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Tech integration in grades 3 5, April 2011

Tech integration in grades 3 5, April 2011






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    Tech integration in grades 3 5, April 2011 Tech integration in grades 3 5, April 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Tech Integration in Grades 3-5 Susan Oxnevad—April, 2011
    • Instructional Tech Goals
      • NETS-aligned 21st Century Learning experiences
      • Progress through the stages of technology integration to reach adaptation stage
      • One computer classroom, open 24/7
      • RtI / UDL, using the computer as a tool to support all learners
      • Help teachers develop Tech Toolkit of Resources
      • Internet Safety
      • Compacting the crowded plate
    • Overview - Samples by Grade
      • 3 rd Grade – Follow progress of Sandra Flowers’ Class, example of meeting instructional goals identified
      • 4 th Grade – Regions of the US collaborative grade level project
      • 5 th Grade – Road to Revolution collaborative grade level project
    • 3 rd Grade, A Glimpse of One Classroom Sandra Flower’s Highlights
      • Samples projects to illustrate instructional goals
      • Glogs – Civil Rights Heroes
      • Using Wordle to introduce a concept
      • Wild Self Wiki
      • VoiceThread Lit Circles
      • Public Service Announcement Videos
    • Using Glogster to Construct Knowledge
      • Civil Rights Heroes
      • Cooperative groups provide differentiation
      • Adaptation level: using technology to construct knowledge
      • Using technology as a tool for learning, not an add on
      • Compacting the crowded plate
    • Wild Self Wiki
      • Internet Safety
      • 24/7 Classroom
      • Used with Open Court unit, City Wildlife
    • VoiceThread Lit Circles
      • 2 1st Century Learning
      • Universal Design for learning
      • RtI tier I
      • Cooperative groups based on learning style
      • Science energy unit
    • Public Service Announcement Videos
    • 4 th Grade Collaborative Project
    • Participants - Collaborative Project
      • Grade level project
      • Designed to meet goals
      • Ongoing
      • 40 classrooms across US participating
    • 11 Oak Park Classes Participating
      • Veena Rajashekar, Beye
      • Kathy Quickery, Hatch
      • Marianne Rehfield, Holmes
      • Colleen Cushing, Holmes
      • Kara Kelly, Irving
      • Cheryl Sullivan, Longfellow
      • Cristen Carter, Longfellow
      • Colin Reynolds, Mann x 2
      • Nicole Pryor, Mann x 2
    • Two major components
      • Ongoing activities
      • Engage students 24/7
      • Offers students choices and opportunities to participate at various levels
      • One class activity per month
      • Internet-safety
      • Digital Citizenship
      Web 2.0 tools to incorporate Universal Design for Learning
    • Ongoing Activity - Discussions
      • Designed to learn about living in different regions
      • Extends walls of the classroom, open 24/7
      • Very popular feature
      • Monitored and guided
    • Discussions 9 year old students in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Vermont and Texas talking about snow days
    • Saturday – March 5th
    • Spotlight – Front Page Features Highlighting classroom events worth sharing: playground tours, videos of all kinds, featured projects and more, all linked to discussions
    • Mystery Photos
      • Frequently changing photos displayed
      • Students engage in discussions to try to identify location
      • Used to introduce research tools
      • Research tips and tools provided
    • Classroom Pages
      • Each class has page for sharing learning
      • experiences
      • Discussions linked
    • 100 Facts Challenge
      • Contest using Google form and spreadsheet
      • Generate 100 facts about each region to go beyond basic information
      • Weekly winner creates and publishes voki with message for all
    • Collaborative Photo Galleries
      • Collect copyright-friendly images and upload
      • Include caption to describe photo and location
      • Include attribution and link
      • Photos used throughout project
      New York
    • January - Get Started with Our Wiki
      • Intro to wiki, video
      • Focus on Internet safety
        • Avatars and Internet Safety Lesson
        • Personal vs. Private
        • Live and Worldwide
        • Netiquette, web etiquette
        • Form, agree to terms
        • Good discussions glog
        • Google Earth tour
    • February - Build Photo Galleries
      • Intro to Picasa Web
      • Focus on Copyright
      • Copy-right-friendly Prezi lesson
      • Complete form and agree to terms
      • Submit photo for any state
    • March - Learning About Lifestyles
      • Intro to tools for collecting information
      • Focus on matching question to the tool
      • Lesson using concept mapping to brainstorm ideas and choose tools
      • Create survey and publish on wiki
      • Collect information and publish results
    • April - Conversations Live and WorldWide
      • Contribute to online conversations about regions using VoiceThread
      • Generate discussion topic as class
      • Use avatars and pen names to comment on the VoiceThread
      • Skype with another classroom to guess locations
    • May - Create an Ad for a Region
      • Students work collaboratively and virtually to create an online poster, or glog, as an advertisement for visiting a region
      • Focus: Collaboration across regions
      • Assign jobs based on learning style
        • Project Manager
        • Graphic Designer
        • Word Smith, Copy Editor
        • Audio Production Manager
      • Create glogs and publish
    • 5 th Grade - The Road to Revolution
    • 5 th Grade Online Learning Simulation
      • Collaborative grade level collaborative project
      • 10 Oak Park classrooms participating
      • Designed to meet all instructional tech goals
      • Aligned with NETS S and Illinois social studies standards
      • Uses the computer as a tool for writing
    • Two Major Components
      • Online simulation
      • Interactive game created by PBS
      • Students assume roles and make choices to determine fate
      • Wiki work
      • Guided activities for teachers
      • Use of primary source documents
    • Universal Design for Learning
      • Choices for responding to learning
      • Wiki journal
      • Online drawing
      • Online discussion
      • Modifications for paper and pencil activities
      • SmartTools Jeopardy review
    • Wiki Discussions - Example This is an ad that appeared in a Boston newspaper in 1770. The text at the top introduces the list of men that follows by saying that they boldly go against the united feelings of the merchants of America because they continue to bring in British goods for sale in America. Notice that Mr. Lillie, Constance’s uncle, is on the list. Imagine yourself as a shoe store owner today. A group of people resents that you import the shoes and sneakers you sell from Asia. They feel that you should only sell things made in America. In addition to not buying in your store, they take out an ad on TV in order to embarrass you, and to let others know what you are doing. Is this fair? Should they have the right to hurt your feelings and your business in this way?