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Suzanne campion inland fisheries ireland

  1. 1. Socio-Economic Value of Recreational Angling in Ireland Green and Blue Futures Conference, October 2013 Suzanne Campion, Head of Business Development
  2. 2. Strategic Goal To develop the potential of the inland fisheries sector, by increasing the numbers of resident and tourist anglers and generating a better return for Ireland.
  3. 3. Socio Economic Study of Recreational Angling in Ireland Methodology Results The River Suir
  4. 4. Methodology Household Survey Survey of Recreational Anglers Stakeholder Survey Desk Research
  5. 5. Results and Findings •Up to 406,000 individuals participated in recreational angling in Ireland in 2012 •Total direct expenditure on recreational angling in 2012 estimated to be €555 million •Direct expenditure of recreational angling by out-of-state anglers estimated at €121 million •With indirect and induced impacts, the overall impact of recreational angling is estimated at approximately €755 million •Total tourist angling expenditure can be estimated at approximately €280 million. •Recreational angling estimated to support approximately 10,000 jobs.
  6. 6. Results and Findings
  7. 7. Results and Findings •There is evidence of a decline in recreational angling participation levels in recent years •Decline in participation attributed to a range of factors including: Economic Poor recession weather Quality Illegal of fishing practices
  8. 8. Results and Findings •Domestic anglers participating in day fishing trips took an average of 13.6 day angling trips •One in four domestic anglers took an overnight fishing trip – the average number of overnight trips taken by these anglers was 5.25 •Overseas anglers are very loyal to Ireland and to specific fisheries with individuals returning to the same fishery •Overseas recreational anglers made an average of two angling trips to Ireland in last 12 months
  9. 9. Results and Findings •Respondents identified outstanding scenery and friendliness/ hospitality as the most appealing aspect of Ireland as a destination for recreational angling •The Irish angling product is also highly rated in terms of: Restful/relaxed Quality ambience of accommodation Reputation of the fishing product •Over three quarters of anglers considered the overall quality of the Irish angling product to be ‘very good’ or ‘good’ •The perceived decline in fish stocks was cited as the primary reason for dissatisfaction
  10. 10. Results and Findings •The factors contributing to dissatisfaction with fish stocks were: Lack of fish Over-fishing Illegal fishing Netting Commercial fishing Pollution Invasive species •Recreational anglers would welcome the following initiatives to improve angling in Ireland More policing of fisheries Increased protection of fish stocks Conservation measures including invasive species management/eradication Bank side management Increase in catch and release
  11. 11. Results and Findings •41% of all recreational anglers have taken a holiday involving angling in other countries in the last 3 years •Scotland, England, Spain and Scandinavia are the most popular competitor countries visited •The quality of angling – amount and size of fish – cited as the most appealing aspect of competitor destinations •Competitor destinations have advantage over Ireland in terms of perceived better management of their fisheries.
  12. 12. The River Suir Probably the best River Trout Fishery in Europe ( Dr Martin O Grady – Irish Times 2012) Trout Centre of Excellence - Cahir Important Salmon Fishery
  13. 13. Value of Trout Angling Trout Anglers spend €355 per trip Up to 116,000 participants in Ireland with an Additional 41,000 for NI and Overseas Unique selling point of the Suir - big trout, great river fishing, attractive to European and American Anglers – and of course to our own local anglers Important to have easy access to fisheries with permit availability, potential on the Suir to develop a Suir Pass. Protection of the resource required – Invasive Species are a pernicious invader and can do serious damage.
  14. 14. Value of Salmon Angling Salmon Anglers spend €744 per trip Up to 71,000 participants in Ireland Up to 64,000 angling trips from NI and Overseas 32% of domestic angling trips are to the South and South-east. Loyalty to specific fisheries evident on the Suir
  15. 15. Socio-Economic Impacts Sports Participation Health and Well-being Natural Environment Community Development Tourism and Rural Communities Angling for Youth Development
  16. 16. Thank You