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SEO školení Batukhtina

  1. 1. Multilingual SEO & SEM Linkbuilding, Duplicate Content and Geo-Selection – what else? Daria Batukhtina, International business development manager
  2. 2. International Opportunity Selection 1. Is there a market in the target country or region for the product or service? 2. Do people search for the product or service? 3. Is it logistically possible to deliver the product or service? 4. What is needed in terms of sales or customer support? 5. Is it possible to move revenue earned out of the country? 6. Do we have the correct payment systems for that market? 7. How strong is the competition - what competitive advantage can be leveraged?
  3. 3. Search Engines around the world
  4. 4. Languages in Europe 23 official languages in Europe Around 100 dialects.
  5. 5. Different mentality & search Only 5% of Russian know English. Germans mostly search Jobs & Information online. French Internet users are most sociable & active in social network.
  6. 6. What do people online? Source: The Pew Research Center's Internet & Life Project
  7. 7. Multilingual SEO tips Work with local domains & IP addresses Link Building – Local links are the best The same content in different languages is not duplicate Target main languages, not dialects, but… In multi-language countries, lead with the major language + relevant keywords from dialects If you have multiple language sites – interlink them
  8. 8. Search engines marketing Different online channels covering different Target Groups. YouTube shows youngest profile, Banner Ads covering 20-39 but Search is over proportionally strong with 40-59 year old (Gfk data for Germany, 2010).
  9. 9. Share of Advertisers by Search Engine Google enjoys the greatest share of advertisers by a large margin - 81% of advertisers spent on Google while only 26% spent with Yahoo! and just 13% with Microsoft Bing. Source: Adgooroo Methodology: Adgooroo SEM Insight bid monitoring data
  10. 10. Percentage of International Clicks by Number of Keywords in Search Phrase According to this data from Experian Hitwise, searches of eight or more words increased 1%. Three word searches declined by 1%. Source: Experian Hitwise
  11. 11. Multilingual SEM tips Paid Search is not just about clicks, rather driving the most relevant visitors to a site, in order to generate revenue. Search engines Adverts Keywords Landing Pages Path to Conversion
  12. 12. Resume Develop your market & Web marketing audit know your niche. & analysis Use native speaker for Copywriting & preparing content on online PR. the web site & for ads campaigns. Think global, be local. Local SEO Implement integrated SEM: Pay per click ads web marketing strategy SMO: Social media optimization SMM: Social media marketing
  13. 13. Daria Batukhtina, International business development manager 24th of June 2010 Thank you for you attention We don’t promote web sites. We create overall web marketing strategy for presenting your business online & get your profit from it.