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Final final book reports

Final final book reports



PRJL 3031 - Seminar Presentation

PRJL 3031 - Seminar Presentation



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    Final final book reports Final final book reports Presentation Transcript

    • Presented By:Saleha, Ruby, Sarah, TC and Naomi
    •  Book Reports assist teachers in determining their students’ understanding of the text in a specific book Book Reports are instrumental in teaching, reinforcing and assessing the students reading, writing and comprehension The main purpose of book reports is to broaden students’ understanding of their society and the world around them
    •  Presenting a variety of different and creative ways to complete a book report, allows teachers to encourage their students to read and can make reading more fun. This helps students:  expand their knowledge  think outside of the box  be creative Our goal is to explore the different and creative ways to present book reports.
    • Resources:http://homeworktips.about.com/od/writingabookreport/a/report.htm http://writingbee.com/book_report
    • INTRODUCTION DESCRIPTION BODY CONCLUSION- details about the book - List and describe the main - Plot, the setting, location, theme, - Personal impressions of thelike the author and the character(s) and all other outcome and any other important book including:title characters within the book. attributes - What the student liked and- reasons each student - Did you enjoy the book? disliked about the book?chose their particularbook - Was it well written? - Did they enjoy the ending (for fiction)? - What was the genre? - Was the thesis supported by - Which characters play important strong evidence (for non- roles that relate to the overall theme fiction)? of the book (for fiction books)? - What interesting or notable - Did you notice reoccurring symbols? facts does the student know or learned about the author? - Is the book a part of a series? - Would you recommend the - Can you identify the writer’s thesis book? Why or why not? (non-fiction)? - What is the writing style? - Did you notice a tone? - Was there an obvious slant or bias?
    • ONLINE:•http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/lesson289.shtml•http://www.abcteach.com/directory/basics/writing/book_reports/•http://edhelper.com/book_reports.htm•http://teachnet.com/lessonplans/language-arts/more-ideas-than-ever-book-reports/•http://www.ftschool.org/fourth/help_items/book.projects.html•http://www.bobsedulinks.com/la_plans.htm•http://esl.fis.edu/teachers/support/commun.htm (helping ESL students)
    • BOOKS:
    •  JK/SK: Dora’s Adventures on Seasons Honey Bee By: Andreas Fischer-Nagel and Heiderose Fischer-NagelThere Is An Old Lady Who Lives In A Shoe Nose To Toes By: By: Marilyn Baillie Luanne Marten
    •  Grades 1 – 3: Grades 1 – 6 Little House On The Prairie Anne Of Green Gables By: By: Laura Ingalls Wilder Lucy Maud Montgomery Charlotte’s Web Trumpet Of The Swan By: E. B. White Stuart Little By: E. B. White By: E. B. White
    •  Find an empty cereal box and use it to create an ad for your chosen book Choose your favourite scene or who you think the main characters are from the book to draw for the cereal box ad Create a catch phrase that will capture the essence of the book Do not forget to add the author and title of the book as well.
    •  Choose your favourite book Afterreading the book, choose your favourite scene Make a 3D diorama of that scene within your shoe box Write a brief description of the scene: why you have chosen that scene? Present your shoe box book report to the class
    •  Draw a picture from the book that is your favourite scene, that you feel best represents the overall theme of the book Print the title and author on the cover Write a brief description of why you choose that scene as your favourite for your new book cover Present your new book cover to the class explaining why you choose that scene
    •  Students write about the main character or their favourite character from the book they are reading from that character’s perspective They then dress up as that character as they present their book report to the class Note: students should be asked to write their book report in a way where their fellow students need to guess what character the student is presenting The idea works best when students read biographies about famous people like Lucy Maud Montgomery or Martin Luther King Jr.
    •  Book reports are an important tool to assist teachers to determine their students’ understanding of the text. It is instrumental in our teaching – it can reinforce and assess the students reading, writing and comprehension skills. Book reports do not have to be boring rather be creative, fun and imaginative.
    • 1. With your group, come up with three art-based book report ideas that have not already been presented to you. Please, keep in mind ESL/ELL students when coming up with your ideas.2. With the materials provided, use ONE OF YOUR IDEAS TO CREATE A BOOK REPORT by using one of the books provided from the book display.3. Each group will have 10-15 minutes to complete their book report.4. After completing your book report, choose a member of your group to present your idea to the class in an exhibition.
    • 1. Each group will move around the room to each table to view the other groups book report ideas. 2. One member of each group will stay at their tables to present their book report idea to the rest of the class.3. Please spend a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes at each table to ensure that you are able to get to all of the tables.