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A video starts on slide 12. A group member of mine created the video but I created the rest of the PowerPoint.

A video starts on slide 12. A group member of mine created the video but I created the rest of the PowerPoint.



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Self-Esteem Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Corenne AnthonyAngela NiglyneZachary
  • 2. “You, yourself, as much as anybody else as much as anybody inthe entire universe, deserve your love and attention.” ~Prince Gautama Siddhartha How much you value yourself and your abilities, skills and accomplishments.  Temporary belief setbacks  Confidence confronts challenges/obstacles  Influences how hostile you see the world  Controls your overall attitude  Affects the health choices you make  Feel of helplessness or being a victim
  • 3. Self-Esteem is a combination of self-image, ideal self, and Pygmalion-self.Self Image: what we perceiveourselves to beIdeal-self: how we want to bePygmalion-self: our perceptionof what we believe other peoplethink of us
  • 4. The encouragement or criticism you give yourself“You can change who you are by changing what you say when youtalk to your mind.”
  • 5. CRACKS IN THE SOCIAL MIRROR  The social mirror is unrealistic:  Media sells us that looks are everything  Ex) Barbie Doll  The social mirror is always changing:  “Who are you” said the caterpillar. Alice replied, rather shyly, “I hardly know, Sir, just at present ---- at least I know who I was when I got up this morning but I think I must have changed several times since then.”- -Alice in Wonderland  The social mirror isn’t accurate:  You are so much more than the opinions of others!
  • 6. My definition of Self-Esteem is _____________________. Impacts Women! Know your worth: • MENTAL • EMOTIONAL • PHYSICALMIND, BODY, AND SOUL!
  • 7. Not just women1. Persona/Stereotype2. George T. Gilliland • Domestic Violence • Lacking • Ashamed3. “Suck it up”4. Celebrities/Movies5. Magazines6. Media “Take it like a man”
  • 8. Ways to improve self-esteem: Set goals  Socialize with people Supportive self-talk  Have good friends Focus on the positive  Keep yourself occupied aspects about yourself  Dont be too hard on Take time out for yourself yourself Do something nice for  Learn from mistakes someone else  Try new activities Work toward  Exercise regularly accomplishments instead of perfection  Volunteer There are many different techniques we can practice to improve the beliefs we have about ourselves.
  • 9. You yourself, as muchas anybody in theentire universe,deserve your love &affection. ~Buddha
  • 10. Confidenceis anessentialpart of selfesteem
  • 11. Yourself
  • 12. Tell me how a person judges his or herself-esteem and I will tell you howthat person operates at work, in love,in sex, in parenting, in everyimportant aspect of existence - andhow high he or she is likely to rise.The reputation you have with yourself- your self-esteem - is the single