Women touched me as a· Linda — an Australian spiritual teacher whose viewer on several emotional levels: I found myselfdiscipline of meditation led to a profound spiritual swinging from compassion and sadness to awe andrealization. fearlessness, as the women exposed their souls to the· Anima — whose childhood in India steeped her in camera. The texture and depth of the documentary isspiritual traditions, but it took a journey to America before woven by the womens recounting of their lives and trialsshe realized her true desire was to find enlightenment. illustrated by snapshots from their past and clips of the· Jem — who lived the roles of wife, mother, places they came from. Director Shawn Nevins interlacesengineer, musician, and writer the womens stories with clips ofbefore discovering Reiki and A poetry and meditative musicalCourse in Miracles; paths that scores, and he does so with theeventually led her to a spiritual gentle grace of a Celtic monkawakening. illustrating an illuminating· Heather — from manuscript. In his effort toChristian to Atheist, Buddhist convey the womensto free-form seeker of self- determination, vulnerability andknowledge wrestling with openness on their path, he offersmeditation, self-inquiry, and the viewer more than a revealingprayer. encounter, but a genuine work of· Deborah — who, after art.the tragic loss of her husband, At the end of the documentary Ilaunched a years-long spiritual was left feeling not onlypath through ancient Buddhist emotionally inspired, but alsotexts and the practice of Yoga feeling calm and renewed, as if Ithat culminated in the discovery of a deep and lasting inner had just participated in a meditation session myself. Thepeace. quality of silence, which is evoked by blank screen breaksEach of these women tells of her life and how she came to in-between the different story chapters, reflects a seekersbe on a spiritual path, and what experiences brought her moments of silence upon the spiritual path, as well ascloser to the truth of her existence. What is truly giving us as viewers a break to contemplate what we haveremarkable about these women is their willingness to just seen.practically experiment with different spiritual systems in This documentary is especially relevant to me, as youngorder to find something that works for them. From woman about to turn 30, still searching for the meaning ofmeditation to poetry and writing, from yoga and music to my life; embittered and hardened yet made vulnerable andself-inquiry, their methods are as varied as their broken open by personal trials and sorrows, I am morepersonalities, and they inspire the viewer with their thirst determined than ever to find the truth on my spiritualfor truth. path. At times I waiver, at times I give up. At times I shutThe most engaging aspect of the documentary is the down and never want to deal with the world again. Butwomens honesty in their personal search, and their sense always, always I return, and persist on my path to findof experimenting with different techniques in order to whatever it is that will make me complete. Some of theapproach an abstract concept such as enlightenment. remarkable women in this documentary have found it, andHow does one search for an abstract concept with ones as such, they are invaluable resources and teachers to me.feelings? How does one send ones tentacles through the They are, like the stars in the sky, distant and yet everdarkness, searching as if blind for something that is giving in their inspiration to those who follow them withunseen? These questions are hard if not impossible for anxious hopefulness from the darkness of the earth.anyone to answer, yet the women in this documentary Meetings with Remarkable Woman are available athave managed to answer them for themselves. or visit Poetry in MotionThe flow of the documentary takes on a meditative feel as Films on Facebook.the stories of each protagonist are connected by clips of a Also a short trailer of the movie is available at:young woman reading poetry that reflects her spiritual and existential frustration. The feeling ofhonesty and sharing is pervasive through the entire film, By Corina Bardasucand is an invaluable tool to anyone sincerely interested in a 8
  9. 9. Curses Spells and More - By Sheila Kennedy April 2012 Curses Spells and MoreSome weeks ago I replied to a comment on web well to the fore. You can however have the spellsposted by another metaphysical practitioner. cast for you, for a fee of course, and again the spells and fees are many and varied.I have come across quite a few clients with spells orcurses on them. I would be interested to hear how Important - Please Read!others remove these. Is there a safe easy way to doit? Casting a spell or creating a good luck piece is more of an art than science, and even the most giftedAs a practitioner with considerable expertise in psychic will not be successful each time. Anyonethis field I replied to the comment. The responses who tells you otherwise is not being honest. This isthemselves have been many and varied: from why the California Astrology Association offers athere is no such thing as a spell or a curse, and any one-year unconditional guarantee: If youre notone telling you that you have been cursed etc., is completely satisfied, well refund your money.misleading you, through to the “I use sage/ Period! No questions asked.incense, spirit guides, guardian angels, glyphs,incantations, magical ceremonies and the like. So once you have the spell in place, just what can you expect?It is my belief that this is too big of a subject to coverin a short article and I am going to create a series of Depending on what the spell was cast for, how itarticles based on the different areas of the subject. was cast, by who, and the recipient of the intentionThe articles will include Spells and Curses, Voodoo behind the spell the results can be many andand Black Magic, Energetic Enslavement which varied. Often little harm will be done and thecovers, vows, contracts, bindings, shackles effects may not take or wear off within a shortenforceable obligation and agreements. period of time. In other instances assistance mayPossession which may be seen as demonic and or be sought to identify and remove the spell should itentity possession, the evil eye and amulets, and present as being an issue or a problem.Initiations Rituals and Assimilations all of whichmay bind some one into a contract, agreement or There are many people who profess to have thethe like from which there is difficulty releasing ability to remove such spells and incantations; Ioneself or being released. would however always recommend doing your research or homework and finding a suitableSpells qualified practitioner as some issues are more difficult to deal with than others.A spell is a paranormal or magical formula, andmay take the form of a spoken or written Cursespronouncement intended to bring about a specificeffect. The age old version of old crones mumbling Curses have been spoken of for many thousands ofover a fire as they stirred their cauldron, years: there are many ancient references to cursesaccompanied by a familiar, often a black cat seems mentioned in old books across have gone by the wayside A curse (also called execration) is any expressedSpells come under a number of headings or wish that some form of adversity or misfortune willcategories and are offered on places such as the befall or attach to some other entity, one or moreinternet and in magazines under Black magic or persons, a place, or an object. In particular, curseMagick and White Magic spells: They cover the may refer to a wish that harm or hurt will beareas of health both, for and against, wealth, love, inflicted by any supernatural powers, such as abeauty enchantment and binding to name just a spell, a prayer, an imprecation, an execration,few. One site offers more than 6000 magical spells. magic, witchcraft, God, a natural force, or a spirit.Many New Age shops offer prettily packaged In many belief systems, the curse itself (orSpell Kits for those who wish to do it for accompanying ritual) is considered to have somethemselves, and moon rituals and candles are also causative force in the result 9
  10. 10. Curses Spells and More - By Sheila Kennedy April 2012Some well-known curses include the Bjorketorp Teleport MeRunestone in Blekinge Sweden, dating back to the6th century AD. It speaks of being plagued by:maleficence, doomed to insidious death, and a Teleport me – dimensionallyprophecy of destruction. The Hope Diamond dates Ascend me to domains above!back to 1642 and is famous for bringing misfortuneto its owner who allegedly stole the diamond from Release the barrier of beingthe statue of the Hindu goddess Sita. earth boundTutankhamens tomb is credited with the deaths of My talents are hampered byeleven people within a few years of it having beenopened. Other curses go back to the European the confines of supernaturaltimes of Vlad the Impaler, the son of Count Drac, conspiracywho later became Bram Stokers prototype forCount Dracula. Teleport me - then transport me backIn more modern times, curses may appear as beingpassed down a family line, both backwards and With knowledge to veer theforwards, and may be generational, ancestral, supernatural cracks!associated with a land, a place an object or asituation, race or creed. Provide me with power toDepending on the culture and type of curse how it change the status quo –needs to be dealt with and there are many people power to defeat the forces ofwho profess to have the ability to remove suchthings as curses, I would however, always the foerecommend doing your research or homework and Teleport me – dimensionallyfind a suitable qualified practitioner as some issuesare more difficult to deal with than others. Curses Let me return with the keymay also be booby trapped and can back fire on Let the key unlock the sea ofthe person removing them. darkness that abounds Rev Sheila Kennedy B.Msc Let it disperse light all around The result is - the profound! The dimensions above descend below Resources include: Conspiracy no longer hinders Finally we are free! /htm Betty 10
  11. 11. The Nature of Desire - By Myra Godfrey April 2012 The Nature of DesireThere is an old saying, “be careful what you wish structure, turning it into a seed of desire. Thisfor because you might get it!” When looking at very tangible seed then needs to be dealt withthis from a spiritual perspective, it can be when growing spiritually. When a seed of desirechanged to say “be careful what you wish for, is created, it most often times gets stored in thebecause you will get it!” Whether in this lifetime subconscious mind and forgotten. The otheror in a future one, all desires have to come to option is to work with the desire consciously tofruition, or be completely destroyed by the inner manifest it, if it is a big enough desire. Third,fire. For a person who is consciously walking on desires can be burned away and destroyed in aa spiritual path (any path), this becomes even persons inner fire. Think of all the small,more true, for your desires can come to manifest passing desires a person has on a daily basis. Ifin this lifetime itself. these desires do not come to pass immediately, they become stored for future expression. OnceWhen a person is growing spiritually, closer to stored, its very difficult to consciously burnthemselves and to their divine nature, it becomes these desires in the inner fire because you donteasier to let go of frivolous desires and move into even remember you have created them.dharma. But to move into dharma, the olddesires have to go somewhere! Let me use an The spiritual process acts to de-clutter theexample from my own life. In my late teens and subconscious mind by purifying it. During thisearly 20s when starting college, I found myself process, the stored desires (sometimes referredgreatly respecting and admiring yoga teachers. to as karmas or samskaras) come up to beThey seemed so balanced, calm and able to deal expressed. Some will be expressed througheffectively with life and the world at large. This coming to pass and others will be burned in thecreated a seed of desire that got stored in the fire. Do you get to decide which come to pass andsubconscious, long after this little fantasy was which get burned? Not really! Not unless youforgotten. Nearly 12 years later, I found myself can remember every single desire you have evercompleting yoga teacher training and teaching had and consciously either bring it to fruition ormy own yoga classes. By that point in my life, burn it in the fire. Everything left in theteaching yoga did not seem to be such a distant, subconscious will find its most appropriateunattainable thing. In fact what I had once put avenue of release, either through expression oron a pedestal (having a daily yoga practice and through being destroyed in the fire.helping others to use yoga for health and well-being) became a very basic part of my life that I What does this mean on a practical level? First,did not think of at all, and in no way glamorized everything you think about leaves an impressionanymore. My desires and my aspirations had in the psyche. To understand this deeply showsshifted greatly in that 12 year time span; that one experientially the need to learn to silence thehowever did not change the fact that once upon a mind. A silent mind leads to a state of innertime, I had the deep attraction to and desire to be peace, because new desires are not beinga yoga teacher. created, or needing to be expressed or burnt. The process alone of silencing the mind is anThe point in this is the importance of effective tool to burn away many stored desires.understanding the power of thought combined When a person is able to reach a deep enoughwith emotion; this creates desires. Thought is state of meditation, this silence starts tovery powerful; its merely projection through the penetrate deeply into the subconscious,lens of the mind. What we think is like a prayer destroying and writing over the previously madethat we are asking to be fulfilled. When the impressions.emotions latch onto a thought, it no longerbecomes merely a projection; it adds a density to Second, it shows how we are the creators of ourit which brings the thought from a projection lives and have free will to manifest those thingsinto a form. The emotion gives it shape and we desire. Free will is an extremely powerful 11
  12. 12. The Nature of Desire - By Myra Godfrey April 2012thing. How could we not be a spark of God when About Myra: Myra Godfrey is a dynamic spiritualwe have free will to be anything we want to be, figure who has dedicated her life to helpingand are able to co-create our own destiny? Its mankind. She is the founder of both Gita for theabsolutely amazing to think about! This Masses (a non-profit organization) and Hridayanaturally begets a deep responsibility; happiness Healing. Myra is a devotee of the Divine Motherlies within our grasp, if we are willing to learn and has received full diksha into the Tantric Srienough about ourselves to move in its direction! Vidya lineage, as well as being an avid teacher ofThird, this demonstrates the power of emotions the Bhagavad-Gita. She helps people toand feelings to cause attachment that keeps ones completely merge the spiritual and materialperceptions veiled by the senses. Its the realms of existence, seeing the Divineemotional feeling combined with thought that consciousness present everywhere.creates a desire; without the emotional, www.hridaya-component, the desire would never be created. healing.comWithout the thought component, desire would © 2012 Myra Godfrey. All rightsnever be created. Look and see how intricately reserved.everything is connected. This gives a very goodentry for deep contemplation on the nature ofdesire and how to best curtail it in yourself. UNLOCK THE POWER WITHIN MESince the nature of desire is expression, this canalso give further insight into the power of themanipura chakra and to fire element. If the I call forth the powers withindesires we have are in alignment with our me that lie dormant – awakendharma, then moving further towards them isgreat. Not all desire is bad. Even the Bhagavad in me!Gita refers to this when Krishna says “I am that I call them forth from theirdesire that is not contrary to your dharma.” Thekey is in learning the nature of desire, what it is sleep, slumbering in dormancyand how to work with it effectively to move you – awaken in me!further towards your goals in life. When yourdesire is in alignment with your hearts deepest Actively kindled – I call themknowing, desire enables you to manifest your forth – awaken be active in me!reason for being alive. Its only when desire getsmixed up with trivial things in life that it causes a Slumber, no more – open thatproblem. sealed doorBy learning how to focus on the inner-Being, the Take your place among medivine Self that we all are at our core, desire will You are now free to reignnaturally start to come into alignment with thedesires of the heart. When a person is not tuning within me!in to the deepest part of the self, desires can run Actively come forth within mearound and create life circumstances that do notbenefit the Soul or its highest calling. Daily – Be!spiritual practice will help to train the mind andburn away old desires. Learn to tune into thelove you carry deeply then nothing else will havethe ability to sway you. Until then, desire is Betty Alarknatural. Know yourself and youll also know howto control your desire and work with your innerfire. 12
  13. 13. We are what we think we are - By Mohit Soni April 2012 We are what we think we areThe title reminds me of a story. Once a man you dont have but you will appreciate all thatapproached a sage with a question, How to be you have.happy? The sage said, The best way to be happyis to be happy. Ill give you a mantra. Its “Positive un- conditional regard”. Its a medicine. It works forSimple as that! Just be happy to be happy. It may everyone who takes it and also for the personsound a little silly but that is the way it is. who gives it. Treat everyone with unconditionalHappiness is not something to be searched. It is regard. Dont expect in return. And you willsomething to be. suddenly notice that no one is indebted to you for providing happiness. Its only you who has beenAnd how is it possible? sitting on the pile of it and restricted it by theWe have to understand a simple fact that weight of the expectations. Get up and standhappiness or pleasure are not possible to attain this world. Who ever will go in search of it willonly find that in turn he has only earned more A stone never gets sad. But also remember itgrievances. Its paradoxical. But if we think more never gets happy either. You dont need to beabout it, eventually we will understand that it is hard.actually right. A foolish person may always be sure of his idea.Once we achieve what we want to achieve, we will Because his intelligence falls too short to see thediscover that there is still more to achieve and shortcomings of his idea! An intelligent personwhatever achieved is too short to be qualified as may always be doubtful of his idea. Because hehappiness. We will start again for the next goal. knows there are more alternatives available toAnd again we might end up with the same his idea. Both the people will suffer in the end.feeling. One who understands and accepts that The foolish because he will be overthrown by thehappiness and sadness are only two states which opponents with better idea and intelligentexist aptly only in the psychological frame of because he may never present his idea in the firstmind and vaguely defined in the opaque place because of the fear of others having betterstructure of reality, will certainly be happy with idea than him. It somewhat relates to our liveswhatever he has attained till that time. also. Sometimes we foolishly chase a plan to be happy and end up discovering that it has failed.There is always more to a lot. What qualifies as And sometimes we too intelligently leave a planstandard of happiness to us can be mere in-between, expecting it to fail only and then wereflection of our insatiable want. Mind the word discover that it was actually what we wereinsatiable. How can we be happy with more if looking for!we are not happy with what we have right now,knowing the fact that its more than what we Try to be intelligent enough to have a plan to beearlier had! We will keep on asking more after happy and foolish enough to be happy with itgetting more. without putting conditions on consequences.So where to stop in this cycle? Here only. At this Stay simple. Stay sure. Stay happy.point only. Mohit Soni.Just stop and look around. You may find each Mob no.: +91 8130824151and every thing you need with you that is needed Email id: mohit.soni97@rediffmail.comto live happily. No need to search beyond this.Decide that you will greet everyone with a smiletoday. Decide that you will not think about what 13
  14. 14. Understanding Profound Surrender - By Master Chrism April 2012 Understanding Profound SurrenderThis is crucial to the Kundalini awakening We surrender our life, our love, our body, ourprocess. This will at times go against every awareness, and our future to the divine withinsocietal taboo that we have been warned about that is also without. We open ourselves toand have come into agreement with not complete removal and re-organization of ourexperiencing or expressing in regards to thoughts and proclivities and understandings ofallowing ourselves to be vulnerable and exposed life. We are no more who we have been and yetto. we are at the same time familiar to ourselves. We are not lost we are surrenderedEven more so when it is a teacher or another and in that placement are we given the deep andhuman person that is giving one the instruction continuous transformation that reaches into ourto surrender. distant past of this time line of life and even further into other forms of distant pasts andWe are not used to these levels of trust. lifetimes.It isnt a common level of trust in our society and This is the sculpting of our soul in a consciouswith good reason in my humble opinion. So real time that is far removed from the often blindmany have been abused in these areas and we are education and balance of karmic thought andcorrect to come into such an agreement with a deed. We open and surrender our mind into thestrong degree of caution. infinite by surrendering its ego element of control.When Kundalini brings a teacher to anindividual however this changes the dynamic as So we become seemingly helpless and is no longer a flesh person that is giving the Yet within the arms of divinity we are safe withininstruction for surrender but a divine source this exposure. For this to occur the deepest formwhich is doing so and in this circumstance I will of trust must be reached for and attained. A trustsuggest that a person come into the surrender so powerful and those we give into so deeply andwith full immersion to the teachings and the with such profound surrender that we becomeinstructions that are being given. the naked child of innocence we were shortly after our birth.Even if it is from a human source. This is profound surrender and in this place doKundalini will pick our teachers and our we dare to tread when Kundaliniteachings. And no matter how strange or difficult calls to us in our transformation.or impossible they may seem to the ego we areadvised to follow these teachings. The Divine Blessings all!knows you better than you know you and in thatcontext we will need to surrender completely to Master Chrismthe person or the teaching that is being given.This surrender is profound.It is profound in the depths of its reach into oursoul and life and all of the people and dynamicsthat we are experiencing within this life. It isprofound in its ability to transform us and openus into the consciousness of grace that propelsour transformation. 14
  15. 15. Kaleidoscope of Life - By Sushmita April 2012 Kaleidoscope of LifeThat is what life is! But that life is a through their writings, echoing theirKaleidoscope, can be realized only through experiences and the impact of the same. Andsharing, as life is continuously sharing each has a unique expression, as each experienceeverything with us in the form of the varied is unique. An experience cannot be copied norcolors of nature, of beings, of situations, of can it be experienced by the other person nor canevents and offers a Kaleidoscopic scope to one it be levied. It can only be shared and that it is,and all thus… through the expression in the written form. As one expresses, one shares!That is why life is many things to many, andagain many things to one and the same For painters, life in its entirety, is a canvas andindividual. The yet at the same time a palette. Life is its ownKaleidoscopic nature is the canvas and an array ofinfinite scope that life infinite colors and hues; thesymbolizes infinite that life palette, at the same time, tois, wherein nothing is choose from and is chosensingular. It is the apparent differently by differentsingularity that cradles painters as also differentlyplurality inherently. It is by the same painter, but at ahow life makes sense, as it is different moment. Life is thethe essence of life. What color, it is the canvas and it iselse could be the proof, the artist, with it being oneother than the mechanism with its all inhabitants thatof creation, and existential form the life and throughmechanism of the entire whom, and which, lifecreation? Infinite, yet the expresses itself.origin is One, for all ofCreation. The origin itself is Photographers capture theplural, yet singular. Hence artist, the canvas, the palettewhole of life is that its that life is. How else oneplurality, that too infinite, would experience theforms the kaleidoscope of ecstasy, the riot of colors, theinfinite dimension. kaleidoscope, that life expresses in, and as, natureHow the Kaleidoscope is and offers to us? The colors,viewed? offered, by life are proffered to us by those whoAs to how we perceive life is dependent on our capture it through their lens and we areperception, which is dependent on the level of privileged to enjoy what our eyes could not,our consciousness. That is why life has a unique directly. They have their unique sense of anglesmeaning for each one of us. For Shakespeare it and each is affected by the hues of nature inwas a stage; for scientists, life is a macro- unique ways. And since the observed is affectedlaboratory; for philosophers, quite alike by the observer, the shot that comes off as thescientists, reason is of quintessence: is sought observation of a photographer, acts like shots ofand provided for all that happens. The reason, as feelings, differing as the photographer differsaccessed by the philosopher becomes the and with our very own differing response to thephilosophy. For psychologists each behavior has photographs.a reason rooted in, and routed to, the psyche. And whatever be the response, it is madeFor writers everything is beheld by, and in, possible by this sharing. We share as we know atwords. Life is an expression (of self) for them, the core of our being that we are one, and, “That 15
  16. 16. Kaleidoscope of Life - By Sushmita April 2012which is mine that of which I have had the first Therapy), wherein the energy component in thatlook the first shot is not only mine, but for all”, particular chakra is balanced, which had beenis the sentience. One is just a part of the whole, affected, by use of the color of correspondingand plays a part, by sharing that part of life that has been privileged to experience. As we allcome forward with our experiences we realize This color of life, treating lives with colors to healthe whole that we are giving each other the utilizes the therapeutic properties of colors andscope to experience the wholesome feeling of manifests further the infinite scope that lifewholeness. presents to us and all, for us to heal and be the healing for all.As life is, so it chooses to express as thekaleidoscope… Life and its Healing ColorsThis sharing is an arcane, yet primal desire of Life is for healing quite contrary to the commonone and all as is that of life. Life is for self- beliefs. We are here, as the spiritual beings, on aexpression. When choked, the suppression human journey to resolve our pending issues, aschokes the natural flow of life and its infinite we move through the eternity of life, with thecolors, which then are under-developed. Souls sole intention to realize itself and experience its perfection, which it has at theColors that form a Kaleidoscope origin.Lifes infinite shades include: colors resplendent And this healing is provided not only by colorsin nature, colors in us (even we are different but even by the metaphorical colors the variedcolors of creation), as various moods and expressions of life. When we are completely infeelings, which evokes responses of resonance, within and without, we experience acorresponding colors; and excludes nothing. light within enlightenment we call it. The color ofSome colors we define as dark some as bright enlightenment is the color of harmony as wewith respect to moods. For life each color is harmonize, so we resonate and healed we are.beautiful and through nature it simply shares,fully, all the beautiful colors. It is polychromatic, The Scopeneither dichromatic nor monochromatic. Itshares without keeping anything for self as for it, Life, as a Kaleidoscope provides us with infinitewhat it shares, is, with its own self as it considers colors to choose from and choose the experienceitself to be one with us. of our choice thus. The physical kaleidoscope, with a given set of colors, changes the view andColors and Healing experience, with a rotation and thus a change in the angle. Life too does that. And as in a life theAnd when considered from the view-scope of given set of colors is infinite, the experience too isenergy, all colors are electromagnetic radiation, magnified as compared to the physicalvibrations, vibrating at different frequencies, but kaleidoscope. As our perception (the angle of ourall in the visible region. The VIBGYOR, the viewing) is, so is our experience.rainbow the spectrum of seven different colorsare vibrations corresponding to different With colors infinite, Lifes Kaleidoscopefrequencies. In fact it is known that all seven provides infinite scope: of experience andcolors are found in us, signified by the seven materializations. As we evolve and revolve, thechakras each chakra having its own significance Kaleidoscope remains the same, yet the scopesand function. A deficient functioning of any of modify and magnify and amplify. And thethe chakras causes a disease in the body. It is this experience again is incomparable as is for themalfunctioning, when detected, with respect to individual, who sees through the physicalthe chakra, is treated with the aid of Color kaleidoscope. But the individual, as forms theTherapy (which in ancient times was referred to part of the whole through the individualas by Surya Kiran Chikitsa or Solar Rays experiences, goes on to build a collective 16
  17. 17. Kaleidoscope of Life - By Sushmita April 2012experience, as co-creation, of life each comingforward with ones unique expression out of theunique experience. MY PATHExperiencing Life as a Kaleidoscope This path is aridThe only riot, that one expresses effusive with It shows the waypraise, appreciation, gratitude, happiness and We moveexcitement, is the riot of colors. And when thecolors of life too are perceived and appreciated in Towards a destinationthe same manner, we enjoy the Kaleidoscope of We do not knowlife and utilize it, by fully living through it living itas colors in harmony with one another, withinand without. These footprints are mineBut the fact that life is a Kaleidoscope, and One of manyKaleidoscope of infinite potential too, is My footprint lostacknowledged only when one is able to Amongst the manyexperience ones own self ones reactions andresponses all, as different, and as unique, asdifferent colors of life. I leave this pathThat Kaleidoscope of life is a symbol, of To tread the woods –singularity in plurality, is realized time andagain. And the harmony between these The path I madepluralities allows the infinite colors to beenjoyed, experienced and realized, as infinite Was mine alonepotential materialized. No color is perceived as Misty eyeddark, but as an essential component of theKaleidoscope without which the Kaleidoscope I thanked Him for the couragewould be incomplete and the effect To pave my waycompromised. But life is not for compromise To break awayrather it is a promise of realizing all the colorsthat life symbolizes and through this realization;realizes the primary objective of life to self- In this lonely self made pathrealize, to heal self and be the color that heals all. I found my most elegant dreams In my eyes I saw many who fear Email: to be free The many whose elegant dreams Credit for Photo: Sumit Roy are but lost ( Walking on the well trodden path That I walked on first…. Dr. Abhijit Das 17
  18. 18. Essentiality of Equanimity in Life - Rahul Zota April 2012 Essentiality of Equanimity in LifeJainism (not a religion but science) emphasizes auspicious Karma which gives sweet fruitsgreat importance to the state of equanimity. In the whenever they arise. The cluster of karma particlesstate of equanimity, free from attachment and is known as Karma Vargan in Jin terminology.aversion one eradicates high amount of Karma Now, if one is ignorant about this philosophy thenparticles bounded with the Soul. Usually one acts he/she reacts with either attachment or aversion atwith attachment or aversion when one becomes the time of the emergence of previously acquiredhappy or unhappy. One becomes happy when Karma and thus binds even more Karma. Thus thethings are going according to his/her desire and bondage extends and as a result the soul suffersone becomes unhappy when things are not going more in the never ending cycle of birth and rebirth.according to his/her desire. Now why things arenot going according to someones desire? To The Omniscient have explained; to react withunderstand this we need to go through the equanimity at the time of emergence of thePhilosophy of Karma. previous Karma. The omniscient has explained not to act with attachment when good things areEvery living being has a soul which has basic happening with us and aversion when bad thingsattributes like, Infinite Knowledge, Infinite are happening with us. In the state of perfectPerception, Infinite Bliss and Infinite Energy. equanimity one blocks the influx of fresh KarmaThere are two different types of energy working in and even eradicates previously acquired Karma.this Universe; sentient and non-sentient. Non- This process of eradicating old Karma (in the statesentient is explained in Physics and very well of equanimity) is so fast that one destroys muchexplained by the famous Einsteins Equivalence strong Karma in a few seconds that the other (whoPrinciple. It is connected with Matter. On the other is ignorant and does austerities without practicinghand there exists another kind of energy which is equanimity) can destroy in millions of years!Sentient Energy. Sentient energy is the basicattribute of a soul. The soul is independent There is a beautiful story in Jain history which cansubstance in the cosmos which was never born and help to better understand this!which will never vanish. There are infinite souls inthe Universe. The souls can be categorized into two In the times of the 22nd Tirthankar, Lordtypes; Liberated and Non-Liberated. The liberated Neminath and Shri Krishna there lived a greatsouls are those who are free from the cycle of birth monk named Dhandhan Muni. He was actually theand death. The Non-Liberated are in bondage of son of Shri Krishna but he left his kingdom afterKarma and thus goes through the cycle of birth, hearing Lord Neminaths magnetic sermons. Sincedeath and re-birth. However, from the Absolute the time of his renunciation he faced difficultPoint of View (Nishchaya Naya) there is no problems. Jin monks and nuns do not cook theirdifference between the mundane and liberated food; do not get it prepared for them. They go tosouls. They both possess the same qualities. different householders and receive a little food from each house. For monk Dhandhan Muni, itThe mundane soul is clogged by the eight types of was the rise of Benefit Obstructing Karma (Laabh-Karma. The four are destructive and the rest are antray Karma). Such type of Karma obstructsnon-destructive. The soul itself is the doer of its benefit whatever he/she gains. For Dhandhanown action (From the absolute point of view its Muni, this Karma obstructed the gaining of food.pure but it does action because of misbelief or Wherever he went he would not get food from theMithyatva). The action created through mind, householders. The householders would close theirspeech and body causes the Karma particles to doors whenever they would spot Dhandhan Munistick to the souls space points and thus the soul approaching their door.wanders in the cycle of birth and death andexperiences suffering. There are two types of One day one of his colleagues asked Lordaction; Inauspicious and Auspicious. Inauspicious Neminath, “Dear Lord, why such a great monk isaction causes to accumulate inauspicious Karma having problem for receiving his food? Why doeswhich gives bitter fruits whenever they arise. Same he always return without any food? Why theway, auspicious action causes to accumulate householders of this great town of Dwarka are not 18
  19. 19. Essentiality of Equanimity in Life - Rahul Zota April 2012offering food to this monk who is the son of great One day while walking in the street he met hisKing Vasudev (Lord Krishna)?” mundane father Shri Krishna. Krishna stepped down from the elephant and bowed beforeThe Omniscient Lord replied, “Oh monk, this is Dhandhan Muni and inquired about his life as athe emergence of the Benefit Obstructing Karma monk. When Shri Krishna went back, the nearbythat blocks benefits of the food for monk householder called Dhandhan Muni for alms.Dhandhan. Everything, either good or bad The householder put some laddus (Indian sweet)happens because of our good or bad deeds. There in the monks bowl. Dhandhan Muni thoughtis a reason, nothing happens without any reason. this must be end of his Benefit ObstructingIn one of his previous births, monk Dhandhan karma. So before eating and breaking his fast hewas the minister of a King. His name was went to Lord Neminath to confirm whether hisParashar and he was ordered to keep an eye on Benefit Obstructing Karma had ceased. The Lordfarming. There were many farmers and cattles said, oh Dhandhan, your karma has not ceasedworking under him. yet, you received the food not because of your karma but because of Shri Krishnas karma. TheOnce, during noon all the farmers took a break householder thought you were a great monk thatfor their lunch. They all had worked hard and even the king like Shri Krishna bowed beforethus all were hungry. The farmers were taking him! So he called you and offered you this food.”their meal and the bulls and cows were eatinggrass. At that time, Parashar stopped them from Upon hearing this fact from the Omniscient,eating and ordered them to plant seeds. The Dhandhan started to think, “How strong karma Ifarmers were hungry so they asked Parashar to bound by obstructing others meal in mylet them take their lunch first, but Parashar previous life!” Thus he decided to forsake thedidnt even listen to them and ordered them to alms (laddus). At the time of forsaking hework for more hours. He said, “First you must performed strong equanimity. He didnt showplant more seeds in the farms, I will let you eat any hate towards the householders, instead heafter the whole work is done.” found responsible himself behind this. Soon, at the time of forsaking laddus he entered ShuklaAll the farmers, bulls and cows were hungry, they Dhyan (Pure Meditation) and climbed the ladderwere not interested to pursue their work at that of annihilation. In the second step of thistime but they had to accept the order, there was meditation (Ekatva Vitark Savichar Shuklano other way. So they pursued their work Dhyan) he destroyed not only the Benefitwithout any interest. Thus by interrupting their Obstructing Karma but also destroyed all themeal, Parashar bounded Benefit Obstructing four destructing Karma attached to his soul. AsKarma and that karma has now come into action all four karma shed away he became thein the present birth. Thus he is not getting any Omniscient, the all-knowing, all perceivingfood from any householders.” Arihant.By listening to the Lord, monk Dhandhan This shows how one can destroy karma byrealized the truth and vowed that he will accept practicing strong equanimity and can attainfood only gained by his own effort. He will not liberation. If we accept the fact that we areaccept food brought by other monks. Thus, since responsible behind our happiness and sorrowthat time he would daily go to at the doors of the then we can attain the state of equanimity andhouseholders of the town of Dwarka and would ultimately the state of ultimate bliss.return without any food. This lasted for sixmonths. Monk Dhandhan had been observingfast since six months with ultimate equanimity. Rahul ZotaHe had realized his mistake and he was notshowing any hatred toward the householders ashe knew that he was responsible for all this. 19
  20. 20. Book Corner April 2012Remembering to Call forth Source EnergyThis passage is an excerpt from the last welcome Loving Divine Energy to pulse throughchapter of Linda J. Fergusons newly me at this very moment. Divine Love is presentreleased book, "Staying Grounded in today, as always, and expands my awareness andShifting Sand: Awakening Soul soul presence. I allow my true nature of DivineConsciousness for the New Millennium" Essence to be fully expressed.In the new era of understanding the Holy Oneness, I release any judgments, fears, or animosity toour spiritual practice includes remembering we are those who are here to awaken me. When I meetnot separate from Divine Creation. We are the others who act in ways that I dont like, I affirm wehologram of Divine Essence. As soul beings we are all from the same Source. I ask for guidance andexpress Divine Essence naturally. Its only through support to re-connect with them as a thread of thesocial conditioning that many Holy Oneness.have forgotten. As you followyour awakened soul journey, it Mastery in the Aquarian Erabecomes easier to rememberyou are that expression of Those who dont feel this LoveLove. pulling them, those who dont drink dawn like a cloud of springDraw upon Spirit and bathe in water or take in sunset like supper,the comfort of Loves grace those who dont want to change, letdaily. Doing so gives you them sleep. ~Rumistrength and support to staygrounded in shifting sand. If youve felt inspired so far fromYour tendency may be to run this book on this earth plane-for cover or shut down remember or re-commit to youremotionally during a crisis or journey as a soul being. You arewhen stressed. This only invited now to step fully into yourblocks Source Energy from personal power and personalcoming through you. Affirming mastery. You develop personalDivine Essence as your true mastery by expanding yourselfnature raises your energy. emotionally, mentally, physically,Greater flow of Source Energy and spiritually. Mastery in thesupports your movement Aquarian era involves the ability to understandthrough challenges. Your life conditions then shift your material, physical experiences and respond tomore easefully to greater harmony, balance, and them energetically. Mastery involvespeace. Remember you are Divine Essence as the remembering that the energy that flows throughacorn knows its a mighty oak tree. you is from Source. Personal mastery in the Aquarian era entails living as a pure expression ofSource Energy is unlimited and accessible. It can Oneness with Source.neither be created nor destroyed. The key is in howyou use it. Remind yourself in as many ways as As we are learning from cutting edge researchnecessary that you are a vessel for this Source within Quantum physics, neurophysiology andEnergy. Remember as well to call on your spirit other areas of science, the old paradigms forguides, power animals, angels, or ancestors to understanding the world are challenged, and needsupport your journey. to be revised if not replaced. Studies in mind-body medicine have found that the physical bodyHere is an affirmation to use as a daily reminder of responds remarkably well to positive affirmations,your Divine Essence: visualizations, and healing energy. Studies of monks and others highly practiced in meditationI am a Divine Expression of pure Love. I allow and have found that their thoughts can affect distant 20
  21. 21. Book Corner April 2012computers, and the thoughts of others sitting inmeditation. No longer are cause and effect Jiten Sonis thoughtshappening in a linear fashion in time and space. Ifyou want to learn more about these studies, readLynne McTaggarts fascinating books, The Field Three things once ceased takesand The Intention Experiment. No longer is this you to humanity, they are onesconsidered “new age mumbo-jumbo”, it is thecurrent path for healing, communicating, and which are tough to be ceased but itworking. It is time to learn, practice and master the definitely needs to be ceased, theyskills necessary to connect with Source for healingand wholeness around the globe. are Negativity, Anger and Egoism.When you understand how to function as aspiritual being in a physical world, you not only Some situations though they arework through daily challenges more effectively, not in control, you need to havebut you help shift the energy for others around you.This paradigm shift is happening around the globe. faith and courage in you to bring itMore synergy is created as each of us step more to control, you have to believe infully into the truth and beauty of who we are as soul you and still if those situations arebeings. Many have been draw to greater mastery ofspiritual skills for the Aquarian era. out of control you have to say it toAs you master your energy you become more yourself WHO I AM - MAKES Apositively potent. You express your innate Divine DIFFERENCE.Essence regularly with family, at work, withneighbors. Personal mastery involves theconscious awareness of being a Divine Expression. We started judging everyone byRegardless of how challenging the circumstances their mistakes than their actions,are, you know you are an infinite radiant beingworking with abundant flow. You have your feet thats the world of today, we do notfirmly planted on the ground and your heart fully believe in what we say, than listenopen to Oneness. to others. -Dr. Linda Ferguson is a seasoned facilitatorand speaker. She provides spiritual life coaching,workshops, retreats, and webinars that support Be as you are and remain alwayspeople living intentionally, finding greater inner the same, thats when no one keeppeace, and connecting to their Source of Wisdomas they navigate daily life stresses. seeing your perfection and they remain to be with you forever to read her blog posts,see inspiring videos, and download helpful your life.handouts for your soul journey. Let Love Prevail-Facebook page. Lindas books are available inpaperback and as e-books: 10th Anniversary - "Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual s/Jiten-Soni/168446966565745Service" by Infinity Publishing, PA 21
  22. 22. PORTUGAL - Compiled by Dhara Kothari April 2012 PORTUGAL Pioneers of Age of DiscoveryPortugal, officially the Portuguese Republic plateaus indented by river valleys, whereas the(Portuguese: República Portuguesa) is a country south, that includes the Algarve and the Alentejosituated in southwestern Europe on the Iberian regions, is characterized by rolling plains.Peninsula. Portugal is the westernmost country Portugals highest peak is the similarly namedof Europe, and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean Mount Pico on the island of Pico in the the West and South and by Spain to the North This ancient volcano, which measures 2,351 mand East. The Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores (7,713 ft.) is a highly iconic symbol of the Azores,and Madeira are part of Portugal. The country is while the Serra da Estrela on the mainland (thenamed after its second largest city, Porto, whose summit being 1,991 m (6,532 ft.) above sea level)Latin name was Portus Cale. is an important seasonal attraction for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. The archipelagos ofIt has continuously been settled since prehistoric Madeira and the Azores are scattered within thetimes. Occupied by Celts Atlantic Ocean: the Azoresintegrated into the Roman straddling the Mid-AtlanticRepublic and later settled Ridge on a tectonic tripleby Germanic peoples. In the junction, and Madeira along8th century most of the a range formed by in plateIberian Peninsula was hotspot geology.conquered by Moorish Geologically, these islandsinvaders professing Islam, were formed by volcanic andwhich were later expelled by seismic events.the Knights Templar underthe Order of Christ. During Portugal is defined as athe Christian Reconquista, Mediterranean climate,Portugal established itself Semi-arid climate or Steppeas an independent kingdom climate and is one of thefrom León in 1139, claiming warmest Europeanto be the oldest European countries: the annualnation-state. In the 15th and average temperature in16th centuries, as the result mainland Portugal variesof pioneering the Age of from 12 °C (53.6 °F) in theDiscovery, Portugal mountainous interior northexpanded western influence to over 18 °C (64.4 °F) in theand established a global south and on the Guadianaempire that included river basin. The Algarve,possessions in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South separated from the Alentejo region byAmerica, becoming the worlds major economic, mountains reaching up to 900 meters in Pico dapolitical and military global power. The Foia, has a climate similar to that of the southernPortuguese Empire was the first global empire in coastal areas of Spain. Snowfalls occur regularlyhistory and also the longest lived of the in the interior North and Center of the country.European colonial empires, spanning almost In the south of the country snowfalls are rare but600 years. Today, Portugal is one of the worlds still occur in the highest elevations. Both themost globalized and peaceful nations. archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira have a subtropical climate, although variationsMainland Portugal is split by its main river, the between islands exist, making weatherTagus that flows from Spain and disgorges in predictions very difficult.Tagus Estuary, near Lisbon, before escaping intothe Atlantic. The northern landscape is Owing to humans occupying the territory ofmountainous towards the interior with several 22
  23. 23. PORTUGAL - Compiled by Dhara Kothari April 2012 230 deputies elected for a four-year term. The government, whose head is the Prime Minister chooses a Council of Ministers that, comprises the Ministers and State Secretaries. The courts are organized into several levels; judicial, administrative, and fiscal branches. The Supreme Courts are institutions of last resort/appeal. A thirteen-member Constitutional Court oversees the constitutionality of the laws. Portugal operates a multi-party system of competitive legislatures/local administrative governments at the national, regional and local-levels.Portugal for thousands of years, little is left of the Portuguese universities have existed since 1290.original vegetation. Protected areas of Portugal The oldest Portuguese university was firstinclude one national park, twelve natural parks,nine natural reserves, five natural monuments,and seven protected landscapes. These naturalenvironments are shaped by diverse flora, andinclude widespread species of pine, the chestnut,the cork-oak, the holm oak, the Portuguese oakand eucalyptus.Portugal has been a democratic republic sincethe ratification of the Constitution of 1976, withLisbon, the nations largest city, as its capital.The constitution grants the division, orseparation, of powers among legislative,executive, and judicial branches. The four maininstitutions as described in this constitution arethe President of the Republic, the Parliament,the Government, headed by a Prime Minister, established in Lisbon before moving to Coimbra.and the courts. The President, who is elected to a Historically, within the scope of the Portuguesefive-year term, has a supervisory non-executive Empire, the Portuguese founded in 1792 therole. The Parliament is a chamber composed of oldest engineering school of Latin America, as well as the oldest medical college of Asia (the Escola Médico-Cirúrgica de Goa) in 1842. The largest university in Portugal is the University of Porto. Total adult literacy rate is 99%. Portuguese primary school enrollments are close to 100%. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal. Portuguese is a Romance language that originated in what is now Galicia (Spain) and Northern Portugal, from the Galician- Portuguese language. It is derived from the Latin spoken by the Romanized Pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula around 2000 years ago. Portugal has the right mix of nature, peaceful atmosphere and scenic locations that give one the privacy to meditate and self-contemplate. 23