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  • 1. Hopewell Middle School Jennifer Baggett (Gordon) MIMIO PRESENTATION
  • 2. What is MIMIO?
    • As described on mimio.com, it is “a portable device that attaches to any whiteboard or smooth wall, connects to a computer and electronically captures anything that is written or drawn.” (mimio.com, 2008)
  • 3. What is needed to use a MIMIO?
    • As previously stated, all that is needed is a whiteboard or wall, laptop or desktop computer, and a projector.
    • The MIMIO capture function can be used without a projector.
  • 4. Who invented MIMIO?
    • The men who invented MIMIO were engineering and computer science students at MIT. They were tired of focusing more on copying notes than learning the lesson, so they invented technology that would capture everything that was written or drawn on the dry erase board. The captured notes could be transferred to a website or printed. (mimio.com, 2008)
  • 5. Who is using MIMIO?
    • About 8% of US classrooms are presently using MIMIO. (mimio.com, 2008)
    • That percentage is expected to rise to 38-45% over the next three to five years. (mimio.com, 2008)
    • As school systems increase the use of technology in classrooms and introduce projectors and laptops into each classroom, interactive boards will replace chalkboards. (mimio.com, 2008)
  • 6. What makes MIMIO the technology tool of choice?
    • MIMIO is cost effective, user friendly, and compact.
    • Many interactive tools are a part of the MIMIO package and do not have to be purchased separately.
    • The MIMIO package comes ready to open, use, and transport.
    • Mimio.com offers free online training, so no additional training costs are incurred.
  • 7. Compare to Smartboard continued…
    • MIMIO is portable.
    • The MIMIO apparatus is about the size of a footlong remote control.
    • MIMIO device comes with suction cups or plastic brackets for mounting on walls or whiteboards.(mimio setup guide)
    • Smartboard can be moved, but takes up floor space or wall mounting space. (smartboard.com, 2008)
    • Smartboard is not easily stored or transported.
  • 8. What about the Promethean Board?
    • The Promethean Board is an excellent interactive technological tool, but similar to the Smartboard, it is a large interactive white board on wheels. (peppm.org, 2008)
    • The Promethean Board does have more interactive tools than the Smartboard, and it can all be purchased for the bargain price of about $2800.00. (peppm.org, 2008)
  • 9. Teacher Testimonials
    • “ I use it everyday! I sometimes wonder how I taught without it!”
    • K. Anderson,
    • Art teacher, OCS
    • “ I have given MIMIOs to a couple of my Health and PE teachers. They are able to do some fantastic things in their classes with this technology. “
    • K. Baldwin,
    • Safe and Civil Schools, OCS
  • 10. Teacher Testimonials
    • “ At first I thought I wanted one of the Promethean or Smart Boards, but when I actually used my MIMIO I quickly realized that I had the best thing going as far as technology in this school!”
    • C. Murphy,
    • Business Technology teacher, GCS
    • “ As a new teacher, I expected to have chalkboards and an overhead machine. Imagine my surprise when I was assigned a MIMIO and was trained to use it. It makes a world of difference when teaching my Language Arts classes! I can highlight, edit, and link my class notes to my website or print them for students who do not have internet.”
    • C. Reid,
    • Language Arts teacher , OCS
  • 11. Testimonials from mimio.com
    • "We used the [mimio] technology at our Colloquium 2000 and it was very well received. It really helped capture the ideas of our speakers and gave the attendees quick and easy access to them once the event was over."   Rachel Cheeseman , Executive Director, ITTA
    • "I can't tell you how much we are enjoying [mimio]. The children especially liked using it . . . four children's families have requested the software so that they can receive their children's work, 'in action,' at home. Thanks for your confidence in letting an elementary teacher and her students try this technology."   Kathryn Gray , Elementary School Teacher, Port Jefferson Elementary School
  • 12. Proposal
    • A two year implementation plan where we purchase 16 MIMIO interactive + capture packages each of the two years.
    • Fourteen of the MIMIOs will go to Language Arts and Math teachers ( 4 per grade level.)
    • The two remaining MIMIO packages will be available for check out in the school library.
  • 13. Proposal continued…
    • Teachers who have not received their laptops or projectors will receive those items.
    • Teachers with chalk boards will have at least one chalk board replaced with a whiteboard to prepare for the implementation of the Mimio.
  • 14. What is the bottom line?
    • 16 MIMIO interactive + capture
    • @ $582.00 = $9, 312.00 plus tax and shipping costs.
    • Over two years = $18, 624.00
    • The goal is to have each classroom equipped with technology by 2011 to serve our 21 st century, globally prepared students.