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TV Connect Global Events 2013 Brochure
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TV Connect Global Events 2013 Brochure


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This is a catalogue of the TV Connect Global Events 2013 portfolio

This is a catalogue of the TV Connect Global Events 2013 portfolio

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:13 Page a Formerly known as: The Worlds leading connected entertainment events WOrlD eVeNT TV cONNecT regiONAl eVeNTs cDN suMMiTs WOrlD suMMiTs 8th January 2013 8-9 April 2013 8-9 October 2013 27-28 February 2013 22-23 May 2013 5-6 June 2013 Las Vegas International Hong Kong Istanbul, Turkey Singapore London London Convention Centre, USA 19-21 March 2013 4-6 November 2013 12-14 November 2013 25-26 June 2013 18-19 June 2013 19-21 November 2013 Olympia, London Dubai, UAE Cape Town, South Africa Las Vegas London London WORLDSUMMIT 20 March 2013 3-4 December 2013 1-3 October 2013 26-27 November 2013 One Mayfair, London Sao Paulo, Brazil London Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:13 Page 1 10,894 104 countries 39% cXO/ Director attendees in represented in level Average the past year the past year Attendance Welcome to the TV connect event series global Networking in connected entertainment TV Connect Global Events is the next stage of evolution for the IP&TV World Series The name change reflects the changing nature of the ecosystem, which has become more convergent and strategic in its focus. New players from the world of apps, advertising, content and new media are having a greater influence on the industries evolution. This reflects the coming of age of the industry, which is moving away from a focus purely on technology, and shifting more towards services and experiences. The legacy of the world’s leading show, TV Connect Event (formerly IP&TV World Forum) continues, while the name change echoes the evolving nature of a converging marketplace. We are optimistic for 2013 as we see various regions and markets around the world grow. The new year will see the return of successful events such as OTTtv World Summit and CDN World Summit. Both events continue to attract great interest from many of the innovators and thought leaders within the market delivering burgeoning and vibrant places to meet, learn and do business. We will also be looking to build on the achievements of our launch events from 2012 including the expanded Social TV World Summit and CDN Asia Summit. Both of these events enjoyed successful launches in 2012 and post-event interest is showing they will be stronger in 2013! Please take your time to read through this brochure which highlights what our events are about and the benefits of being involved in our events. Regards, Joanna Jones, Events Director, TV connect global events 1 @tvconnectevent
  • 3. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:13 Page 2 14 PAgE 03 19-21 March 2013 42% Average 81% of companies Olympia, London service Provider resigned from events around the globe 8-9 April 2013 Hong Kong PAgE 07 Attendance 2012 for 2013 8-9 October 2013 Istanbul, Turkey PAgE 09 4-6 November 2013 Dubai, UAE PAgE 11 TesTiMONiAls FrOM ArOuND THe glOBe “Great Place to meet people and learn about the latest developments of the market” 12-14 November 2013 Cape Town, South Africa PAgE 13 Vassilis Seferidis, Director; European Business Development, Samsung Electronics Europe “It is a great platform to meet with customers and partners” 3-4 December 2013 Sao Paulo, Brazil PAgE 15 Rahşan Karan, VP Corporate Sales & Partner Relations, AirTies Wireless Networks “It represented one of the most highly productive industry trade shows we 27-28 February 2013 Singapore PAgE 17 participate, likely greater results than IBC. We were able to schedule the tier 1 target meetings we were seeking with leading STB suppliers & IPTV Service Providers” Jeff Kessler, Strategic Business Development, SMK Europe-NV 25-26 June 2013 Las Vegas PAgE 18 “It was a great success. We had very interesting meetings as the exhibition had lots of professional attendees. It was an inspiring event like every year.” Friederike Schmitz, Product Marketing Manager, Siemens AG CMT 1-3 October 2013 London PAgE 19 “Interesting industry event that you cant avoid if youre in the IPTV business” Lionel Gremeau, product marketing management director, SoftAtHome 22-23 May 2013 London PAgE 21 TV connect global events 5-6 June 2013 London PAgE 23 search for: TV connect global events WORLDSUMMIT 26-27 November 2013 Lisbon, Portugal PAgE 24 TV connect event series channel 18-19 June 2013 London PAgE 25 @tvconnectevent 19-21 November 2013 London PAgE 27 TV connect event series group 2
  • 4. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:13 Page 3 Now in its 9th Year Formerly known as: The Worlds leading event On “Well connected and professional delegates, good speaking events and useful trade show area. All in all a ‘must’ industry event for connected TV” 19-21 March 2013 Hakan Gustafsson, Olympia, London Director, Strategy Analytics We are proud to introduce our new brand: TV Connect, the new name for the IP&TV World Forum and series. Over the past eight A TurlY glOBAl eVeNT – ATTeNDees cAMe FrOM 83 cOuNTries years the IP&TV World Forum has been the leading global platform Afghanistan • Andorra • Argentina • Australia • Austria driving the debate, development and deployment of IP delivered TV. • Bahrain • Bangladesh • Belarus • Belgium • Bosnia and The show has grown rapidly from an early focused pioneering Herzegovina • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • China • Colombia • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark conference, and over the decade come to represent an even more • Ecuador • Egypt • Estonia • Finland • France • georgia vibrant and dynamic market than could ever have been imagined at • germany • greece • Hong Kong • Hungary • India • the founding event. Indonesia • Iran • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Kenya • Kuwait • Latvia • Lebanon • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Macedonia • Malaysia • Malta • Mauritius • Mexico • Mongolia • Morocco • Mozambique • Netherlands • WHAT TV cONNecT 2013 cAN DO FOr YOu... New Caledonia • New Zealand • Nigeria • North Korea • Norway • Pakistan • Poland • Portugal • Qatar • Romania • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Serbia • Singapore • Slovakia • • Demonstrate your expertise by aligning your company brand and Slovenia • South Africa • South Korea • Spain • Sri Lanka presentation delivery with our high level, focused world class content as a • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand • Turkey • TV Connect Thought Leadership Partner UAE • Ukraine • United Kingdom • Uruguay • USA • Venezuela • Vietnam • Associate your company brand with key features on the show floor like the TV App Hub or our Connected Innovation Theatre providing targeted branding to key customer groups recOrD BreAkiNg ATTeNDANce iN 2012 • Network and engage with the entire Connected Entertainment Ecosystem • Build your sales pipeline and continuing to 7400 • Host an Executive Summit grow every year! +10% 7175 • Support in launch into new markets and regions 6950 • Host a press conference • Showcase your suite of products 6725 6500 +5% TV Connect is renowned for bringing many of the best contacts in the 7,163 business under one roof. To discuss how you would like to protect 6275 the future prosperity of your business, please contact; 6050 6,457 Joanna Jones, events Director: 5825 6,122 6,122 email: 5600 Tel No: +44 207 017 4801 2010 2011 2012 sales 3 +44 (0)20 7017 4801 enquiries
  • 5. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:13 Page 4On connected entertainment THe Full VArieTY OF cONNecTeD eNTerTAiNMeNT serVice PrOViDers 7,163 MARCH 2013 37% Br eA kD OW N service Providers 14.1% Telco 7.8% Broadcast 6.5% Content Provider/Aggregator Attendees in 2012 19 37% serVice PrOViDers 4.4% OTT Service 1.9% New Media reNOWNeD FOr iTs seNiOr leVel ATTeNDANce 1.5% Cable 25% CxO / Chairman / Managing Director / President 0.7% Satellite 19% Director & general Manager 0.3% Content Distribution 20% Manager 13% Analyst & Press 6% Business Development Full industry representation 3% Engineer 37% Service Providers 1.3% Content Delivery Network 0.5% Mobile Video Optimisation 3% Marketing / Product / Project Management 14.4% Press & Analyst 1.3% Middleware & gateways 0.5% Regulation 2% Consultant 7.3% Network Solution Provider 1.3% Service Platforms 0.5% UI, Search & Recommendation 1% Developer 5.4% Software Solutions 1.1% Application Development 0.4% Retailer 8% Other 5% Consulting 1% Semiconductors & Components 0.3% Research & Development 3.9% TV/Broadcast Network Solutions 1% Systems Integration 0.2% Executive Search 3% Consumer Electronics 0.9% Production and Post Production 0.1% Content Protection “Extremely useful investment of time.” 2.9% Industry Body 0.8% Branding & Advertising 0.1% Healthcare Sayeed Ahmed, Head of Content, 2.8% Quality & Security Improvement 0.8% Investment 0.1% OSS, BSS & Payments Solutions Qtel Media House, Qtel 2.3% government Agency 0.6% Hardware and Software Solutions 0.1% Product Distribution 1.9% Media/Content Management Solutions 0.6% Marketing & PR Services Source: 2012 attendance figures 2012 sPONsOrs speaker enquiries +44 (0)20 7017 6801 4
  • 6. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:14 Page 5 Now in its 9th Year Formerly known as: 2 Floors – Packed with the latest Offerings connected innovation Theatre In reflection of the increasing convergence of key players we have introduced three key new sessions free to all on the show floor; gaming Connect, Devices Connect and Creative Connect. These sessions will focus on three very exciting and growing parts of the industry. Online gaming is a major focus of this year’s show and will be reflected in having a day long free session focussed on it. 19-21 March 2013 Up to Second Level 282 283 285 287 289 Up to Second Level Olympia, London PRESS ZONE 269 267 295 296 297 271 277 275 280 273 272 @TVconnectevent #TVconnect 235 236 241 Connected Innovation 26 191 195 216 Theatre Up to Second Level 240 2 TV connect event 199 213 242 193 215 218 233 237 207 214 255 217 107 181 179 177 167 165 159 155 151 149 145 173 106 254 105 127 129 113 115 120 117 128 253 123 125 104 AVAILABLE 103 RESERVED 91 76 93 92 85 83 82 81 77 SOLD 101 99 90 89 87 19 33 43 45 50 53 55 23 25 35 39 17 31 44 47 49 51 52 8 41 16 15 11 12 7 5 3 Ground Floor Main Entrance & Registration sales 5 +44 (0)20 7017 4801 enquiries
  • 7. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:14 Page 6 gs in the connected entertainment Market MARCH 2013 19 Down to Ground Floor Down to Ground Floor G10 G9 SPEAKER G8 LOUNGE TV CONNECT G1a LOUNGE BAR G6 G14 G38 G2 G3 MR G15 MR MR 9 3 G1 G4 G5 G7 8 Conference G16 G39 Quiet Zoneond Level G40 Down to Ground Floor G17 G18 secOND FlOOr G41 speakers G42 Meeting room Village North & south lounge ALLEY 263 G43 Allowing you to maximise benefits of participating in the event, private meeting rooms are available to A service and relaxation area purchase. This is the ideal place to host senior delegates and visitors at the event or to showcase pre- MEDIA 261 G44 used by over 260 speakers release products in a discrete environment. Having a private meeting room is a compliment to a booth, including Operators and 259 but can also be purchased separately. Service Providers from DELEGATE LUNCH AREA To discuss the availability of meeting rooms, contact G45 257 around the world. Joanna Jones on +44 20 7017 4801 or email joanna.jones@informa.com5 G46 MR MR MR MR MR MR MR 254 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 Conference Quiet Zone CONTENT BAZAAR 253 content Bazaar MR MR 11 MR 12 MR 14 MR 15 MR 16 MR 13 TV APP HUB A showcase of content from 10 some of the world’s leading VIDEO WALL 69 content owners. 76 71 65 TV App Hub A major talking point of last year’s show the TV App Hub will continue to grow, as 57 multiscreen and smart TV apps come to dominate the marketplace. This will give developers, who are an increasing presence at the show, an opportunity to discuss and discover how to have success in the connected entertainment app space. 61 Featuring a google TV Workshop and the opportunity to network with the growing European developer community. speaker enquiries +44 (0)20 7017 6801 6
  • 8. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:14 Page 7 Now in its 9th Year Co-located with: 2012 sPONsOrs 1,163 8-9 April 2013 Attendees in 2012 @tvconnectasia Hong Kong MASTERCLASS THEATRE PRESS ZONE 18 19 MR9 MR8 MR7 MR6 MR5 MR4 Broadband Enhancing the Customer Experience World Forum Asia for the Connected Consumer 17 46 47 50 CAFE AND MEETING HUB 51 52 CAFE A MEET 16 48 49 Now celebrating its 9th annual year Broadband Asia & TV Connect brings together 1,300+ senior level decision makers and buyers from 15 the fixed, wireless and mobile broadband industry from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. 14 40 38 The conference sessions allow you to benefit from 40+ hours of 45 43 44 content delivered by 150+ visionary speakers. The easy to navigate 13 42 41 39 conference structure includes analyst breakfast briefings, keynote sessions, a choice of 2 tracks and various special focus seminars plus the Executive Summit where industry leaders get together to discuss the most pressing issues and concerns facing their businesses. 12 Running alongside the Conference will be an exhibition featuring 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 leading industry solution and technology providers. In addition to the exhibitors the show floor will be buzzing with FREE to attend Broadband Asia Masterclasses, a private meeting room village and Entrance dedicated networking zones. “In fact, it was great. To listen and interact with the industrys professional on latest technologies/practices was remarkable” Pierre Lin, Telestra, Prinicipal Architect sales 7 +86 (21) 232 63651 enquiries
  • 9. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:15 Page 8 2012 eXHiBiTOrs 1,300+ APRIL 2013 attendee s expected in 2013! 8MR4 MR3 MR2 MR1 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 WHO Will YOu MeeT High level Participation 26% CxO/Board/gM/VP CAFE AND MEETING HUB 53 54 CAFE AND MEETING HUB 19% Director 57 28 33% Managers 55 56 16% Engineer & Other Industry Proffessionals 29 6% Analyst & Press 38 30 37 36 35 34 39 31 ecosystem 32 4% Analyst/Consultant 33 7% Content Provider 5 4 3 2 1 1% Devices 2% government/regulator Entrance 2% OTT/App 4% Press 48% Service Provider 30% Vendor Source: 2012 attendance figures 2% Vertical Enterprise speaker enquiries +86 (21) 232 63651 8
  • 10. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:15 Page 9 302 Formerly known as: sOMe OF THe FAcTOrs THAT Will iNFlueNce THe TV iNDusTrY iN THe NeXT 4 YeArs Attendees in 2011 • Pay TV revenues will show a 31% increase rising from US$7.5 billion in 2010 to US$9.8 billion in 2016 according to the latest market forecast by Informa Telecoms & Media. This increase will be a result of the increase in services on offer, the tiering of channels and introduction of PPV and VoD packages. • IPTV penetration will rise from 1% in 2010 to 5% in 2016. • By 2016 only 29% of digital cable subscribers will be TV-only subscribers, with the other 71% signing up for their TV in dual-or triple-play bundles. 8-9 October 2013 Istanbul, Turkey Free “My sincere congratulations to the Informa team on how this ATTeNDees FrOM 2011 Developing Interactive foroviders Pr service event was organized and for ACCESS • Airties • Albis Technologies • Aljazeera Network • Allegro DVT • Amino Technologies • Appear TV • Argela • Arqiva Broadcast & Media • Avail - TVN • Basic lead / DISCOP • Bersay Agency • BH Telecom • Bridge & Multiplatform TV the great variety of speakers Technologies • Broadcast Mohendislik • Cinezone • Czech Television • D.SMART • Deutsche Welle • DIgITURK • Discovery Networks • Discovery and presentations. This was Networks CEE MEA • DTS • Dune HD gmbh • Eutelsat • FEN TV OOD • Fox • Services in High Growth Markets one of the best events by Funke Digital TV • Hot! internetTV • IKON • IMS Research • Ineoquest Technologies • Intracom Telecom • IP Media Dergisi • Irdeto • Levira • Magyar Telekom • Makedonski Telekom • Mariner Partners • Medianova • MediaSA The Future of TV is Now – and we’re taking our events to the future. offering more details on the • Mediasell gmbH • Minerva Networks; Inc. • Mirek Smyk Consulting group • Motorola Mobility • Muecke Sturm Company • Natnet • NDS Ltd • Net The seventh annual IP&TV Forum EurAsiaEastEurope held in Istanbul is market and new technologies Iletisim • NETAS • Nippon Telegraph & Telephone • NTT • Oger Telecom • Omlet • ON CUBED • Orange FT group • Philips Research Library • Pyramid moving on. We have witnessed rapid movement in the TV delivery and good networking Research • RCEtech • RgB Networks • Romtelecom • Rostelecom • RTUK • industry in the past few years putting unlikely players together. This Ruwido Austria gmbH • Samanyolu • Samsung Electronics Europe • convergence has led to amalgamation of activities between internet opportunities.” SeaChange Int. • SES • Siemens Communications, Media and Technology • Silknet • SmartLabs LLC • Stream group • SVS Telekom • TELCO ILETISIM • service providers, telecom operators, content producers, cable and Irina Cazacu, Product Telecom Italia • Telefonica O2 • Telekom Srbija • Teyf group • TS Media, d.o.o. satellite providers as well as TV set manufacturers. The TV ecosystem Development Manager, • TTNET • Turk Telekom • Turkcell Il.Hiz.A.S • Turksat A.S. • TV Cent • Ucom, has created a level playing field for creatives and technology developers LLC • UDAV • Universal Networks International • Verimatrix • Vestel • alike to bring the next generation TV experience and introduce services Romtelecom Vimpelcom/Beeline • VIZYON KOMUNIKASYON TEKNOLOJILERI • Yen Safak like pause, rewind, catch up and fast forward in the linear TV package. Taking from this development, we are now rebranding the IP&TV Forum EEEA to TV Connect East Europe EurAsia. @TVconnecteurope #TVconnectee TV connect eurAsia east europe “Very relevant to our company. Attendees with similar issues in new OTT era.” Branislav Valo, Senior Product Manager, Telefonica Czech Republic sales 9 +44 (0) 20 7017 5850 enquiries
  • 11. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:15 Page 10 “Outstanding networking opportunity; great atmosphere and local markets diversity. Highly recommended!” 340+ OCTOBER 2013 Mirek Smyk, Owner, Mirek Smyk Consulting Group PreViOus sPONsOrs iNcluDe attendees expected in 2013! 8 cOMPleTe VAlue cHAiN rePreseNTATiON High level Participation 48% CxO / Director / Head / VP 5% Engineer / Technical Manager 18% Manager 3% Press PreViOus eXHiBiTOrs iNcluDe 1% Researcher 21% Sales / Marketing / Business Development 4% Consultant connected entertainment ecosystem Participation 3% Broadcaster 2% CDN Provider 20% CE Manufacturers “Very good event with a lot of opportunities for networking.” 5% Consultants 4% Content Providers/Studios Sanin Kahvedzic, Head of Services Department, BH Line, BH Telecom 5% ISP 4% Network Solution Providers 3% OTT Platform/Multiplatform Providers 4% Press 1% Regulator Source: 2011 attendance figures 6% Satellite TV Provider 11% Software Solutions Providers 5% Systems Integrators/Middleware Providers 20% Telecom Operators 2% Video Equipment Providers 6% Video Software Security & Monitoring Solutions speaker enquiries +44 (0) 20 7017 5079 10
  • 12. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:16 Page 11 Formerly known as: Strategic Operator Partner for 2012: “The event presents us an opportunity to focus on the local issues which is really valuable. There’s good representation from local operators and we can engage with them about the specific issues in the region.” Huw Price Stephens, Business Development – EMEA, Mariner 4-6 November 2013 HA lF Pr ic e for Habtoor grand Resort & Spa, UAE gulf service Providers The Only Major Event in the Region for the Full TV Delivery Ecosystem We are arriving in style with a brand new event title for our much acclaimed IP&TV Forum MENA. We’re maximising our brand potential through a future forward name that addresses all cool aspects of TV 750 Attendees delivery including iPTV, OTTtv, Multiplatform services and interactive in 2011 content creation! In 2012 the TV Connect MENA partners with the key Operator in the region, Etisalat which is heavily involved in the show through the OTT Special Focus Day, Digital Entertainment Network Zone, Content @TVconnectMeNA #TVconnectMeNA Theatre and App Developer Competition. The TV Connect MENA is the only major TV event in the region that will TV connect Middle east & North Africa include all TV providers in the connected TV delivery ecosystem. It has created a level playing field for creatives and technology developers alike to bring the next generation TV experience and introduce services like pause, rewind, catch up and fast forward in the linear TV package. “Overall a really invaluable experience.” Philip Luff, VP Emerging Business, Discovery sales 11 +44 (0) 20 7017 5850 enquiries
  • 13. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:16 Page 12 900+ “The IPTV MEA event is one and only of its kind on the regional perspective. NOVEMBER 2013 The participation on this event gives immense potential towards new business opportunities and truly complementing the regional growth and the steady stride of what IPTV arena is currently witnessing. Great Show and well organized.” S. Raman, Head – IPTV & Tendering, Eurostar Communications LLC expected for 2013! 4 PreViOus sPONsOrs iNcluDe YOur MOsT cOsT eFFecTiVe MeeTiNg Diamond Sponsor gold Sponsor Visitor Bag Sponsor Associate Sponsor Silver Sponsors iNVesTMeNT FOr THe MiDDle eAsT regiON High level Participation 17% Head of Department 2% Consultant PreViOus eXHiBiTOrs iNcluDe 32% Board Level, C-Level, Director Level 22% Business Development & Sales 12% Engineer/ Technical Manager 13% Marketing, Branding, Product, Project Management, PR 2% Analyst/ Press connected entertainment ecosystem Participation 17% Broadcaster/ Content Provider/game/ Content Aggregator 4% Consultancy 10% Software solution provider 3% Equipment manufacturers 1% Association 26% Telecom/ Cable/ Satellite Operator 5% Monitoring and Network Management Solution Providers 2% Video Platform Solution Provider 24% CE Manufacturer Source: 2011 attendance figures 1% ISP 1% Advertising Agency 3% Content security and conditional access providers 1% IP Telephony providers 1% Data mining services 1% Application Developers speaker enquiries +44 (0) 20 7017 5079 12
  • 14. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:16 Page 13 Co-located with: 228 cO-lOcATeD WiTH AFricAcOM Africa’s Largest Community Event: Share your vision of a digital Africa with: Delegates • 7,000+ attendees in 2011 • 300+ Exhibitors • 200+ Speakers Fr e e • 105 Countries represented for African 12-14 November 2013 service Providers Cape Town, South Africa PreViOus sPONsOrs iNcluDe Unlocking the Potential of African TV through Digital Transformation AfricaCast continues to be the premier event in Sub Saharan Africa PreViOus eXHiBiTOrs iNcluDe for broadcasters. AfricaCast has attracted the support of SABC, ABN, Endemol, Viacom and BBC, among many major broadcasters who have provided CXO level speakers to discuss the future opportunities for African broadcasters. The event provides a vital platform for all stakeholders to engage and debate how best to monetise the future of African broadcasting. AfricaCast is part of AfricaCom, Africas largest community event which attracts 7,000+ attendees every year and focuses on the entire digital ecosystem across Africa. @Africacast #Africacast Africacast WHAT is NeW FOr AFricAcAsT cONFereNce 2012? • Digital Transfer Focus Day • Keynotes from international broadcasters including Endemol and MTV • Debates about future African broadcasting strategies • Analysis of key financing initiatives behind successful DTT strategies • Emphasis on Africa’s future OTT opportunity sales 13 +44 (0) 20 7017 5665 enquiries
  • 15. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:17 Page 14 “The event was the most beneficial event I have attended.” Andrew Bamwesigye, ROKE Telkom 270+ attendees NOVEMBER 2013 expected for 2013! 12 seNiOr leVel rePreseNTATiON 57% C / Director / Head / Senior Management 3% Analyst Create. Collaborate. Commercialise. 1% Consultant AfricApps is a brand new and exciting addition to AfricaCom run for developers by developers. It is bringing together 1% Finance the growing community of Sub-Sahara’s mobile app developers to exchange ideas about how the create market 8% general Management leading apps and learn how they can bring to market the next Angry Birds. 2% Operation / Procurement This will be given in the form of informal presentations and workshops, as well as a Mobile Apps Dragons Den, where the key Venture Capitalists will discuss what they look for from a successful App. Key issues to be discussed include: 5% Product /Project Management • Creating discoverable apps 13% Sales / Marketing • Marketing your apps to the African markets 10% Technical / Engineering • Successful monetization models Source: 2011 attendance figures • Choosing the correct payment platform • Who to partner with to maximise success “Refreshing, contemporary This will all be discussed in an informal relaxed setting, and serious discussions.” with day one of the agenda culminating in a beer and pizza evening Michael Ikpoki, MTN “Excellent platform at which to meet and exchange views with senior industry personnel.” David Harris-Evans, Sales Director MEA, Mformation Technologies speaker enquiries +44 (0)20 7017 6801 14
  • 16. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:17 Page 15 lATiN AMericAN PAY TV suBscriBers TO reAcH 81.9 MilliON BY eND-2017 limited Adam Thomas is Media Research The outlook is also positive for new TV free passes for Manager with Informa Telecoms & technologies and services. Informa forecasts that service providers and content Media. He leads the TV research team the installed base of smart TVs, games consoles providers responsible for much of the content and other Internet-enabled devices will exceed 26 on the TV Intelligence Centre. million by end-2016 in Brazil alone. Similarly, the country’s advertising revenues from over-the-top Informa Telecoms & Media forecasts that pay TV (OTT) video services are expected to exceed 3-4 December 2013 subscriber numbers in Latin America will reach US$126 million by that time. 81.9 million by end-2017, up 65% from 49.6 Sao Paulo, Brazil million in 2011. Pay-TV revenues, meanwhile, are New-found strength predicted to rise from US$17.3 billion by 2011 to The World’s Largest Connected US$29.9 billion in 2017 (see fig.). Latin American economies have historically been characterized by their lack of strength. But now, Entertainment Event Comes To right across the region, Informa concludes that financial systems appear to be much tougher Latin America! than previously. The improved macro-economic situation has 2011 saw latin America emerge as one of the fastest growing played a part in creating positive sentiment global markets for pay-TV and broadband service subscriptions in across the TV sector, which has been further the world, with the subscription increases of over 30% for pay-TV bolstered by other factors. Additional revenues and 20% for broadband services in Brazil being typical for other resulting from telecoms deregulation, plus other countries such as Argentina, Mexico, colombia, Venezuela and competitive pressures, have encouraged cable the caribbean. operators to upgrade their networks to a With the growth in the region outpacing the growth rates of Russia, standard that provides voice, Internet and digital China and India, in addition to household spending for movies, music TV services. and games being nearly double that of China, Latin America is now being viewed as the next big opportunity for the global connected TV market. With major OTT and CE players quickly moving in to capitalise on what is already a competitive market, incumbent connected TV service providers have to expand the scope and availability of their services @TVconnectevent #TVconnect TV connect event and optimise their infrastructure to cope with the increased demand. This dynamic Latin American market has unearthed exciting opportunities for new and existing multi-platform connected TV players to maximise their potential and reap the rewards from the rapidly growing Latin American market. It is on the back of these exciting developments and new market opportunities that Informa are proud to announce that the world’s largest multiplatform connected TV event in Latin America: TV Connect Latin America. sales 15 +44 (0) 20 7017 5850 enquiries
  • 17. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:18 Page 16 200+ ANAlYsT DECEMBER 2013 Wealthier operators have been able to build out and upgrade faster than the traditional single network operators. But network overbuild saw operators typically provide large basic packages and no premium programming. The tiering of channels which were available on their competitors’ basic packages would have lost them subscribers. Consolidation has, however, significantly reduced the field of players and Informa recommends that operators push ahead with upgrades, particularly as they can now do so with less fear of losing subscribers attendees expected for 2013! 3 to cheaper competitors. The rise of digital terrestrial (DTT) services also increases the necessity for WHO Will YOu MeeT upgrades. DTT services o en provide a similar number of channels to analog cable – meaning subscribers should be encouraged to upgrade, before they notice that there is little benefit of remaining Network with decision makers who can make a difference to your business with analog cable and churn to DTT. 18% CxO/Chairman/President/Managing Director 24% Director and general Manager 12% Business Development 17% Manager 2% Marketing/Product/Project Management 5% Engineer 10% Consultant 12% Press and Analyst High level of service Provider Attendance 31% Service Providers - collectively 3% CE Manufacturers 31% 14% TV/Broadcast Network Solutions 9% Network Solution Provider serVice PrOViDers 2% Quality and Security Improvement 3% Service Platform 7% Systems Integration 2% government Agency 2% Regulation 31% 3% Industry Body BreA kDO WN 12% Consulting 12% Analyst 19% Telco 2% Broadcast 3% Cable 3% Content Provider/Aggregator 2% OTT Source: 2010 attendance figures 2% Satellite speaker enquiries +44 (0)20 7017 7273 16
  • 18. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:18 Page 17 Now in its 2nd Year 80% service Provider keY MArkeTs ADDresseD Australia • Bangladesh • Bhutan • Brunei • Burma • Cambodia • China, FEBRUARY 2013 27 Discount East Timor • Hong Kong • India • Indonesia • Japan • Laos • Malaysia • Maldives • Myanmar • Nepal • New Zealand • Pakistan • Papua New guinea • Philippines • Singapore • South Korea • South Pacific Islands • Sri Lanka • Taiwan • Thailand • Vietnam 27-28 February 2013 250+ 170 Attendees WHO YOu Will MeeT attendees 1/3 Board level, c-level, lAsT YeArs Hong Kong expected in 2013! in 2012 Director level attendance sPONsOrs iNcluDeD 27% Board Level, C-level, Director Level Monetising the International Operator 11% Opportunity in the CDN Market Head of Department 19% Marketing/ Product Management 12% Business Development & Sales Drawing on the success of the CDN World Summit, CDN Asia is a highly 4% Analyst/ Press/ Consultancy targeted event focusing on CDN developments and expansion across 8% Other Asia. The Summit provides a forum that is pivotal for network operators looking to break into the content delivery business network and 19% Engineer/ Technical Manager delivers an essential insight for all with a stake in the future of the Net. Full ecosystem Presence In this special partner event tailored directly to the Asian markets, Telecom Operators/ISP/Mobile CDN Asia tackles the topic of CDN development and expansion across 54% Operators/IPTVs/ISP/Mobile Operators/IPTV/ISP/Mobile Operators/IPTV60 Asia, featuring expert knowledge and insights from a stellar speaker list of top executives from leading operators and content providers 2% Transparent Caching across the continent. 5% CDN provider 2% MVNO WHY YOu NeeD TO PArTiciPATe: 3% Network Integrators 2% Storage Solutions and Products • Influence the success of new CDN deployments across the region 1% Network Access Providers • gain expert advice from the continent’s top thought leaders on this 8% Network Solution Providers burgeoning new industry Content Management 2% and Transmission Services 2% OTT Platform • Network with many of the key stakeholders in the CDN industry 6% Content Providers 3% Datacenter Providers • Drive forward your vision for higher speeds and technological efficiency 1% Content Providers 3% System Design/Integration • Accelerate services tailored specifically to the Asian market 1% Managed Solutions Provider • Increase your market share in the growing CDN marketplace 1% Cable Provider @cdnworldsummit #cdnws “Great opportunity to network. Have learned a lot on what others are doing and have come cDN World summit home with new ideas.” Jonny Lim Fook, Executive Data & IP, Mauritius Telecom – Orange sales 17 +44 (0) 20 7017 4850 enquiries
  • 19. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:18 Page 18 200+ attendees AT cDN NOrTH AMericA YOu Will JUNE 2013 expected for • Learn methods you can use to excel in managing your content 2013! delivery needs • Find out how to lower operational costs for telcos and content distributers • Have access to the best thought leaders in CDN delivery and optimisation who will share their own experiences, latest developments, best practices, tips, and tricks to overcome 25 some of your biggest challenges 25-26 June 2013 • Enhance your mobile content delivery and web optimization skills, manage big data, excel in metrics and monitoring, Las Vegas offload traffic with intelligent CDNs, and more. • Share ideas how to leverage the new generation of virtualized Innovating Media Delivery network functions for integrating CDN and Cloud Infrastructure through Next WHO sHOulD ATTeND Generation CDNs service Provider universe 50% 15% Cable providers & MSOs 5% Social networks The CDN industry has witnessed a substantial transformation in the 15% Content providers and Studios 5% Mobile operators past year and multiple relationships and roles have started evolving 15% Telecom operators 5% Enterprises in the full content delivery value chain. 15% Online retail 3% Financial institutions CDN service providers of licensed and managed services have started 10% OTT service providers 2% Ad insertion solutions expanding and broadening their portfolios to include dynamic site 10% gaming publishers acceleration, front-end optimisation, mobile content delivery acceleration, and transparent caching to manage OTT services, e-commerce optimisation, multiplatform and mobile payments, device management in the cloud, content delivery from the cloud and many others. Vendor community 50% These different technologies confuse the typical service provider and 15% CDN service providers there has been an increased interest in receiving granular approach on making the most cost efficient choice while maintaining and 15% Data Centres improving the quality of service by telecom operators, cable 15% Network technology enablers/solutions providers providers & MSOs, content providers and studios, gaming publishers 15% Cloud service providers and social networks, online retail businesses, mobile operators, OTT 10% Website acceleration companies service providers and others. 10% Monitoring and Network analytics providers The North American market has been the hub to drive these changes 5% Cloud testing/mobile app acceleration solution and innovations in new technologies to enable broadcast quality 5% Load testing service providers content delivery via the IP network. Source: Predicted figures 5% E-Commerce speaker enquiries +44 (0) 20 7017 5079 18
  • 20. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:19 Page 19 286 Now in its 5th Year THe cDN WOrlD suMMiT is THe recOgNiseD PlATFOrM Attend11 in 20 ees FOr sTrATegic DecisiON MAkiNg ON cDN, MAke sure YOu TAke THis OPPOrTuNiTY TO: • Network with over 300 senior CDN professionals 51% service Provider • Learn from 80 plus industry expert speakers Attendance in • get the most comprehensive understanding of the CDN industry 2011 • Benefit from the only event that focuses on the Telco CDN opportunity 1-3 October 2013 • Attend the only event with a focus on Mobile CDN • Visit the dedicated CDN focussed exhibition London • Participate in 14 lively and interactive panel discussions Monetising the International Operator Opportunity in the CDN “Very good focused industry Market event bringing together key THe WOrlDs leADiNg cDN suMMiT leaders in the 9+ Having grown for three years in a row, the premium CDN World Summit CDN industry” has secured itself as THE world’s leading CDN event in the market. Dan Sahar, In 2011, the four day event brought together top executives from VP Marketing, hours of major operators and content providers from around the world to networking deliver case studies, outline business models and technical strategies. Qwilt time It featured a special Mobile CDN focus day, a full 3 day information rich conference programme featuring speakers from the leading organisations in the CDN space and an exclusive evening drinks reception at the top of the BT Tower. @cdnworldsummit #cdnws cDN World summit Moving forward we will deliver an event packed with content case studies, business models with ground breaking insights and an opportunity to meet all the major technology providers and telecom operators with very serious advancements in the CDN industry all under one roof. “Still the place to be” Vincent Bonneau, Analyst, IDATE sales 19 +44 (0) 20 7017 4850 enquiries
  • 21. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:19 Page 20 286 ATTeNDees Were ABle TO NeTWOrk WiTH THe FOllOWiNg cOMPANies: 3Crowd Technologies • A1 Telekom Austria Ag • Abertis Telecom • Active Video • Advanced Television Ltd • Agama Technologies • Akamai Technologies • Alcatel- 350+ Attendees OCTOBER 2013 1 Lucent • Alcatel-Lucent Japan • Allegro DVT • Barclays Capital • BBC • Bell Canada • BigCDN • BNI Video • Bouygues Telecom • Broadpeak • BSkyB • BT • BT Innovate & Design • BT Wholesale • BTI systems • CDNetworks • Cedexis • China Cache • Cisco Systems • CJSC Synterra • Comcast • Conviva • CYTA • Deutsche Telekom • DTS • Edgecast • Edgeware • Etisalat • Envivio • E-Plus Mobilfunk gmbH & Co. Kg • Equinix • Ericsson • Ericsson Russia • ETSI • Flash Networks Ltd • FlimFlex Movies • Force Innovation Technology Inc. • France Telecom • geo Networks Ltd • globosat Programadora Ltda • Highwinds • HotelMap • Huawei • iBasis • IDATE • Ineoquest Technologies • Interxion • Investec • iStreamPlanet • Jet-Stream • Jonesthefone • Juniper Networks • Kudelski group, Nagravision • Level 3 • Limelight expected • LOVEFiLM • LYNX • MegaFon JSC • Microsoft Windows Azure CDN • Mirror Image • NEC Laboratories Europe • Net One Systems Co Ltd • OnApp • Orange France Telecom • Oversi • Pacnet • PAConsulting • Palo Alto Research in 2013! Center • PARC, a Xerox Company • Parks Associates • PCCW global Limited • PeerApp • Polska Telekom Orange-FT group • compact exhibition giving direct PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International • Qwilt • Raftaar Productions Limited • Rostelecom • Saguna Networks • SES access to high level attendees Astra SA • SKY Italia srl • Sky News • Sky On Line • CDN World Summits registration structure Skytide • Surf Telecoms Ltd • Swisscom Switzerland • means only the highest level delegates Talk Talk • TCL • Telecom Argentina CDN Media Services • Telecom de Argentina • Telecom Italia WHO YOu Will MeeT attend the Summit enabling you to meet • Telecom Italia Sparkle • Telefonica • the whos who of the CDN industry Telefonica IWS • Telefonica Moviles Espana • Telefonica O2 • Telenor • Telesoft Full ecosystem Participation Technologies • TeliaSonera International Carrier • Telindus S A • Telstra International • Telus • Teracom 6% Analyst/Press • Tier1 • TNO • Turk Telecom • Turkcell Superonline • Ukrtelecom JSC • Verivue 5% Broadcaster • Verizon • Viaccess • VidScale • VOD Professional • Vodafone • Vodafone 0.35% Cable Operator Ventures Europe • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland • Zain 14% CDN Kuwait • Zeteon • Ziggo 1% Content Provider Meeting rooms available! 0.35% Data Centre The ideal place for you to host “Best event in the CDN arena” 0.35% Industry Association delegates, speakers and press Gian Paolo Balboni, Head of 1% Investor Trends and Industrial Innovation 25% Operator PreViOus sPONsOrs FrOM THe PAsT 2 YeArs Networking, Telecom Italia 1% Regulator 12% Software Provider 28% Solutions Provider 7% Technology Provider High-level Participation 41% Board Level, CxO, Director Level 17% Head of Department 9% Marketing, Branding, Product, Project Management, PR 11% Business Development & Sales 15% Architecture, Engineering, Technical 7% Research, Analyst, Press & Consultant Source: 2011 attendance figures speaker enquiries +44 (0) 20 7017 5079 20
  • 22. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:19 Page 21 Now in its 2nd Year The Premier event Dedicated to the social TV revolution sOciAl TVs DrAMATic rise • ITV’s X-Factor attracted more than 58,000 Tweets per day during the last series Source: TV genius • 42% tablet and smartphone owners visit social networking sites in front of the TV Source: Nielsen (1Q12) • 275M FACEBOOK USERS HAVE ‘LIKED’ A TV SHOW, AND ON AVERAgE THEY LIKE SIX Source: Facebook • FOX’S FAMILY gUY HAS 41.5M FACEBOOK ‘LIKES’ Source: Facebook 21-22 May 2013 • Among the major US Networks’ shows, glee accounted for 16% of all social media activity in London September 2011 Source: Trendrr • 29% – Fox’s share of US-broadcaster social-media activity in September 2011 Source: Trendrr Creating a new advertising • BBC’s Top gear has 10.2m Facebook ‘likes’ Source: Facebook paradigm with big data Our lives are consumed by liking, tweeting, sharing and following THe MOsT iNNOVATiVe cOMPANies iN THis sPAce sPOke AT THe 2012 suMMiT now. Social Media has opened up new worlds to us by allowing us to 90% access shared content which before we never knew would have existed. Log on to twitter any day of the week and you will see the main discussions revolve around what people are watching. This represents a great opportunity for the broadcasting industry. rated the Many Broadcasters see Social Media as a major way to evolve the event good - brand relationship with their audience and drive new revenue very good streams. Therefore at this critical time when the major brands are starting to harness the potential of social media and increase their revenue streams, we present to you the Social TV World Summit. The Social TV World Summit goes beyond simple discussions about the development of multiscreen. @socialtvws #socialtvws social TV World summit It addresses both the business and the technical considerations in how Social TV platforms should be included into effective and intelligent operator and broadcaster engagement strategies. It is a key opportunity for broadcasters, new media, operators, vendors, analysts, developers and OTT players to network and discuss the emerging role of social TV for future revenue strategies and for you to raise your profile and position your company as an innovation and thought leader. sales 21 +44 (0) 20 7017 4850 enquiries
  • 23. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:20 Page 22 “Excellent; a real avant-garde!” “An interesting and enriching event” 200+ MAY 2013 Angelo Petazzi, Head of DTT Content Factory, Mediaset Sagiv Gurevitch, Product Manager, Orca Interactive Attendees expected in 2013! 22 157 Attendees in 2012 clOse TO 1/3 serVice PrOViDer ATTeNDANce senior level Attendance 6% Technical/ Engineer Manager 12% Business Development/ Marketing 43% CXO, Board, gM, VP level 3% Content Creator 23% Press/ Analyst 13% Manager Level 80% industry Type 12% Software Solutions 25% App Developer 3% PR & Advertising rated the networking Broadcaster/ Content Provider/ OTT Platform/ opportunities good - 30% Satellite Provider/ Telco very good 23% Press/ Analyst/ Consultant 1% Consumer Electronics 6% #NgO/ Industry Association/ Academic Source: 2012 attendance figures “Great opportunity to learn about new developments in connecting TV and social networks” Jelena Stojanovic, Marketing & Sales Director, Telkom Srbija speaker enquiries +44 (0)20 7017 6801 22
  • 24. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:20 Page 23 Assessing the growing opportunity presented to the JUNE 2013 broadcasters to monetize digital content in a multi- platform world 5-6 June 2013 • Addressing the importance of broadcasters to have the rights to their content on all platforms, not just linear TV • The death of tape and the transfer to digital as the major way of transporting broadcast. The change from hardware to broadcasting data in the cloud 5 London • Assessing the paradigm shift from an internally focused technical workforce focusing on hardware, to generally an outsourced workforce using digital content management processes – Content in the cloud Transforming your Digital Content • Understanding the growing importance of metadata – additional information ‘data that describes the other data’ – in broadcasting Management Systems to Monetise • Leveraging CDN to provide managed and efficient production services the Multiplatform Arena • File based non linear workflow solutions WHO YOu Will MeeT In an increasingly multiplatform environment for broadcasters, keeping hold of your multiple assets and distributing them in a profitable way is becoming an increasing challenge. Consumers are industry Type senior level Attendance giving the opportunity to view the content across multiple media 50% Broadcasters and Content Owners 30% CxOs/ Board Level/gMs/VPs streams, each bringing a monetization opportunity for content 20% Vendors 30% Engineers/Technical Manager owners. 2011 saw the increasing shift away from tape based into digital workflow methods, this looks set to continue in the years 5% New Media 15% Manager Level ahead, with broadcasters looking deeper into the cloud. 15% ISPs 5% Consultant The conference has been developed in partnership and with the 10% Analysts and Media 20% Business Development/Marketing expertise of some of the key leaders in the media asset management ecosystem. This is reflected in the senior level speakers confirmed to Source: Predicted Figures speak at the event. Key companies driving the change in the industry will be represented in attendance at the inaugural Digital Asset Management World Summit, including Comcast, MTV, Discovery Communications and the BBC. @damwsummit #damtvws Digital Asset Management World summit sales 23 +44 (0) 20 7017 5665 enquiries
  • 25. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:20 Page 24 Now in its 3rd Year WHO YOu Will MeeT NOVEMBER 2013 Job title breakdown WORLDSUMMIT 26-27 November 2013 52% CxOs / Board Level / gMs / VPs 12% Engineer / Technical Manager 30% Manager 6% Press / Analyst / Consultant 26 Lisbon, Portugal Combining the Bandwidth of Cable company Type 11% Analyst 3% App Developer 2% Content provider 6% IP Cable Providers 150+ attendees with the Flexibility of IP to Deliver 3% Association 6% ISP expected in 6% Broadcaster 4% Middleware Compelling Consumer Services 20% Cable Operators 2% Press 2013! 4% Consumer Electronics 33% Solutions Provider The cable industry in Europe, despite the relative success of big Source: 2011 Attendance Figures operators such as Kabel Deutschland, Virgin Media and UPC, is facing some major challenges. Among other things, the consumer adoption of connected-TV devices and the anticipated growth of over-the-top 2011 sPONsOrs (OTT) providers such as Netflix threaten traditional providers of pay- TV services, with viewers no longer reliant on a sole provider of gold Sponsor premium TV content Faced with these challenges, one thing is clear – the cable industry must evolve to succeed in the connected era. While there is no easy R Reserved R 1 solution for cable operators in this new environment, a single Silver Sponsors technical evolution underpins their future success. 2 Entrance & This evolution is the migration of cable services to IP In combining Registration the bandwidth of cable with the flexibility of IP, global cable operators will be able to advance into the connected era and focus SIGMA SYSTEMS 4 on those digital consumers who are willing to pay for more services, NEW SERVICES | DELIVERED. while enabling more effective collaborations with OTT providers to 9 5 build audiences and deepen viewer engagement via their 7 R smartphones, tablets or laptops. 6 The IP Cable World Summit is the best place to listen to @ipcable #ipcable case studies from the largest cable operators and meet the full ecosystem. iP cable World summit speaker enquiries +44 (0)20 7017 7273 24
  • 26. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:20 Page 25 Now in its 4th Year “It was a very good networking opportunity to meet with people within the industry” Dominic DSouza, Director, Wise Rabbit Ltd 18-19 June 2013 172 Attendees London in 2012 Leveraging IP Infrastructure to Develop the New 5th Play The Digital Home World Summit 2012 addressed every aspect of the new medium and its relevance across the whole value chain. Including 50+ speakers from the forefront of the Digital Home across the world, the show included over 30 service provider case studies, plus input from content providers, innovators, industry forecasts and projections, and ample opportunity to network with the leading To conference room global voices of this new industry. Join us in 2013 where you will Entrance meet the leading players making this dream a reality. “Digital Home World summit was a very useful @digitalhomews #digitalhometvws Digital Home World summit event; generating business opportunities and creating awareness on new approaches for serving this market” Renaud Di Francesco, Divisional Director for Technology Standards, Sony Europe sales 25 +44 (0) 20 7017 5850 enquiries
  • 27. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:21 Page 26 cOMPANies iN ATTeNDANce iN 2012 24-7 Entertainment ApS • 3 Vision • ABOX42 • Accedo TV • ACCESS Europe • Amdocs • Analysys Mason • Antix Labs • Arthur D. Little gmbH • 200+ JUNE 2013 Attendees 18 Asoka • Association of Hungarian Scientific Editors • AVg Netherlands BV • Axesstel Inc • Belgacom • Bouygues Telecom • BT Vision • C21Media • Cable & Satellite International • Cabot Communications Ltd • Casacom Solutions Ag • CCS Insight • CEA • Channel 4 • ChannelSculptor FZ LLC • citywire • CJSC ER-Telecom Holding • Cogeco • Conax AS • Connected Living • Connectivity • Current Analysis • D2D magazine • DECT Forum • DESS gmbH & Co.Kg • Deutsche Telekom T-Com • Limited • Digital TV group • DLNA • DOMOTIQUE NEWS • Dot Media • E&T Magazine, expected The IET • E.ON Ag • EDF • Envivio • Espial • Etisalat • ETSI representative • Euro Tech News • Euskaltel • ExperienceLab • eZECOM Ltd • final multimedia • Fortum Oyj • France Telecom • F-Secure • Funke Digital TV • Futuresource • greenPeak Technologies • gVT • HgI • Huawei • Hubble in 2013! Media • IET Standards Limited • IHS Screen Digest • IIC • Imagination Technologies Ltd • IMS Research • Infonetics Research • Intel Corporation UK ltd • Internet Society • ISA Intelligent Sensing Anywhere S.A. • Iskon Internet • Iyogi Inc • JT global • Jungo • Kaon Media Co Ltd • KC • Landor Travel Publications • Last Mile Sp zoo • Magnet Networks • Marvell Semiconductor • Mediaset • Mesiniaga • mLIST / AViSpace • Mobile Marketing • Multichoice Africa Pty Ltd • myStrom Ag • Nepalbani Radio Network • Nominum • Novi list • Orange • OSgi Alliance • OTR global • Pace plc • PacketVideo Corp. • Parks Associates • Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co • Philips • Platform PR • Point Topic • Point Topic Ltd • PROTEI • PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia • PT Telkom Indonesia • Qualcomm • Qualitynet • R Cable y Telecomunicaciones galicia SA • • Recombu • eleVATe YOur BusiNess AT THe DigiTAl Recombu Digital • Redaktionsbüro DataConsult • Renesas • Rethink Technology Research • RNIB • Sagemcom Broadband • Samsung Electronics Co Ltd • Samsung Electronics Europe • Samsung Electronics Europe • Saudi Telecom Company STC • Servei de Telecomunicacions DAndorra • HOMe WOrlD suMMiT Sharp Laboratories of America, Inc • Sigma Designs • SK Telecom • Smart Design • Sony Europe • Strategy Analytics • Suttle • Swisscom • TabTimes • Tanzania-East Africa • Telecom Italia SpA • Telefonica • TEO LT AB • The Daily Times of Bangladesh • The Diffusion group • The IET • The Wise Full connected Home Value chain Rabbit • thebrainbehind • Turk Telekom • Turkcell • TV App Agency Ltd • Twonky (Packet Video) • Ucom • Universidade Lusofona Cicant • UPnP Forum • Virgin Digital Help • Vodacom Ltd • Yes Television • Z-Wave Alliance 40% Service Provider 36% Vendor PreViOus sPONsOrs iNcluDe 13% Press 6% Analyst 5% Industry Body “Good conference, well organised, excellent networking opportunities.” Business Development, T&W Electronics senior level Attendance 35% Board Level,C Level, Director Level “Definitely a valuable time investment. Met valuable contacts and 21% Business Development, Marketing & Sales presentations were of interest to me and my company” 11% Head of Department Marco Romero Rodriguez, Global Head Product Marketing M2M, Telefonica 21% Product Development & Project Management 12% Research, Analyst, Press or Consultant Source: 2012 attendance figures “Excellent networking and good market trend analysis” Nuno Martins, Product Manager, ISA Intelligent Sensing Anywhere S.A. speaker enquiries +44 (0) 20 7017 5079 26
  • 28. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:21 Page 27 Now in its 5thYear “Good overview of trends and “A most effective use of our time. “This event is focusing developments in OTT. Especially We engaged with many key on the most relevant enjoyed successful case studies for existing and potential customers people and operators possible implementation” on absolutely the right topics” in the OTTtv market” Najwa Abu Bakar, Director, New Tony Bulleid, Director of Sales, Itzik Woda, Sales Business and Revenue, HBO Asia EMEA, Ineoquest Manager, EMEA, Orca 19-21 November 2013 London Monetising Converged Digital Services through OTT 50% Partnership Strategies discount for service 380 Providers! The Worlds Premier event on OTT As Connected Entertainment continues to evolve, the role of ees OTTtv has become increasingly central to the industry. The realisation Attend11 of this opportunity has been seen in recent key developments, in 20 including Netflixs move into the European marketplace and BSkyBs announcement of an OTT service. The OTTtv World Summit has become to be known as the worlds leading OTTtv event, bringing together the industrys game changers annually to London every November. Each year CXO level speakers from OTT platforms, content providers and telcos all discuss the ongoing opportunity and demostrate how OTTtv has become a dominant form of viewer content consumption. @otttv #otttv OTTtv World summit The Event has become well known for providing presentations from the leading players of OTTtv such as Netflix, google TV, LoveFilm, Sony Pictures Entertainment, BBC, Orange, Verizon and many more. “Solid lead generating event” Matt Smith, VP Internet TV, Envivio sales 27 +44 (0) 20 7017 5665 enquiries
  • 29. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:22 Page 28 WHO YOu cAN eXPecT TO MeeT A Truly Worldwide event: Attendance from 40 countries 420+ NOVEMBER 2013 Australia • Austria • Belgium • Brazil • China • Croatia • Cyprus • Denmark • Djibouti • France • Finland • gabon • germany • Hong Kong • Hungary • India • Indonesia • Israel • Italy • Japan • Malaysia • Mexico • Netherlands • Nigeria • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Qatar • Romania • Russian Fed. • Saudi Arabia • Singapore • Slovenia • South Korea • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • United Kingdom • USA • Utd.Arab Emir. Meet the FeATuriNg A attendees expected in 2013! 19 entire OTTtv MulTiPlATFOrM TV DAY industry and Full OTTTV ecOsYsTeM PreseNT Maximise your 54% cXO level Attendance rOi with the OTTtv World 24% Manager summit 16% Press/Analyst/Consultant 54% CXO/Director/Head/VP 6% Engineer/Technical Manager PreViOus sPONsOrs iNcluDe 49% service Provider Attendance 22% Studios/Content Providers 21% Telecom/ Satellite/ Cable Providers 6% OTT Service Platform 5% Press 8% Consultancy/Analysts/Researchers 5% Network Solution Providers 9% Software Solution Providers 9% CE Manufacturers Source: 2011 attendance figures 1% Recommendation and Targeting Technology Providers 1% Digital Signage Solutions Providers 1% Video Network Component Providers 1% Middleware Solution Providers 7% Security and DRM Solution Providers 2% Video Encoding Solution Providers speaker enquiries +44 (0)20 7017 6801 28
  • 30. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:22 Page 29 Featuring exclusive interviews with the major players of connected entertainment Average time on website: 1 minute 20 seconds IP&TV News website delivers timely, accurate and insightful coverage of the biggest stories 19,000+ subscribers to the weekly Newsletter from the world of IP television, along with regular insight from key industry figures. Previously known as iPTV News, the 30,000 page views a month website now covers a broad range of 18,000+ related topics, including: • • • Managed IPTV Over-the-top TV (online video) Digital Home services unique visitors a month 144 • Social TV Readers from 144 countries • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) • IP Cable services • Digital Asset Management. For editorial enquiries contact Jamie Beach: The team behind IP&TV News is in constant contact with the Tel: +44 (0)7825 126493 Email: brightest minds in the telecoms and media industry, thanks to the many market-leading events run worldwide by its publisher Informa, For website advertising enquiries please contact Barry killengrey: and regularly benefits from the expertise of Informa’s team of highly-respected analysts. Tel: +44 (0)20 701 75850 Email:
  • 31. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:22 Page 30 20th March 2013, 7:30pm, One Mayfair, london The TV connect industry Awards are set to become the social event of the industry. The awards will this year be hosted at the prestigious One Mayfair venue, providing a spectacular surrounding for top class networking opportunities. There will be live entertainment throughout the night, as part of the celebration of the best of the best in connected entertainment. The 2013 Awards will have a new more network orientated focus to allow for greater connectivity among peers during the course of the evening. Entering the awards will allow your company to showcase your potential award winning products and services in front of some of the most influential service providers and industry gurus in the business. The 2013 categories offer the entire connected entertainment ecosystem the chance to shine culminating in an evening of celebration in London’s West End. WANT TO iMPrOVe YOur cOMPANY eXPOsure AT THe TV cONNecT iNDusTrY AWArDs? Sponsoring the awards provides companies with fantastic branding opportunities, and our dedicated marketing campaign ensures that you get exposure right up until the event and while it takes place. • Stand out from your competitors • Be associated with the leading and most prestigious event in the Connected Entertainment industry • generate new business leads For more details on sponsorship opportunities and to book your VIP area, please contact: george silva, Sales Manager, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 4850, email: ur BOOk YO 2012 WiNNers ViP AreA Best TV Service Innovation Best Component or Enabler Best TV Consumer Device Best Network Best Multiscreen TV Solution Best TV App TODAY! Technology for IPTV increased Networking Best Rights and Asset Best Service growth Achievement Best Multiscreen TV Service Best Quality Improvement Solution Best Service Delivery Platform for IPTV Opportunities Management for TV 2012 JuDges More live entertainment sharolyn Farmer, Paul Berriman, Victor Belov, ian chin, Jeff Finkelstein, Executive Director, Ecosystem CTO, PccW, Service Platforms COO, Senior Director Network & Innovation, Service Concepts Hong Kong & Networks, BestTV, China Architecture, spectacu & Prototypes, OJsc, comstar-uTs, cox, USA lar Historic AT&T, USA Russia and Young-lyoul lee, christine Mitchell, William cooper, steve Hawley, richard kasterlein, Majestic Senior Vice President, Head of group Head of Founder and Chief Principal Analyst & Cofounder, Olleh TV Business Unit, Video Content, Executive, Consultant, AppMarketTV Venue kT, South Korea Vodafone informitv tvstrategies TO eNTer THe AWArDs please visit to submit your entry now and elevate your profile in the eyes of the independent judging panel. DeADliNe DATe 11 JANuArY 2013!
  • 32. 10847 TV Connect Spex Brochure Updates V2_Layout 1 05/09/2012 16:22 Page 31 FEBRUARY 2013 MARCH 2013 APRIL 2013 MAY 2013 JUNE 2013 27 19 8 22 5 The World’s leading connected entertainment events JUNE 2013 JUNE 2013 OCTOBER 2013 OCTOBER 2013 NOVEMBER 2013 interested? contact a member of our sales team today! 18 25 8 1 4 Barry killengrey Sales Manager e: T: +44 (0) 20 7017 5850 Daniel slavin NOVEMBER 2013 NOVEMBER 2013 NOVEMBER 2013 DECEMBER 2013 Sales Manager e: 12 19 26 3 T: +44 (0) 20 7017 5665 george silva Sales Manager e: T: +44 (0) 20 7017 4850 Howard Zhang Senior Sales Executive TV connect global events TV connect event series channel e: T: +86 (21) 232 63651 search for: TV connect global events @tvconnectevent