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Millennial Mobile Media Capabilities 8.08


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  • 1. Mobile Advertising Solutions
  • 2. Mobile: The Must-Have Device Consumers are attached at the hip to their mobile devices, providing advertisers with an unprecedented opportunity to reach and connect with a focused and engaged audience. Source: SNL Kagan, 2007 Mobile Phone Penetration 2006: 77.4% penetration 2013: 100% penetration 2017: 104.2% penetration
  • 3. Web: The Must-Have Mobile Feature Mobile phones have become the ultimate multi-media device, enabling personal communication, digital media consumption, and commercial transactions. US Mobile Web Users (millions) CAGR = 19% Source: comScore and The Kelsey Group, September 2007 US Mobile Content Users Who Recall Viewing an Ad Within the Month Source: Telephia, June 2007 0 20 40 60 80 100 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 0% 10% 30% 40% 60% 50% 20% Mobile Video Down- loaded App. Mobile Web Mobile Games Mobile Audio MMS SMS
  • 4. Mobile: The Must-Have Marketing Medium Mobile Ad Spending in the US (millions) Source: eMarketer, 2007 $0 $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 $3,000 $3,500 $4,000 $4,500 $5,000 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Actions Resulting from Mobile Web Ads Source: Online Publishers Association, 2007 (as a percent of survey respondents) Where consumers go, marketers will follow – quite literally when it comes to mobile. This on-the-go marketing medium enables instant action in response to your advertising. Checked Out a Website 26% Requested More Information 14% Went to a Store 12% Made a Purchase 9% Signed Up for Trial 6% Forwarded to a Friend 6% Ordered Subscription 5% Other 3%
  • 5. Source: m:Metrics, 2006 10% 20% 24% 21% 14% 6% 4% 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ % Data Users in Age Categories Source: Bridge Ratings, June 2007 Mobile Web Users: The In-Tune Audience The mobile Internet provides a rich audience for marketers – representing a prime demographic known for staying in touch with new products events. Mobile Data Users
  • 6. Demographic Profile of US Mobile Phone Users Source: Nielsen Mobile, December 2007 Demographic Profile of Mobile Users, December 2006 (% of respondents) Source: Online Publishers Association and TNS Infratest, March 2007 Mobile Web Users: The Must-Have Mobile Audience Millennial Media reaches the vast majority of the mobile mass market, comprised largely of: teens, tweens, moms, business professionals, gen-xers and of course – millennials. Males 47.8% Females 52.2% Ages 13-17 8.6% Ages 18-24 9.2% Ages 25-34 16.9% Ages 35-54 38.0% HHI $35K - $50K 13.0% HHI $50K - $75K 19.6% HHI $75K + 31.6% Mobile Phone User Mobile Web User Mobile Content User Males 48% 53% 58% Females 52% 47% 42% Ages 16-24 17% 26% 19% Ages 25-34 15% 30% 18%
  • 7. Millennial Media: Mobile Advertising 101 Mobile advertising is perhaps the most complex marketing format, making the need for mobile networks, automated technologies, and experienced providers even greater. There is a wide variety of mobile ad formats – Millennial Media supports them all. Millennial Media provides all the tools you need to serve, target and optimize ad delivery. Our MBrand and Decktrade networks represent premium, niche and long-tail publishers. We automatically account for the countless variables associated with each carrier and handset. We enable you to reach, influence and convert an extensive and attentive audience. Consumers Carriers Handsets Websites On Deck Off Deck Ad Servers Targeting Tools Optimization Ads Text Apps Video WAP
  • 8. Millennial Media: Mobile Solutions Millennial Media offers the only true, end-to-end platform for mobile advertising – with full-service and self-service solutions designed to meet a full spectrum of marketing objectives. WAP Text Messaging Downloadable Apps Millennial Media connects you with this connected audience, focusing on delivering measurable results for your marketing objectives – from awareness to acquisition. Video Your Results Awareness Action Interest Intent Your Audience MBrand Network Decktrade Network
  • 9. Millennial Media: Frequency Capping Frequency capping limits user over-exposure of your ads to ensure maximum effectiveness of every one of your valuable impressions. Our current standard campaign cap is three impressions every 24 hours. What it is How it works Frequency capping limits the number of times a specific ad is served to a unique mobile user, limiting over-exposure of your audience and thereby increasing your overall unique reach. We leverage our proprietary ability to anonymously identify users, as well as set campaign parameters, to define the number of ads served to each unique user in a set period of time.
  • 10. Millennial Media: The Must-Have Mobile Solution Millennial Media supports all devices, formats and platforms . Our robust networks enable you to deliver your message to any mobile user – no matter where they are or what device they own. Currently serving the most impression to the Apple iPhone 3.2 million per day.
  • 11. MBrand: The Premium Mobile Network The MBrand network is designed to generate a lift in brand metrics. Branded content from premium publishers ensures that campaigns reach users who are immersed in relevant content . Time-of-Day Demographic Geography Carrier Handset Content Entertainment Weather Social Media News & Info Life Sports Social Networks Pinpoint Targeting Quality Publishers Diverse Channels
  • 12. MBrand: Premium Targeting Campaigns can be delivered run-of-network or targeted to reach specific audiences. Delivery is optimized within these targets based on observed and expected response .
    • Channels
    • Entertainment
    • Games
    • News & Information
    • Social Media
    • Social Networks
    • Sports
    • Weather
    • Carrier
    • Specific carriers
    • Regional carriers
    • Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier 3
    • Subscription or prepaid
    • Platform
      • Java
      • BREW
      • Blackberry
      • Windows Mobile
      • Palm
      • Symbian
      • Android (future)
    • Handset
    • Screen size
    • Display resolution
    • Capabilities
      • MP3 player
      • Streaming video
      • Bluetooth
      • Email
      • Real-tones
    • Color
    • Demographics
    • Demographic
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Ethnicity
    • Household Income
    • Education
    • Employment Status
    • Geography
    • ZIP Code
    • Regional
    • Specific country
    • US vs. international
    • Time of Day
    • Daypart
    • Hour
    • Weekdays
    • Weekend
    • Day of week
    MBrand Targeting Channel Carrier Handset Demographic Geography Time of Day
  • 13. MBrand: Sample Content Channels Content channels are comprised of premium , brand-name and niche sites. ENTERTAINMENT 50 Million Monthly Impressions 3 Top Sites URL Fandango mobile TMZ The CW FUN & GAMES 75 Million Monthly Impressions 3 Top Sites URL Cellufun Kalador Tapatap SPORTS 175 Million Monthly Impressions 3 Top Sites URL MLB CBS Sports Goal SOCIAL MEDIA 175 Million Monthly Impressions 3 Top Sites URL TinyTube Zannel ZooVision NEWS & INFORMATION 50 Million Monthly Impressions 3 Top Sites URL The Washington Times CBS News MyFox wap.myfox[your city].com SOCIAL NETWORKING 1.6 Billion Monthly Impressions 3 Top Sites URL MySpace UPOC Life 2 Million Monthly Impressions Top Site URL Ask Men
  • 14. Mobile Engagement Solutions - Banners We maximize your mobile presence through a full service approach of creative options minimizing your burden of creating mobile assets.
  • 15. Mobile Engagement Solutions – Landing Page Millennial Media can create a comprehensive post click solution if a WAP destination isn’t already developed. Our creative team will work with you to build and engaging environment for users.
  • 16. Mobile Couponing – The Next Frontier A mobile coupon is essentially a text message with a brief description of the offer, a voucher code, and an expiration date. Additionally, a link will be included in the message to allow Mobile Web users to click on the link, displaying a branded WAP page, which includes all the program details, the voucher code, and a QR or UPC code which can then be scanned from the device.
  • 17. Mobile Couponing – Continued
  • 18. Post-Click Creative Solutions: Send-To-Friend The Send – To – Friend feature is by far one of mobile’s best. The ability for one person to endorse a product or service to a friend is one of great power. The recognition a brand can achieve by having an endorsement from one’s friend can’t be any greater.
  • 19. Post-Click Creative Solutions: User Submission Photos Create a user engagement that will pull them further into a campaign. Consumers can take photos with their camera phones, then email them in to be entered in a contests or to be rated by other users.
  • 20. Post-Click Creative Solutions: Product Trivia Creating a trivia element will build engagement for users to test their own product knowledge. Product trivia is also a great way to conduct mobile sweepstakes for high user engagement.
  • 21. Post-Click Creative Solutions: Branded Content Adding personalize products such as wallpaper or ringtones to your campaign can vastly increase CTR.
  • 22. WAP/SMS Solutions: Footlocker
  • 23. Integrated Creative Solutions: SMS Solutions Integrating SMS solutions into other forms of media can provide for a well rounded and widely received ad campaign.
    • Text messaging allows readers to interact with the ad
    • Users can still be connected with campaign even after the magazine is gone.
    • Using unique Text “keywords” allows for excellent conversion analysis.
  • 24.
    • Custom end-of-campaign reports
    • Real-time performance reporting
    • Brand-impact surveys
    • Support for third-party tracking via DFA, Atlas and more
    Measurable Results We leverage our advanced technologies to provide detailed campaign metrics and our extensive knowledge of the mobile market to provide insight and recommendations.
  • 25. Measurable Results Brand-impact surveys measure the effectiveness of your mobile ads, providing valuable insight regarding your campaign, your brand and your audience. Exposed Control Control/exposed methodology enables you to measure lift in key branding metrics such as awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent.
  • 26. Proven Performance We represent premium advertisers and agencies from a variety of industries, working hand-in-hand with our clients to develop innovative campaigns for the next generation in marketing.
  • 27. Millennial Media and Ford Mobile advertising was leveraged to introduce the new 2008 Ford Focus, specifically to highlight its technology, safety and economy. Promotional tactics included a mobile site featuring downloads and “find a local dealer.”
  • 28. Millennial Media and Ford Campaign performance exceeded expectations for the Ford Focus campaign – achieving strong click-through rates and unique views – all within the desired target audience. The campaign resulted in over 12 million views, 75 thousand clicks and a peak CTR of nearly 1.2%.
  • 29. Millennial Media and Ford In order to show the full impact of mobile advertising – Millennial Media conducted a brand-impact study for the Ford Focus. Branding metrics included traditional measurements as well as user engagement.
  • 30. Millennial Media and Warner Bros. Mobile entertainment revenues will reach $64 billion worldwide by 2012, from just over $20 billion in 2007. (Juniper Research) Mobile advertising was leveraged to promote the theatrical release of “One Missed Call” – Warner Bros.’ newest horror film. Promotional tactics included a mobile site featuring content, trailers, wallpapers and a signature ringtone.
  • 31. Millennial Media and Warner Bros. Campaign performance exceeded expectations for the “One Missed Call” campaign – achieving strong click-through rates and unique views – all within the desired target audience. 19-day campaign resulted in over 10 million views, 232 thousand clicks and a peak CTR of over 6%.
  • 32. Millennial Media and Warner Bros. Campaign performance exceeded expectations for the “One Missed Call” campaign – achieving strong click-through rates and unique views – all within the desired target audience. 19-day campaign resulted in over 10 million views, 232 thousand clicks and a peak CTR of over 6%.
  • 33. Millennial Media and Warner Bros. In order to show the full impact of mobile advertising – Millennial Media conducted a brand-impact study for “One Missed Call.” Branding metrics included traditional measurements as well as consumer engagement. 60+% Engagement Levels = $12+ Million Opening Weekend!
  • 34. Kelly Lynch - Director of Sales, Midwest - [email_address] - 312.919.9850