Viral Sucks: SXSW Edition


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It’s the absolute worst word that can come out of someone’s mouth. Whether a colleague, boss, client, or a doctor, if you hear the word “viral” you’re in trouble. Someone probably read "The Tipping Point" but skipped "The Outliers," or read the Cliff’s Notes on "Groundswell" and completely missed the point. Someone that thinks that all we need is for “that one idea” that is so funny, so clever, or so disruptive (without actually changing the way we’ve always done business, of course) that it will [gulp] “go viral” and our sales will go through the roof. “Go” and “viral” rarely belong in the same sentence. This session explored unrealistic expectations, poor planning, and the belief that being really clever and hoping to get lucky trumps being really strategic and working hard to make success happen #viralsucks.

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Viral Sucks: SXSW Edition

  1. # viral sucks #viralsucks
  2. Hi, I’m Craig. ! Craig Key @craigsanatomy ! Media Director @space150 #viralsucks
  3. the “v” word #viralsucks
  4. viral #viralsucks
  5. i work in digital marketing. ! (worse: social media marketing) ! (for grandparents: we make internet) #viralsucks
  6. social graph / trending / likes / fans / brand advocates / viral / word of mouthbuzzwords / loyalty / peer-topeer/ super-fans / relationships / followers / influencers / evangelists #viralsucks
  7. social graph / tredning / likes / fans / brand advocates / viral / word of mouthbuzzwords / loyalty / peer-topeer/ super-fans / relationships / followers / influencers / evangelists #viralsucks
  8. # viral sucks #viralsucks
  9. [translation] huge expectations tiny budget “let’s social old spice the viral hashtag on face-tube” #viralsucks
  10. early viral videos: happened when there was a fraction of the content being added as there is today. #viralsucks source:source:
  11. viral mindset luck > planning #viralsucks
  12. viral mindset witty > strategic #viralsucks
  13. viral tries to start a forest fire, by flicking a match at a pile of sticks + ≠ #viralsucks
  14. viral is an outcome, not a strategy. #viralsucks
  15. viral IS NOT YOUR STRATEGY #viralsucks
  16. lottery IS NOT YOUR RETIREMENT STRATEGY #viralsucks
  17. viral #fails #viralsucks
  18. Harlem Shake! title 2.9M Videos goes here #viralsucks
  19. Harlem Shake! title goes here Brandsplosion #viralsucks
  20. stated goal: build product awareness among tech-savvy “prosumers” #viralsucks
  21. delivered results: 25 events globally 100s of branded videos 2x search volume +100k video views owned “powerpoint karaoke” SEO rankings #viralsucks
  22. unstated expect ations: put client’s face on the front page of Ad Age, Adweek, Mashable, TechCrunch and PSFK; win all the awards there are to win in advertising. #viralsucks
  23. our #fail: pitched using buzzwords relied 100% on “organic” dist. did not align biz & digital metrics #viralsucks
  24. yeah but... “we really need a big viral to get our google+ up” #viralsucks
  25. viral #wins #viralsucks
  26. Gangam Style 1.9B Views #viralsucks
  27. Gangam Style 1.9B Views Famous Korea’s Got Talent Famous Comedian Famous Pop-Star #viralsucks
  28. other stuff: 2.5M YouTube subscribers 1.6B Views (pre Gangam) Scooter Braun power-pop PR engine #viralsucks source:
  29. what about brands? distribution | failure | newsfeed #viralsucks
  30. #1) Content + Distribution #viralsucks
  31. “If content is king then distribution is its powerful Lady Macbethian wife.” ! -Yuri Baronovsky Happy Little Guillotine Studios #viralsucks
  32. brands as publishers #viralsucks
  33. are not [most] brands very good publishers #viralsucks
  34. how do publishers build their brands? #viralsucks
  35. of production 50% budget on marketing #viralsucks source:source:
  36. “50% of a programs’ success comes from the quality of the show; the other 50% comes from how it is promoted.” ! -Fred Silverman TV Executive (ABC, CBS, NBC) #viralsucks source:
  37. Takeaway: ! Brands making great content, have only finished half the job of publishing. ! #viralsucks
  38. #2) Learn from failure #viralsucks
  39. top branded video last month: 50M Views #viralsucks
  40. top branded video last month: 50M views B-Dubs® monthly reach on Facebook: 50M people #viralsucks
  41. how did we get there? planning testing, learning failing, improving posting every day, every week, every month #viralsucks
  42. Yo u er co l CONTENT PERFORMANCE de a m llic iu .30% tb a on m u .40% Fo o Fa n en M es ia ns Tr iv ot io G am om Pr E Ho ven lid ts/ ay th Sp e C r a rk av in g Se Sau as ce on s & in gs So c Fe ial at Me ur d es ia y ho St or /A l W W rB Be BW W content team: art & science December .35% January .25% .20% .15% .10% .05% .00% #viralsucks
  43. getting the right timing #viralsucks
  44. down to the hour Average Post Score* Average Impressions per Post 450! 12,000 ! 400! 10,000 ! 350! 300! 8,000 ! 250! 6,000 ! 200! Ave 150! 4,000 ! 100! 2,000 ! 50! 0! Ave 8:00am! 9:00am! 10:00am! 11:00am! 12:00pm! 1:00pm! 2:00pm! 3:00pm! 4:00pm! 5:00pm! 6:00pm! 7:00pm! 8:00pm! 9:00pm! - ! #viralsucks
  45. Takeaway: ! Small changes every day will have much greater impact than trying to make the world’s best post. ! #viralsucks
  46. #3) Own the newsfeed. #viralsucks #viralsucks
  47. Jack Link’s #tricksasquatch Our Goal: Increase fans; surprise and delight those who engage #viralsucks
  48. brand assets: 1MM Fans 10k+ Followers Iconic Character ! #viralsucks
  49. working assets: 10 Props 3 Creatives 1 Sasquatch (Masquatch) 1 iPhone #viralsucks
  50. #viralsucks
  51. Used owned channels to reach loyal fans (Facebook, Twitter, Email) #viralsucks
  52. Engaged Celebrities and Brands Bubbles Mall of America SmartWool Trailer Park Boys 88,971 Followers Shopping Mall 28,689 Followers Apparel Company 15,090 Followers Tavarres King James “Bobo” Fay Ranae Holland Finding Bigfoot 19,574 Followers Finding Bigfoot 12,132 Followers Carolina Panthers 27,118 Followers James “Cowboy” Storm Professional Wrestler 144,506 Followers 52 #viralsucks
  53. James “Cowboy” Storm Professional Wrestler 144,506 Followers 53 #viralsucks
  54. our push: Social ads targeted at fans, and their interests, amplified by newsfeed stories. spaceScore: / Horror / Science Fiction & Fantasy / Theme Parks / Skiing & Snowboarding / Action Sports / Motorsports & NASCAR *partner category provided by Datalogix / Hunting / Shooter Games / Action Games / Adventure Games / Camping & RVs / Fishing / Fast Food / Soft Drinks 54 #viralsucks Confidential and Proprietary space150 ©2013
  55. real time process: Media Planner Push Copywriter Write > > > Designer Make #viralsucks
  56. delivered results: 1500+ answers 250 personal responses 2x Facebook comments 4x Twitter mentions +100k fans #viralsucks
  57. Takeaway: ! Don’t just make digital experiences, make digital stories. ! #viralsucks
  58. in conclusion: content+distribution learn from failure own the newsfeed “i really think we can uberpinterest the word of mouth” #viralsucks
  59. # viral sucks thank you #viralsucks
  60. # viral sucks Questions? ! @craigsanatomy @space150 #viralsucks