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Ghosts of siouxland
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Ghosts of siouxland


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  • Man ni the beige suite
  • Mahlon Wilkinson was the first Mayor of Omadi township.Was a supporter to Samuel F.B. Morse in his desire to have Congress get telegraph wire across the US and wanted funding for communicating with the dead.
  • There have not been any reports of ghost sightings, but it is a prime candidate for hauntings.
  • Calvary Cemetery, hear music late at night
  • Passengers have seen people wandering around who don’t seem to go anywhere.
  • Located on the outskirts of Hornick Iowa, Iva Belle Bed and Breakfast is a six room tourist attractions. Built in 1914, it was restored 80 years later. It is the location for the Stephen King movie “Children of the Corn” While I could not find anyone who saw a ghost, word has it that there was a sense of evil on the set.
  • Documented by the Lewis ;and Clark expedition.
  • Claims of haunting surfaced during renovations. One is a woman specter of a woman calling her child. The second is a baby spirit crying at night. This started after a child’s corpse was found in the wall during renovations.
  • Was an encampment on the Mormon Trail. Story has it that a Mormon woman lost her daughter died there. The park was at one time the town’s cemetery. They were not able to bury all the bodies.
  • Ancient burial ground, Morphing stairs, Murders, satanic rituals, shouts and screams
  • The flip of a coin, Waylon Jennings foreshadows the accident. Body parts found later, People can still hear the voices of the three in the field.
  • An apparition of a flight attendant is seen in lonely halls disembodied footsteps A spirit in 1930’s dress . The sound of partying at night. A spirit in farmer garb.
  • An apparition of a former music teacher is sais to exist in one of the buildings Altman Hall is said to be frequented by a poltergeist which causes electrical malfunctions and constant tapping sounds.
  • Home of Sisseton Wahpeton College. The ghost of a young man that was killed by either a big foot or a little green man. The village has regular ghost hunts, big foot hunts and little green men hunts.
  • Built in the 1950’s for Kearney State College. Students and employees have reported seeing apparitions sitting at desks or on beds. Some experience sleep paralysis where they cannot move or speak. Chairs are moved in fromt of mirrors. Water turns on and off automatically .Lights go on and off automatically.
  • Hosts several apparitions The most strange is that it is said that the Jesus statue in the dances when you shine your head lights on it at night.
  • Larson Hall a woman named “Gertude” is known to walk around the hall in high heels. Staff have seen a janitor roam the halls of the halls.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Ghosts & Ghost towns of SiouxlandHaunted People and Places ofNebraska, Iowa & South Dakota
    • 2. What is a ghost? (traditional answer)In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living.
    • 3. Also referred to as: an apparitional experience, an anomalous, quasi-perceptual experience a persons soul souls in classical mythology, see Shade any spirit, relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body
    • 4. What is a ghost town A ghost town is an abandoned village, town or city. A town often becomes a ghost town because the economic activity that supported it has failed, or due to natural or human-caused disasters such as floods, government actions, uncontrolled lawlessness, war, or nuclear disasters. The term is sometimes used to refer to cities, towns, and neighborhoods which are still populated, but significantly less so than in years past.[citation needed]
    • 5. The Old SSC Library
    • 6. Mahlon Wilkinson
    • 7. Lottie’s Grave
    • 8. Sergeant Floyd Monument
    • 9. The Murder of George C. Haddock
    • 10. Tommy Bolin’s Grave
    • 11. KD Stockyards Station
    • 12. Flight 232/ Sioux Gateway Airport
    • 13. Graceland Park Cemetery
    • 14. Iva Belle Bed and Breakfast
    • 15. Spirit Mound
    • 16. Argo Hotel Crofton Nebraska
    • 17. Barnard Park Fremont Nebraska
    • 18. Hummel Park Omaha
    • 19. Kate Shelley Memorial Bridge
    • 20. The Day the Music Died (Clear Lake, Iowa)
    • 21. Des Moines International Airport
    • 22. Hastings College Altman Hall
    • 23. Ingalls Home De Smett
    • 24. Agency Village
    • 25. Conrad Hall Kearney Nebraska
    • 26. Dodge Hill Cemetery North PlatteNebraska
    • 27. Luther CollegeDecorah Iowa