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    Cheng bearing point Cheng bearing point Presentation Transcript

    • Telco 2.0 : What is it & How toBusiness models Media & Telecom 2.0:Key monetization strategiesMoskow April 24, 2012
    • Agenda2.0 world threatens traditional Telcos business model but•opens new opportunities to those able to catch them : Implement an agile and adequate front & back office BSS Adopt a new approach to business, within and beyond the traditional telecom ecosystemTurn your competitors into customers by offering new•services to businesses and taking a Telco 2.0 approach tobusiness Confidential  © 2010 BearingPoint UK Ltd 2
    • 2.0 world threatens traditional Telcos•business model…Telco 1.0 value chain is threatened by many factors… Cloud services Social networks Disintermediation Horizontal market structure Overthe topplayers Applications Content Application Portal Network Handset ISP provider developer provider Operator provider Increased price competition Piracy SmartphonesAdvertisement Internet players Commoditization… and lots of organizations are trying to take advantage of the changes Utilities, Broadcasters, Device Manufacturers, Health & Medical Services, Government Departments, Retailers, etc. are seeking to deploy new Business Models Telcos need new capabilities to avoid them going OTT Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 3
    • …but at the same time opens up new • opportunities to those able to catch them Telco 2.0 will enable new business ••Core Telco 1.0 business models is one models for many different industriessided and include 3 and 4 play services with their final customersSuppliers = Costs Telco Users = Revenue Upstream Downstream Eg. Developers Content, Apps, Partner Blackberry, Devices Products Nokia Music Retailers Store Millions of Network Eg. Fixed Government Customers Elements, Protected Voicemail, $$ Telco $$ Termination Products SMS Voting Thousands Google of Segments Interconnect, Packets & Eg. ISP ASPs Storage Platters Access, Hardware hosting Telco (Retail)STL Partners STL Partners Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 4
    • Exploit the two business models requires significant flexibility in the front and back office systems• In Telco 2.0 business models, operators • … and need agile and adequate front & are logistics solutions providers… back office BSS  Make sure data is delivered to the right place at the right time in the right way, and enable different parties to get paid in appropriate ways  Make use of multiple distribution systems (e.g. internet, mobile, broadcast, network caching, physical media) some of which they own, some of which they don’t  Get paid by upstream partners as well as downstream end-users Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 5
    • A new approach to business, within and•beyond the traditional telecom ecosystem Telco Wholesale clients B2C and B2B retail Mo Car Wholesale activities ISP … activities bile rier 1 2 Offer wholesale servicesCurrent offer and services Current offer and services to other operators portfolio portfolio  «Services Push» 4 Enrich wholesale 3 Detect potential services portfolio according to that could complement Enrich retail portfolio market needs the current wholesale  « Market Pull » portfolio Developing new services for the wholesale market will in the end enrich the retail service portfolio Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 6
    • Telcos should correctly prioritize the services•to offer • Assess your existing and potential • Prioritise each service servicesInvestment Margin contribution in % - + Easily repeatable Priority 1 Repeatable Priority 2 Hardly repeatable Priority 3 + - - + + - Service Repeatability maturity Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 7
    • Clearly identify and segment the potential•customers • Identify priority targets • Refine your sample Type Acces Mkt Legiti of Categories size macy s MNO target ease  Independant MNO MNO  Regional MNO  MNO / start-up +/- 5H distant  Fixed operator Fixed before Operat privatisation or Independant  VoIP Operator  ISP Intern  BBVNO Customer base et/TV  TV broadcaster <500K subs. Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 8
    • Detect the necessary steps to take in order to•propose the new services Analyze each target identified… Define the Identify the main Identify the value stakes for the offer Identify the proposition actor with regard permitting to contacts to for the to your possible deliver the approach prospect responses pledge customer …and the steps you have to take to propose an adapted service Which steps to take in Which steps to take in terms of Which TTM ? terms of HR ? infrastructure ? Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 9
    • • Design the right go to market approach Prospect new customers Qualify opportunities Propose your serviceSystematize commercial Detail identified Elaborate technical andapproach for key opportunities and commercial offeraccounts evaluate their success probability Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 10
    • Turn your competitors into customers by•offering new services to businesses Connected TV Cloud VOD & Billing computing Network management Country short Audiotel code Content CRM Service market place platforms Scratch card provisioning E-marketing Billing M-Banking Open transit Web portal Consulting Internet Smart Hosting metering Confidential. © 2012 BearingPoint 11