Nebraska’s contribution to the major leagues


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  • Born in Wahoo, Nebraska on April 19, 1880.
  • Crawford and Cobb had a bitter rivalry throughout their lives. Crawford had been Cobb’s mentor and Cobb later got all the glory.
  • Note like many Journeymen players Ted Easterly, had a longer Minor League career than in the Majors. Died in Clearlake Heights, California in 1951
  • Founded to encourage Jewish boys to participate in sports, especially baseball
  • Celebrates the life and love of Grover Cleveland Alexander and Ann Alexander
  • Nebraska’s contribution to the major leagues

    1. 1. Nebraska’s Greatest Contribution to the Major LeaguesThe History of Major League Baseball Told from the Perspective the Best Players Born in Nebraska
    2. 2. Joba Chamberlain
    3. 3. Sam CrawfordStar Athlete in high school, leading Wahoo to state football championships in 1896-1897 Joined a Traveling Baseball Team in Wahoo in 1898 He played for the Chatam Reds of the Canadian league in 1899.
    4. 4. Crawford Joined the Cincinnati Reds in 1899 In September 1899, he was sold to the Cincinnati Reds of the National League. In 1901 he hit 330 and led the league with 16 home runs In 1902, he led the National League with 12 inside the park home runs, a record that has never been broken.
    5. 5. He was sold to the Detroit Tigers in 1903-1917 In 1930, he led the league in triples The Tigers went to the World Series in 1907 & 1909He was one of the league’s most feared hitters from 1911-1915`He had a career batting average of 309 97 Home Runs 309 Triples 51 Inside the park Homeruns
    6. 6. Crawford and Cobb
    7. 7. Later Years Left the Majors after 1917 Became a player/ coach withthe Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League Coached for USCInducted into the Hall of Fame in 1957Became reclusive in later life
    8. 8. Fred Beebe Born in Lincoln, Nebrska December 31st, 1879 Graduated from Hyde Park, Illinois Attended the University of Illinois Entered the Major Leagues at 26 Led the League in Strikeouts with 171 in 1908 for the St. Louis Cardinals
    9. 9. Fred Beebe Career 1906 Chicago Cubs 1907-1907 St. Louis Cardinals 1910 Cincinnati Reds 1911 Philadelphia Phillies 1916 Cleveland Indians Won 63 Games Lost 83
    10. 10. Ted Easterly Born in Lincoln in 1885 Played Professional Baseball from 1909-1915 Played for the Cleveland Naps, Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Packers (Federal League) Journeyman Catcher Career Batting Average of 300 He played 2 seasons for the Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League Played 3 seasons with the Los Angeles Angels, Salt Lake City Bees and Sacramento Senators 1916-1918
    11. 11. Grover Cleveland Alexander Born in Elba, Nebraska in 1887 Named for President Grover Cleveland Entered the Minor Leagues 1909
    12. 12. Ol’ Pete Nicknamed Ol’ Pete by his friends and the press. Had to overcome multiple hurdles to achieve greatness He was hit by a thrown ball, while base running Missed the end of the 1909 season and all of 1910 Struggled with hearing loss Alcoholism and Epilepsy throughout his career
    13. 13. Major League CareerSigned with the PhiladelphiaPhillies in 1911Sold to the Chicago Cubs in 1917Drafted to serve in WWI in 1917Came back with shell shock,which plagued him for the rest ofhis lifePlayed for the Cubs 1918-1926,Cardinals 1926-1929 the Philliesin 1930Record 373-208 (3rd in baseballhistory
    14. 14. "Grover Cleveland Alexander wasnt drunk out there onthe mound, the way people thought. He was an epileptic.Old Pete would fall down with a seizure between innings,then go back and pitch another shutout." -Ty Cobb
    15. 15. Toured with Grover Cleveland Alexander’s House of David
    16. 16. A Winning Team
    17. 17. Clarence MitchellBorn on February 22, 1891 in Franklin, NEDied on Nov. 6, 1963 in Grand Island NEDetroit Tigers (1911)Cincinnati Reds (1916–1917)Brooklyn Robins (1918–1922)Philadelphia Phillies (1923–1928)St. Louis Cardinals (1928–1930)New York Giants (1930–1932)Career Record 125-139One of the last spitball pitchersHit into a triple play in the 1920 WorldSeries
    18. 18. Tom Seaton Born in Blair in 1887 Played for the Philadelphia Phillies 1912-1913 1913 Went 27-12 1913 Pitched 332 innings 1917 Played for the Chicago Cubs Played several years with various teams in the Federal League Was released from Major League Baseball during the time of the Blaxk Sox Scandal Died in 1940 in El Paso Texas
    19. 19. Billy Southworth Was born in Harvard, NE March 9, 1893 He is the first player on our list who had more success as a manager than as a player. Cleveland Indians (1913, 1915) Pittsburgh Pirates (1918-1920) Boston Braves (1921-1923) New York Giants (1924-1926) St. Louis Cardinals (1926-1927, 1929) As a Manger St. Louis Cardinals (1929, 1940-1945) Boston Braves (1946-1949, 1950-1951)
    20. 20. Billy Southworth Led the National League in triples in 1919 with 14 Managed 4 National League pennants.1942, 1943, 1944, 1949 Managed 2 World Series titles 1942, 1944 Holds the record for the best three year record as a manager 1942-1944 106 wins, 105 wins, 105 wins Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008 Died in Columbus Ohio in 1969
    21. 21. Cliff LeeWas born on August 4, 1896 inLexington, NebraskaHe was in the Major Leagues from1919-1926Played for Pittsburgh, Philadelphia,Cincinnati and ClevelandPlayed 521 games in his career38 home runs 216 RBIsDied in Denver, Colorado in 1980
    22. 22. Hollis John “Sloppy” Thurston Born in Fremont, Nebraska in 1899 as Hollis John Thurston His parents moved him to Tombstone, Arizona, where his father owned a restaurant named “Sloppy’s Place” Pitched from 1923-1933 for the St. Louis Browns, Chicago, White Sox, Washington Senators and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Pitched an Immaculate inning in 1923 against the Philadelphia Phillies in extra innings
    23. 23. Everett Virgil “Pid” Purdy Born in Beatrice, Nebraska in 1904 Played professional baseball from 1923- 1938 Played in the Major Leagues from 1926 Played 181 games 293 Ave. 2 hrs. 59 rbis Also played for the Green Bay Packers in 1926 as a Back wore No. 17 Spent most of his career in A baseball and in D Nebraska baseball. He died in Beatrice in 1950.
    24. 24. Mel HarderBorn in 1909 in Beemer,NebraskaPitched for the ClevelandIndians from 1928-1947Had a record of 223-188He was a pitching coach from1949-1969Known as a developer ofpitchers
    25. 25. Mel Harder He was the only All-Star pitcher to pitch 10 innings without giving up an earned run. Only man in major league history to have both 20-year playing and coaching careers oe DiMaggio recalled that he had more difficulty batting against Harder than against just about any other pitcher. DiMaggio batted only 180 He threw the first pitch in Municipal Stadium and the last 1993.
    26. 26. Johnny HoppBorn in Hastings Nebraska in 1916Picked up by the St. Louis Cardinals in1937. Played his first game in 1939Career batting average296 HRs 46from 1939-1952Played in 5 World Series competitionsWon 4 World Series rings.Won 2 Series with the Cardinals and 2with the Yankees.Also played for the Boston Braves,Brooklyn Dodgers, Pittsburgh Piratesand Detroit Tigers
    27. 27. Sheldon JonesBorn in Tecumseh Nebraska in1922Pitched for the New York Giants1946-1951Boston Braves 1952Chicago Cubs 1953Career Record 54-57Successful as a starter and areliever from 1946-1950His arm failed him and pitchedunsuccessfully from 1951-1953
    28. 28. Ritchie AshburnBorn in Tilden, Nebraska in1927Played for the PhiladelphiaPhillies from 1948-1959Played for the Cubs 1960-1961Played for the New York Mets in1962Led the Philadelphia Phillies totheir first National Leaguepennant in 1950Was the first All-Star from theNew York MetsTotals 308 batting average2,574 hits
    29. 29. Bob Gibson Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1935 Suffered from rickets and other heath problems as a child. Attended Omaha Tech and Creighton University Played professionally with both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Harlem Globetrotters Played for the Cardinals from 1959- 1975 Won 2 Cy Young awards Was named MVP in 1968
    30. 30. The 1968 SeasonYear of the Pitcher1.12 ERA modern day recordPitched 13 shutoutsFrom June 2 to July 30 heallowed only 2 earned runs in93 innings 0.20 ERAPitched 47 consecutivescoreless innings during thisperiodStruck out 17 batters in thefirst game of the World Series
    31. 31. Wade Boggs Born in Omaha Nebraska and raised in Southern California The best hitter to come out of Nebraska. Started with the Boston Red Sox in 1982 Boston Red Sox (1982–1992) New York Yankees (1993–1997) Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998–1999) From 1983-1989 hit below 349 only once 1984 325 Started at 3rd base in the All Star Game 12 consecutive years
    32. 32. Wade BoggsPlayed in his first World Series in 1986,when the New York Mets beat the BostonRed SoxWon his only World Series in 1996 withthe New York YankeesWon 2 Gold Gloves with the New YorkYankeesHe won 8 Sliver Slugger awardsHe won 5 American League Batting Titles328 BA 3,010 hits 118 Home Runs