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Talent Resource Company Presentation General Presentation Transcript

    Portfolio of Recruitment Services
    Socrates Minas – Chief Sales officer
  • 2. contentsPage 2
    talent resource – executive summary Page 3
    Search and selection Page 4
    contract and interim management Page 5
    national and expatriate Page 6
    African repatriation Page 7
    trsd– Talent resource security division Page 8
    Technical talent Page 9
    Commercial talent Page 9
    Talent Levels Page 9
    Delivery guarantee Page 10
    Unique selling points Page 10
    Ethical and best practice recruitment Page 10
    What do our clients say about us Page 11
    what do our candidates say about us Page 12
    Questions / contact details Page 13
    July 11
  • 3. Executive summary
    Talent Resource ™is a specialist International Telecommunications and Technology Search and
    Selection Firm. Credited with over 30 years combined international recruitment experience, our Directors and
    consultants are renowned specialists in this rapidly changing and developing industry.
    Founded: 2007
    Corporate Offices Larnaca, Cyprus and Cape Town, South Africa
    Employees: 10-20 employees
    Experience & Focus International Quad Play Recruitment
    Competence Base 60,000+ Resource
    Services: Recruitment Services, HR Consultancy, & Managed Services
    Industries: IT & Telecom, security
    Our mission is to become
    “ An International Recruitment Firm synonymous with delivery”
    Key client objectives:
    • Our primary goal on behalf of our client’s is the acquisition of World Class Talent.
    • 4. To reduce OPEX whilst delivering on time and in budget.
    • 5. To focus on cost control efficiencies and optimised planning solutions.
    • 6. To increase local competence through skills transfer & delivery of talent.
    July 11
  • 7. 4
     Search and Selection
    Talent Resource will nominate an
    Account Director for the entire search.
    The Methodology:
    Client Briefing/Meeting.
    Agree Role, Strategy & Target List.
    Prepare Candidate Briefing Pack.
    Research & Identify Relevant Candidates.
    Candidate Pre-Qualification.
    Shortlist Review Meeting.
    Interview Behavioral Profiling.
    Reference Check.
    Short List Submission .
    Client Interview.
    Offer Management.
    Candidate Commence.
    Key Stage 1 – The research
    We attend your premises to take a detailed briefing regarding the role, person specification, corporate environment then actively commences with thorough research into target companies operating in the relevant sector.
    Key Stage 3 – the interview
    conduct in-depth interviews at relevant locations.
    A shortlist of candidates is presented together with relevant CVs, interview notes and behavioral assessment.
    A shortlist will include at lease 3 candidates per position.
    Talent Resource arranges first interviews between the short-listed individuals.
    verify history and references.
    Key Stage 4 – Offer management
    provide assistance and advice on the preparation and making of offers to chosen candidates.
    Once an offer has been accepted, Talent Resource will track the candidate closely through his/her notice period,.
    Candidates who have been deemed unsuitable at any stage during the selection process will be notified professionally.
    a more detailed specific
    Presentation is available
    on request
    A list of target companies is compiled and agreed with the client.
    Target individuals are identified within these organizations and preliminary research conducted to verify their backgrounds.
    Key stage 2 – The approach
    Targeted candidates are approached confidentially.
    A broad outline of the post is given and general levels of suitability and interest are established.
    detailed profiles are built up on each candidate in order to select those with relevant skills & experience and those with genuine interest.
    The client will be informed weekly of the progress of the search using our standard reporting format. The output from this stage will be a ‘long list’ for discussion with the client.
    select those with relevant skills & experience and those with genuine interest.
    July 11
  • 8. 5
    Source candidates.
    Provide full briefing to the candidate.
    Assist in providing knowledge of the country and all the pertinent details of living there.
    Conduct Interviews.
    Technical / Psychological / Numeracy / Literacy Test.
    Reference checks.
    Submit suitable and screened profiles.
    Manage the interview process.
    Manage offer process.
    Assist in relocation of the candidate including their family .
    a more detailed presentation including terms and conditions are available on request
    Expatriate recruitment - Fixed term
    This service is aimed at clients looking for a proven and skilled candidates for a fixed term appointment based outside of the country of origin.
    Our Methodology:
    For Expatriate recruitment services Talent Resource use a more detailed and comprehensive methodology.
     Obtain a detailed brief of the requirement.
    National Recruitment – Permanent
    This service is aimed at finding candidates that are based in the country of the position and where the position is of indefinite length of time .
    Our Methodology:
    For national permanent recruitment services Talent Resource use a fully proven and comprehensive methodology.
    Obtain a detailed brief of the requirement.
    Source candidates.
    Provide full briefing to the candidate.
    Conduct Interviews.
    Technical / Psychological / Numeracy / Literacy Test
    Reference checks.
    Submit suitable and screened profiles.
    Manage the interview process.
    Manage the offer process.
    July 11
  • 9. 6
    Contract consultants
    This service supplies highly skilled and experienced consultants for 3 to 12 months contracts.
    Interim consultants are normally utilized for:
    Technical Projects:
    Network & Systems rollouts.
    Network & Systems up-grades.
    Network & Systems Integration.
    Network & Systems testing and acceptance.
    commercial campaign's:
    Public relations.
    The Contract consultants are
    Normally paid a Monthly rate
    Including accommodation, local
    Transportation, return flights and Full business expenses.
    Interim senior management
    This service is aimed at finding senior Management level candidates for short term periods .
    Interim consultants are normally utilized for:
    License Bid’s for fixed/mobile/mvno networks.
    Mergers and acquisitions.
    Providing senior management cover until permanent local hires are made.
    Legal and regulatory.
    Start Up’s to Launch leadership.
    Training and development programs.
    Business transformation programs.
    Key business processes programs.
    Audit and assurance programs.
    The interim consultants are normally paid a daily rate including a per diem, accommodation, local Transportation, return flights and Full business expenses.
    Value added services
    As a value added service talent resource can also provide assistance with:
    Entry Visa’s and work permits.
    Payroll solutions.
    Local and with holding tax.
    Local transportation .
    Local sim / data cards.
    Fully compliant In Country solution.
    If required Talent resource can
    Provide consultants on an All
    inclusive fee Basis. talent resource charges one all inclusive monthly fee And takes Responsibility and ownership of the all extra costs, stated above.
    a more detailed presentation including terms and conditions are available on request
    July 11
  • 10. 7
    The Process
    Phase 1 - Identification
    • Agree terms and fee’s with your organisation.
    • 11. Identify the positions that need filling.
    • 12. Produce full Job Description's.
    • 13. Identify Salary and Package matrix.
    Phase 2 – Search and Selection
    • Identification of candidate.
    • 14. Initial Interview of the candidate.
    • 15. Background & References Checks
    • 16. 2nd interview.
    • 17. Assessments – Psychometric, competence and technical.
    • 18. Final interview.
    • 19. Obtain Submission confirmation
    Phase 3 – Shortlist
    • Produce individual profiles reports - CV, Assessments results, references and submission confirmation.
    • 20. A fully comprehensive pre qualified shortlist will be sent to your organisation.
    a more detailed presentation including terms and conditions are available on request
    How do we achieve this
    There are several ways Talent Resource identifies African Talent ™ Talent Resource is a part of the ABC Holding Group that owns and operates African Repatriation ™ and African Talent ™.
    Talent Resource has unique access to African Talent ™ database of over 60,000 African National’s from 22 different Industries.
    Featured & Targeted advertising on www.aficanrepatriation.com and www.africantalent.com.
    Job Fairs, Seminars and Exhibitions
    Talent Resource internal Database.
    Networking though existing and new contacts on LinkedIn and other corporate networking tools.
    Advertising in general and specialist paper and web mediums.
    Advertising and Networking through specific African expats website’s.
    Liaise with African embassies and African business networks in Europe, America’s and Asia.
    African Repatriation ™ is an ad-hoc recruitment service, managed campaign and managed service aimed at repatriating African National’s back into their country of origin.
    Key Objectives
    The mission is very simple
    Reduce OPEX Costs by reducing the need for expensive EXPAT consultants.
    Ensure sustainable business operation rich in local and experienced African Talent ™.
    Transfer knowledge and experienced gained internationally to the local African Talent ™ pool.
    Provide sustainable roots for your business to grow in a structured and organic way.
    Identify African Talent ™ that can create, implement and manage sustainable training and personal development programmes.
    Search and identify African Talent ™ already in country that can add a sustainable benefit your organisation.
    July 11
  • 21. 8
    The aim of this function is to ensure that our clients receive the best possible value and cost savings on new operations or, on existing contracts. Security costs can be prohibitive in the telecommunications industry. Networks may well be paying over the odds for insufficient, overmanned, over-priced or sub-standard security services due to the lack of preparatory research and knowledge at the evaluation and selection process.
    A small percentage saving on a medium to long term security contract could result in substantial savings over a given period of time.
    TRSD, as the name suggests, is a security consultancy that specializes in the analysis, evaluation and the financial variables of contract security. TRSD has no bias or ties to any security providers allowing us to give a completely honest and professional appraisal of the client’s needs.
    the transfer of in-house to outsourced security (or outsourced to in-house), operational implementation and initial development of new security operations, provision of security related policies and procedures and local management training.
    We can confidently offer these services as our senior consultant has many years experience within the operational and commercial aspects of the business as well as holding a number of senior management positions in the UK and abroad.
    The Services is broken down into phases
    New Operations
    Start up 30-45 Days
    Implementation 30-45 Days
    Quality Assurance 7-10 Days
    Existing Operations
    Evaluation 10-15 days
    New Bid management 30-45 Days
    Implementation 30-45 days
    A Full Presentation is available on request
    The results of this appraisal will be submitted only after a thorough evaluation based on client needs, sourcing local or international companies capable of delivering the services required, the issuing of a comprehensive Scope of Works, the issuing of a Request for Quotation and an aggressive one to one commercial and capability evaluation of offer with any prospective suppliers.
    We have an in depth understanding of direct and indirect costs, overheads and the expected profit margins that are the main ingredients of a security quotation. TRSD can make cost savings by enforcing the use of best practice, concurrent activity and shared resources with the security setup. Strong negotiation skills combined with an in-depth knowledge of the business is a powerful tool when discussing inflated charge rates.
    TRSD can offer a range of services including but not limited to; new business start ups, evaluation and renegotiation of current contracts.
    July 11
  • 22. 9
    Technical talent
    Working with E2E recruitment solutions in :
    • Radio Frequency .
    • 23. transmission.
    • 24. core networks.
    • 25. systems and IT.
    Talent Resource can provide candidates with experience in;
    • infrastructure architecture.
    • 26. design and planning.
    • 27. optimisation and planning.
    • 28. civil works.
    • 29. site acquisitions.
    • 30. Installation.
    • 31. commissioning.
    • 32. provisioning.
    • 33. Integration.
    • 34. testing.
    • 35. acceptance.
    • 36. Expansion.
    • 37. Upgrades.
    • 38. swap outs.
    • 39. Operation and Maintenance .
    Talent Levels
    Talent Resource uses a state of the art recruitment system. The system has been bespoke to seamlessly integrate with our internal and our clients needs .
    The database currently has approximately 60,000 CV’s. The profile range from:
    • graduates / junior / entry level.
    • 40. executives / engineer / analyst.
    • 41. team leader.
    • 42. junior management .
    • 43. manager / project manager.
    • 44. regional manager .
    • 45. senior manager / program manager.
    • 46. head of department.
    • 47. director / Project Director.
    • 48. chief X Officer.
    • 49. Country manager / general manager.
    • 50. vice president / senior vice president.
    • 51. chief executive officer.
    • 52. Group Level – all senior management and C’ level positions.
    Commercial talent
    working across vertically and horizontally Talent resource can provide Talent across all the departments within a telecom and IT company.
    • Project Management Office.
    • 53. Legal & Regulatory.
    • 54. Revenue Assurance.
    • 55. Sales.
    • 56. Marketing.
    • 57. Operations.
    • 58. Customer Service .
    • 59. HR / Talent Management / Sourcing.
    • 60. Procurement.
    • 61. Supply & Logistics.
    • 62. Back Office Support.
    • 63. Finance.
    • 64. Contract Management.
    • 65. Audit.
    • 66. Fraud.
    • 67. Security.
    • 68. strategy.
    • 69. mergers and acquisitions.
    July 11
  • 70. 10
    Delivery Guarantee
    In the unlikely event of a candidate leaving your company within 90 days (including weekends) a refund will be given in the proportions below:
    1-30 Days – 75%
    31-60- Days – 50%
    61-90 Days – 25%
    The guarantee is only valid if all fees have been fully paid within 30 days of the date of the invoice and notification in writing has been given to SM Talent Resource Ltd of a candidate’s termination of employment.
    The refund does not apply if a candidate is made redundant, or if your company becomes insolvent.
    Fee’s for national recruitment are based on a percentage are based on basic salary only.
    In the event that the candidate is on a contract with the client Talent Resource will replace the candidate with a suitable and acceptable candidate within 7 days.
    Unique selling points
    Bespoke candidate attraction programmes:
    • Database searches & marketing.
    • 71. Repatriation programmes.
    • 72. Competence base of 60,000+ .
    • 73. Access to African repatriation and African talent database and advertising.
    Interview & selection methodologies:
    • Technical & Psychometric Testing.
    • 74. numeracy & literacy tests.
    • 75. Pre & Post Screening Checks.
    • 76. Competence Assessments.
    Customised Management Reports:
    • Recruitment Activity.
    • 77. SLA Performance.
    • 78. Cost Savings Analysis & Assessment.
    Competitive fees and packages:
    • permanent fees are only based on basic salary.
    • 79. Search fee are only payable on success as long as exclusivity is obtained.
    • Strategically located in Africa, middle east and Europe.
    Ethical recruitment
    Talent resource operates to the strictest ethical standards with regards to international recruitment.
    Talent Resource understands the importance of our role in helping both clients and candidates in today’s employment market. We believe in the traditional business ethics of being honest and ethical with everyone at all times.
    We respect the confidence given to us by our clients and candidates and we handle all information provided to us by clients and candidates with full confidentiality and discretion.
    We treat candidates with respect and dignity and relay honest and accurate information to the full extent of our ability.
    We always try to be honest in informing candidates as to their chances of our being able to assist them in finding employment.
    July 11
  • 80. 11
    What do our clients say about us
    What do our Clients say about Talent Resource
    “Talent Resource is a very professional and effective resource executive firm. Their knowledge of the telecoms industry is extensive and they are very well connected. They always take their time to understand a brief and the quality of their candidates are impressive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Talent resource to any new client.”
    Lars Stork – Chief operating Officer – zain group - Nigeria
    “In case of the need of a professional I always contact Talent Resource. In most cases they directly come back to me (or I have to wait a while when they are searching) with excellent candidates. Their intake conversation is efficient and to the point to ensure they target the right candidates. No sales talk and good relation manager. If you are looking for somebody contact Talent Resource. They will tell you if he can help or not and if so you will have soon multiple suitable candidates “ .
    Hans Morritz. Group Chief Operations Officer, Zain group - Bahrain
    “I have worked with Talent Resource as a business provider to Zain specializing on senior management placements and in all my interactions with him them demonstrated very strong and admirable professionalism in all their dealings and very high levels of integrity at all times. They also showed high attention to detail and a very strong culture of following through on his promises and strong communicator. They certainly have a rich network in the business fraternity and has established themselves very well with a lot of Pan African and Asian businesses working with major brands like MTN, Zain. Talent Resource also possessed an uniquely strong understanding of the telecommunications industry .
    Norman Moyo. Group Marketing Director, Zain Group - Bahrain
    “Talent Resource are definitely not the classical headhunters you expect to deal with. They are so caring while extremely rigorous on planning and execution. They keeps a great focus on the overall process and he always gives timely and valuable feedback so that I have always felt comfortable with him. Great guy, great headhunting firm you can surely rely on”.
    DjibrilTobe. Chief Executive Officer, INTERCEL, Guinea
    July 11
  • 81. 12
    What do our candidates say about us
    “I have been interviewed by both Talent Resource and their team on a few occasions, and they are courteous and straight to the point and very easy to communicate with. They were honest about the jobs, they presented and did not just do a sales pitch. Also they know how to handle confidentiality. I recommend Luke and his team both for those who are looking for a job and those who are looking for someone to hire.
    Kurt Severinsen– Procurement Director - Etisalat – Nigeria
    “I was contacted by Talent Resource with regards to a possibility of employment early 2009. Despite being a late entry into the selection process, Talent Resource managed to present my CV and highlight my experience to the potential employers. They were always available to discuss the various stages of the process and were ever willing to push for additional information ensuring that I understood where we were in terms of the selection. Talent resource presented my profile in such a manner, that within a short period of time, interviews were arranged with senior members of the employer’s team, which ultimately resulted in an offer and acceptance of employment. I was delighted with the manner in which business was conducted by their organization. It was extremely refreshing to maintain a constant dialogue with all parties. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Talent Resource to any potential jobseeker or employer. I am completely satisfied with the service provided.
    Arthur Keith – Security Consultant – Wantaniya Palestine
    “Talent Resource recruited me for my present position in ZAIN. Their handling of all issues relating my contract was excellent. They met every expectation I have of a recruiter. I highly recommend their services to clients and consultants.”
    Emmanuel Emma Ukaegbu. TRANSMISSION CONSULTANT, ZAIN Ghana
    “Talent resource are very persistent and cares about the wishes and goals of their client. He has gone to extremes to make things happen for me. I would be very happy to work with them again in the future.”
    Jan Reynder, 2/3G Network Planning Manager – Aircom International - Ghana
    July 11
  • 82. Any questions
    Socrates Minas- Chief Sales Officer
    Talent Resource Ltd
    14 Tersefanou Road
    Switchboard 00 357 24 030 127
    Mobile 00 357 97691342
    Email socrates@talentresource.com
    Website www.talentresource.com