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Marketing services- sourcePEP

- Facebook Marketing
- Twitter Marketing
- LinkedIn Marketing
- Video Marketing
- Google+ Marketing
- Image Sharing
- Blog Marketing
- Article Promotion

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Marketing services

  1. 1. sourcePEP Simple outsourcing solution for small businesses
  2. 2. Contents • About sourcePEP • Marketing • We do: – Research – Strategy – Execution • PEP marketing Process • Support • sourcePEP and you • Thank you
  3. 3. About sourcePEP • Located at the hub of Asia’s IT community Pune, India • We provide outsourcing of processes that are enabled by Information Technology. • sourcePEP customers: • Accelerate their time-to-market • Increase customer satisfaction • Enhance supply chain efficiencies • Reduce operating costs • Thus improve their overall competitive advantage.
  4. 4. Marketing
  5. 5. Marketing • Marketing is all about managing the four P’s – Product – Price – Place – Promotion • Marketing is the sum of all activities that take you to a sales outlet. After that sales takes over. • Our marketing strategy creates the pull so that sales becomes easy
  6. 6. We do… • Research • Strategy • Execution
  7. 7. Research • We understand your business. We understand you. • Explore target markets. Create marketing objectives. • Position you. Define where you differ from rest.
  8. 8. • Who are your competitors? • What are their strengths and weaknesses? • What have been their strategies? • How are they likely to respond to your Marketing plan? We do analysis of competition
  9. 9. Strategy • Two words: Budgets and deadlines. – Budgets: Cut cost of your marketing campaigns by 50% – Deadlines: Execute each campaign without further delay- On time. • We choose and Optimize the most cost-effective value stream. • We build infrastructure – fill gaps in your existing team and marketing program.
  10. 10. Our Strategy Formulation flow Environmental Analysis Internal Analysis Competitor Customer Supplier Regulatory Social/ Political Technology Know-How Business Know-How Marketing Know-How Sales Know-How Logistics Strength & Weaknesses Identify Core Competencies Opportunities & Threats Identify opportunity Fit internal Competencies with external opportunities Firm Strategies
  11. 11. PEP Strategic Marketing Strategic marketing management is concerned with how we will create value for the customer We ask two main questions • What is the organization’s main activity at a particular time? – Customer Value • What are its primary goals and how will these be achieved? – how will this value be delivered
  12. 12. Execution • Services: – Facebook Marketing – Twitter Marketing – LinkedIn Marketing – Video Marketing
  13. 13. – Google+ Marketing – Image Sharing – Blog Marketing – Article Promotion
  14. 14. PEP Marketing Process Business Mission Statement Objectives Situation or SWOT Analysis Implementation Evaluation, Control Target Market Strategy Marketing Strategy Product Promotion Place Price Marketing Mix
  15. 15. Support • We demand good support for services we use, why should our customers be any different? • We understand that your business needs can’t always wait for “typical business” hours. • Your business is unique, and we are committed to making you uniquely successful by providing great customer support for 24 by 7.
  16. 16. sourcePEP and You • In dealing with clients, we believe in being as straightforward and transparent as possible. We would rather be realistic and loose some clients, than begin making impractical promises. • Our "customer driven" approach has provided us with a stable and sustainable business model. In the end, we believe our honest approach leads to better business for everyone involved.
  17. 17. Thank you For more details visit: