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  • 1. Egor SovtsovUser Interface Designer210.487.9697egor@sovtsov.comwww.sovtsov.comFeatured Works for Eccentex Corporation
  • 2. New York State Consumer Information Systems (NYCIS)
  • 3. New York State Consumer Information Systems (NYCIS)Client:New York State Financial Services (formerly known as New York State Insurance Department)Public access: implemented several solutions for the New York State Financial Services including all aspects of the complaint manage-ment within the department:— Various capture channels— Complex workflow for complaint initiation and data entry—­­ Distribution of the information to the complainants and respondents— Online portal for general public and respondents etc.Product was succesfully delivered to the client.Project budget: 1,400,000.00$Deliverable(s) Responsible For:Requirements gatheringFunctional/Behavioral SpecificationsUser TestingPaper WireframesFunctional PrototypingPage MockupsGUI elementsIcon sets
  • 4. New York State Consumer Information Systems (NYCIS)Public Portal ScreenshotsCustomer Complaint
  • 5. New York State Consumer Information Systems (NYCIS)Respondent Portal ScreenshotsOpen Cases Screen
  • 6. New York State Consumer Information Systems (NYCIS)Respondent Portal ScreenshotsCase Details Screen
  • 7. New York State Consumer Information Systems (NYCIS)Application ScreenshotsMail Reader Screen
  • 8. New York State Consumer Information Systems (NYCIS)Application ScreenshotsFull Text Search Screen
  • 9. New York State Consumer Information Systems (NYCIS)Application ScreenshotsNavigation Tree Setup
  • 10. AppBaseDynamic Case Management Platform
  • 11. AppBase. Dynamic Case Management PlatformDescription:Appbase enables a business expert to design, develop, test, deploy, and host enterprise-grade business applications dealing withdynamic case management. Forrester defines dynamic case management to be semi-structured and collaborative, dynamic, human-centered, information-intensive processes undertaken around a given context, while being driven by events, requiring incrementaland progressive responses.AppBase Structural Scheme:Project budget: 15,000,000.00$Find more information on Eccentex’s website:www.eccentex.comDeliverable(s) Responsible For:User WorkflowsInformal User TestingUse CasesWireframesPrototypingPage MockupsGUI elementsIcon sets
  • 12. AppBase. Dynamic Case Management PlatformAppBase ModelThe AppBase system follows a methodology which defines a set of configurations that must be defined to create a working casemanagement business model. All configuration is accomplished within two components:— Solution— EnvironmentSolutionThe Solution defines the configuration of system. This includes, but is not limited to, Business Objects, Rules, Workflows, and Pag-es.EnvironmentThe Environment consists of the operating system (virtualized or otherwise) and related systems and services (hardware and soft-ware) that are required in order to run the solution.DeploymentDeployment is the process by which you commit changes you have made to a solution and apply the updated solution to an envi-ronment. Once deployed, the solution can be used by business users.
  • 13. AppBase. Dynamic Case Management PlatformCreating SolutionLaunching Application Studio in order to create a Solution
  • 14. AppBase. Dynamic Case Management PlatformSetting Up Business Objects and Creating RelationshipsA business object model is the structure of the business data entities which will form the building blocks of the solution
  • 15. AppBase. Dynamic Case Management PlatformCreating and Editing WorkflowsWorkflows can be used to consistently manage common business processes within an organization by enabling the organization toattach business logic to work items in a Solution.
  • 16. AppBase. Dynamic Case Management PlatformDeploying a SolutionDeploy option allows to build a Solution and deploy it to an environment
  • 17. MARSMaintenance and Renewal Services
  • 18. Maintenance and Renewal Services (MARS)Client:Private company information.Product was succesfully delivered to the client.Project budget: 300,000.00$Description:Custom SaaS solution aimed to reduce manual efforts and automate common routine tasks, like managing maintenance renewals.Application was built with the AppBase platform.Deliverable(s) Responsible For:User WorkflowsWireframesFunctional PrototypingPage MockupsGUI elementsIcon sets
  • 19. Maintenance and Renewal Services (MARS)1. Application ScreensAllows to use the application according to sequrity permissionsExample: Details Screen
  • 20. Maintenance and Renewal Services (MARS)Example: Search Screen
  • 21. Maintenance and Renewal Services (MARS)Example of Dashboard Screen
  • 22. Maintenance and Renewal Services (MARS)2. Application Studio ScreensAllows to maintain, set up and customize the applicationExample: Edit Workflow Screen
  • 23. Maintenance and Renewal Services (MARS)Business Object Relations Screen
  • 24. Maintenance and Renewal Services (MARS)Business Rules Screen