Tony harvey future funding opportunities


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Tony harvey future funding opportunities

  1. 1. Green & Blue Futures Developing the Socio Economic Potential of Waterway Corridors 9th & 10th October 2013, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland How can organisations access future European funding – what are the opportunities? Tony Harvey – Head of National Programmes
  2. 2. Topics to be explored 1. Local Enterprise Partnerships 2. Partnership working 3. Towards a European Network of navigation authorities
  3. 3. Local Enterprise Partnerships • March 2013: response to report by Lord Heseltine with recommendations on how to increase UK economic growth: • No stone unturned: in pursuit of growth
  4. 4. Local Enterprise Partnerships • Confirmation of commitment to negotiating a Growth Deal with every LEP • building on the success of City Deals • Through Growth Deals, LEPs can seek freedom, flexibility and influence over resources from Government and a share of the new Local Growth Fund to target growth priorities and -
  5. 5. Local Enterprise Partnerships In return: the Government will expect evidence from LEPs including the development of multi-year Strategic Economic Plans - and working with wider partners
  6. 6. A European Waterway Network? European grant funding needs to work within the context of Europe 2020 and therefore needs to fit with one or more of the key themes :
  7. 7. European Waterway Network? Delivered by: collaboration & innovation; energy production using waterway assets, water solutions – supply & drainage; new technology used as test bed for wider assets and to reduce operating costs for waterway asset owners
  8. 8. A European Waterway Network Delivered by: waterborne freight, water driven renewable energy (micro-hydro) and water-related tourism
  9. 9. A European Waterway Network? Delivered by: supporting SMEs on the waterways; creating the opportunity for social enterprise and developing a cohesive trans European skills sharing and skills building agenda for the young and unemployed
  10. 10. A European Network?
  11. 11. A European Waterway Network Low cost – quick & easy to do, good test bed, great way for early collaboration & sharing Medium cost – people with posts probably a mix of voluntary, part-time and consultancy, no buildings or offices, but maybe use existing member offices The future legal personality?
  12. 12. Possible network members
  13. 13. A European Network • Now exploring possible sub-group set up under Inland Waterways International • Range of partners expanding • Launch in 2014?
  14. 14. Conclusions • Tony Harvey – Head of National Programmes •
  15. 15. The Future
  16. 16. Numerical CANAL & RIVER TRUST UK Navigation Authority €1.46m 39% VNF FR Navigation Authority €0.39m 11% GEMEENTE EIJSDENMARGRATEN Irish Partner withdrew NL Local Public Authority €0.40m 11% €0.13m 4% SRN NL €0.54m 15% CETIC BE €0.23m 6% GEMEENTE EINDHOVEN NL €0.55m 15% Recreationa l Waterways Foundation ICT Research Centre Local Public Authority